Christian Riots

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Christian Riots
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Its late bad spelling. Sorry. Can't change title for some reason.

bush is gone ha...


Wow! replace the soliders with Roman ones and instant

Biblical epic! With all the Hollywood inaccuracies of course. 


why is it that polling booths look like cattle chutes?


Okay, let me get this straight...

Two Christian groups pound the crap out of each other in their "holiest of holy" city  while the "heathen" Isrealis break up what is essentially a holy roller bar fight  by battlers who gave their sanctuary keys some to "heathen" Muslims for safekeeping...


Am I just warped or does anyone else see a very dark vein of comedy in this? 

<<<<< humming All we are saying, is give peace a chance...> >>>>


When I first saw the headline in the paper with the accompanying video, I thought it could have been lifted from the Onion....Tongue out