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[url=]The ugly truth about Dubai[/url]

No different than Canada or Australia?

[url=]Speaking of Canada [/url]

[url=]Rape victims subject to threats and abuse in Dubai[/url]

Human rights in Dubai....?
In your dreams!

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You really have trouble with English comprehension: "the assertion I have made is that [b]in this particular case[/b] there is nothing extraordinary in comparison to how the case might evolve or be handled in comparison to Canada."

Thanks for the link about the implimentation of USA style "Zero-Tolerance" drug laws by Dubai customs officials. Very interesting to see that they are implimenting the controversial US policy. Here is some more information on that:


The policy did not involve enacting new laws or regulations; it only entailed instituting strict interpretation and enforcement of existing laws. In practice, it meant that any type of vehicle—including bicycles, transfer trucks, and yachts—would be confiscated and the passengers arrested upon the discovery of [b]any measurable amount of illicit drugs.[/b] The U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Customs Service began to crack down on all cases of drug possession on the water and at all borders. If, during the course of their regular patrols and inspections, Coast Guard personnel boarded a vessel and found one marijuana cigarette, [b]or even the remnants of a marijuana cigarette[/b], they arrested the individual and seized the boat. Before this policy was instituted, the Coast Guard had either looked the other way or issued fines when "personal-use" quantities of illicit substances were discovered (United States Congress, 1988).

These policies have also been extended throughout the country, including in schools.

[url=]Zero Tolerance[/url]

I am curious, why specifically are you interested in this type of thing when it pertains to Muslim countries, but not the USA?

Are you seriously going to ask me to engage the topic raised by a "youtube" blogger called "Victor Crusader"? It's a serious issue of course, but if you want people to treat it seriously, you had better find another source, other than "Victor Crusader."

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nonest factum

Nice try but I don't really care about your "curiosity".

And you, sir have trouble comprehending...facts...which might get in the way of your prejudices or preoccupations.

So goodbye.

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So, what about "Zero tolerance" in USA customs drug enforcement? Or is it only "fascist" when Arabs do it? Doesn't fit the world view you so desperately want to believe, so you will just ignore it.


The United States has zero tolerance for possession and smuggling of illicit drugs. Travellers caught with even a small amount will end up in jail.

[url=]Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada -- Web Site[/url]

Your off? Cherrio! Pleasant dreams. Perhaps one of these days you will wake up.

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[url= Briton's grovelling apology to Dubai[/url]


In a letter addressed to the people of Dubai, Vince Acors said he was "humbled and humiliated" by his actions and claimed he felt "honest and abject remorse".

Although he concedes that he was very drunk and acted offensively, he denied the most serious accusation of having penetrative sex with a woman he is not married to.


Miss Palmer and Mr Acors are unlikely to contest the drunk in public charge as blood tests have revealed that Mr Acors had 149 mg alcohol per 100 ml of his blood and Miss Palmer had 127 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.

Both blood alcohol readings are more than the British drink-drive limit of 80 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. They clearly breach Dubai's ban having any alcohol in public places.

[url= party on in Dubai despite arrest of woman for alleged sex on the beach [/url]


"I'm sorry, but if someone does something like that they're a silly moo," said Stuart Frost, 42, a legal executive sunbathing on the strip of public beach where Ms Palmer was arrested. "If you have been here for three years, you should know how to behave. And if you assault a police officer in any country you are in trouble, not just here."

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Not to be outdone, the repressive Orthdox Christian regieme of Greece is mad about fucking Brits on the beech: [url=]Britons arrested in Greek sex competition[/url]


ATHENS (Reuters) - Nine British women were facing prostitution charges after being arrested at the weekend for taking part in an oral sex competition in the Greek holiday island of Zakynthos, police said on Monday.

Also a little behind the times but here it is:

[url=,,2-10-1462_1760222,00.html]'Sex-crazy Brits must go' [/url]


"Unfortunately, young Britons have been shown in photographs engaging in acts that are not only low-life but, frankly, criminal," said Varvarigos, a veteran socialist deputy in the Greek parliament.

"We're talking about a lot of people. As many as possible should be located, extradited (back to Greece for trial) if need be, and made to bear the consequences," he said.

"Under Greek law that might mean enduring [b]prison sentences of two or three years[/b], but it would set an example."

And this other blast from the past... [url=]Club 18-30 reps charged in Greece[/url]


FIVE HOLIDAY reps filmed in an alleged oral sex competition on a Corfu beach [b]face prison sentences of up to two years[/b] after being charged with debauchery by the Greek authorities.


Last week Gemma Gunning, 18, from Bath, [b]was jailed for eight months for dancing topless in a bar[/b] in Faliraki on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Outrage please...

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Wonderful job, Cueball, at pointing out the hypocrisy of this news story and the sensationalist Islamophobia that drives public reaction.

I thought of [url= story[/url] that made the rounds in Canadian media a few years back, where a Parisian couple could have faced a year in Jail for fucking in the Vimy Ridge memorial in France. Here's how Canwest characterized the act:


Vimy Ridge memorial [b]defiled[/b] by kinky sex acts, courts told

A world-famous Canadian war memorial that [b]even Adolf Hitler treated with respect[/b] is being [b]desecrated[/b] by kinky local adventurers posing for photographs and videos that are [b]later being posted on porn websites[/b].

What prudes we are! Objecting to acts of public sex that offend the social and cultural values on which we found our national identity! Following the outrage of Western media etc. in the OP, we should decry French laws as barbaric, and the Canadian response, which was unanimous and furious, as puritan.

But for some reason we tend to hold our cultural values in higher esteem than those with brown skin.

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“I think that the authorities will simply decide to make an example out of her,” he said. She will be prosecuted by a Muslim Public Prosecutor, and thereafter tried and sentenced by a Muslim court, who will apply UAE laws, which are quite strict. [b]This is particularly when the case involves an assault on public officers and an offence to Islam, which is the state religion and the main source of legislation according to the UAE constitution.[/b]

“I believe that westerners, and mostly tourists, see the glittering image of Dubai in the media and tend to forget that after all, this is a Muslim country,” he added. It maybe more tolerant than other Muslim countries, but is still attached to a set of moral conservative standards coded in its laws.

“People have to understand that the act of kissing in Public considered normal by today's European standards is considered as a criminal offence according to UAE laws and customs. Of course the authorities in Dubai tend to be more tolerant than the other emirates in the interpretation and application of the laws but these laws are still in place and they can act upon them whenever the lines are crossed.”

[url=]Brits Accused of Bringing ‘Social Depravity’ to Dubai [/url]

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Might as well update this classic of Babble embarassments:

[url=' 'sex on the beach' trial adjourned[/url]

The scurilous muckraking continues in the MSM. Now that it has been firmly entrenched in the mind of the public that Palmer is being tried principally on the charge of "sex before marriage", the fact that she is charged with assaulting a cop doesn't even warrant mentioning:


DUBAI (AFP) - A judge in Dubai on Tuesday adjourned for a week the trial of two Britons accused of having sex on a beach in the conservative Gulf state, a court official said.

The piece goes on to highlight the backwardness of this "conservative Gulf state" has convicted westerners of indecency charges before:


Nearly 85 percent of the UAE's population, estimated at over 5.6 million at the end of 2006, are foreigners, but the native Muslim population remains generally conservative.

In August, two foreign women were jailed for a month after they were convicted of fondling each other and engaging in "indecent acts" on a Dubai beach.

I guess it was not worth mentioning that this Jordanian woman, and her Bulgarian friend served less than a month for public grinding on the beach, and were then deported.

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Originally posted by Cueball:
[b]Might as well update this classic of Babble embarassments:[/b]

Yes, it certainly is a babble embarrassment, but not for the reasons you think. It's embarrassing to see you going out of your way to defend this Puritanical nonsense.


[b]The scurilous muckraking continues in the MSM. Now that it has been firmly entrenched in the mind of the public that Palmer is being tried principally on the charge of "sex before marriage", the fact that she is charged with assaulting a cop doesn't even warrant mentioning:[/b]

Throwing a Jimmy Choo shoe at a cop is a serious offence?

Never mind the MSM; it's apparently not even worth mentioning in this story from the Emirates [url=]Xpress[/url], which says:


Michelle Palmer and Vincent Acors were arrested on July 5 and charged with committing consensual sex, public indecency and illegally consuming alcohol.

How do you even know the phony "assault" charge is still pending?


[b]I guess it was not worth mentioning that this Jordanian woman, and her Bulgarian friend served less than a month for public grinding on the beach, and were then deported.[/b]

Oh yeah. They got off with a slap on the wrist. [img]rolleyes.gif" border="0[/img]

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How do you know anything Spector? No one ever assaults cops? Lol. Regardless, the point is that a phoney assault charge would hold the same weight here as there, and this is a non-story.

People get put away for years in this country for public "indecency", and it never even makes the news. But yeah... lets talk about Dubai.

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Why Dubai? Why not the state of Georgia?

[url=]Is it illegal to sunbathe nude in your own backyard in the State of Georgia?[/url]

O.C.G.A. § 16-6-8. Public indecency.
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(a) A person commits the offense of public indecency when he or she performs any of the following acts in a public place:

(1) An act of sexual intercourse;

(2) A lewd exposure of the sexual organs;

(3) A lewd appearance in a state of partial or complete nudity; or

(4) A lewd caress or indecent fondling of the body of another person.

(b) A person convicted of the offense of public indecency as provided in subsection (a) of this Code section shall be punished as for a misdemeanor except as provided in subsection (c) of this Code section.

(c) Upon a third or subsequent conviction for public indecency for the violation of paragraph (2), (3), or (4) of subsection (a) of this Code section, a person shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years.

(d) For the purposes of this Code section only, “public place” shall include jails and penal and correctional institutions of the state and its political subdivisions.

(e) This Code section shall be cumulative to and shall not prohibit the enactment of any other general and local laws, rules, and regulations of state and local authorities or agencies and local ordinances prohibiting such activities which are more restrictive than this Code section.

Answer? Depends on the definition of 'Public Place'

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And the answer is 3 months and then deported. [img]eek.gif" border="0[/img]

[url=]'Sex on Dubai beach' couple Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors jailed[/url]


A British couple have received three month jail sentences for having sex on a beach in Dubai.

Michelle Palmer, 36, and Vince Acors, 34, were found guilty of having sexual intercourse outside marriage and offending public decency. They were also fined Ј200 for drunkenness and ordered to be deported from Dubai on their release.

[b]It had been feared that the two Britons might face several years in jail in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)[/b].

Not as feared. The couple recieved sentences well within the norms of most western societies, and even less harsh than some examples of similar cases in wetern countries.

A man in virgina was given 12 months for [i]suggesting[/i] public sex, while Gemma Gunning was jailed for eight months for dancing topless in a bar in Greece.

But those evile repressive muslims... doncha know.

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[url=]Man caught having sex with table gets 6 months[/url]


Police say that during questioning, Price admitted he had sex with the picnic table. He also confirmed the incidents caught on the DVD and admitted to having sex with the table inside his home.

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Police say the the incidents occurred close to Ridge Elementary School.

On June 18, 2008, Price pleaded 'no contest' to [b]disseminating harmful material to juveniles[/b] and public indecency.

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I suspected that was not going to get by you. Regardless, not really clear what is being said here, masturbating in your own home "near" an elementary school? "Dissemintating"? Hmmm. hard to say what is going on based on the article.

But its news of the "weird", like the Palmer story, so it fits generally with the thread.

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Cue, we actually had a whole thread on it here a while back, it must have been when you having a break. So I was very familar with the picnic table story and could have just linked you to the thread that was here about but was lazy.

Anyhow he was masturbating with the table on his outside patio which overlooked the school play ground.

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Really? Someone started a thread for that? How tiresome.

[url= chief defends cops' handling of public nudity[/url]


The 55-year-old Boulder man wound up in a jail cell for allegedly running naked along Folsom Street — something police say he’s apparently done several times this month.

Orloff faces a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure, [b]which could land him jail time or stiff fines. He also could have to register as a sex offender[/b].

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Yep... oh here it is, it never really went anywhere either though.


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Turns out that the original assertion that Acors and Palmer [i]might[/i] have faced "six years in prison" for "sex on the beach" may also be dubious, as per this article published by a Kuwaiti newspaper.


Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors - both in their 30s - face [b]up to two years in prison[/b] if convicted of sex outside marriage, public indecency and drunkenness. A judge is expected to issue a verdict in the case today - a decision that risks alienating Dubai's tourists or further upsetting Emiratis angry at the government's willingness to relax moral standards in the name of growth.

[url=]Beach sex trial exposes Dubai's cultural divide[/url]

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