The Prairies???

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The Prairies???

Ok, maybe I am missing something. What is the difference between the Prairies and the Western Provinces that deserves a separate forum? That said, what constitutes Central Canada. What constitutes the Western Provinces. I was just wondering since the forum titles have changed, if this could be something like CFL football where Manitoba goes with the east division or as has happened in hockey the Toronto Mapleleafs end up in the west division.

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I think it was a little broken before.  Manitoba was kinda squeezed in where it didn't really fit.  I'm assuming prairie provinces are Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and maybe Alberta.

Of course, I find Central Canada a rather interesting name, considering that the longitudinal center of Canada is just a little east of Winnipeg.  But it's better than the previous system, so I'll take it


Yes, I agree. "Prairie provinces" would normally refer to
Manitoba, Sask, and Alberta. "Western" provinces has also typically
referred to everything from Manitoba west. To BCers, Ontario and
Quebec and the new england states are "the east", so it's funny
to see them classified as central Canada. Winnipeg is actually the
geographic centre of the country, and I have heard people here - and I
do myself - say they live in "central Canada". So, in fact, you could
get Manitoba threads posted in any and all of those three geographic
categories, so it might be helpful to be more specific. But it is an
improvement over the old.

Just thinking of how Americans
divide up their states. The term "midwest" sprung up when the
population of that country was clustered on the eastern seaboard and it
referred to that group of states from Ohio to Iowa, I believe, when,
geographically, the east-west dividing line actually runs down the Red
and Missouri rivers.


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So why "western provinces" and "the prairies" when it shoulda just been BC and "the prairies"?

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Oh, I don't know.  I was in a rush.  If you have better suggestions for section names (in regions, not each individual province - we don't need the front page scrolling down ), please offer them.

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Personally, I think "the western regions" or "the prairies west" is fine for MN SK AB and BC.

Or "the firewalled west" ;) would be good too.

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I think the word "overlords" should appear somewhere in the section name for Central Canada. I even have a suggestion as to which poster should inaugurate it with a posting about the national portrait gallery.

Oh wait, this is not the "let's celebrate Michelle's birthday with a flamewar" thread. 

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Let's take this discussion here.


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