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I might be heading East for a couple weeks in December. Specifically I'll be kicking it in Fredericton, or Freddy, as I guess it's called by locals.

Any info to relate? Where would be a good place to stay? What's the city like?


It's been thirty years, but Fredericton is the most beautiful small city I've ever seen. An Ivy covered Brick University town that is surrounded by wooded park land.

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I've been to Fredericton twice -- I stayed in the Lord Beaverbrook hotel both times.  Nice place, but I understand there are more affordable places as well.


I'd suggest a visit to the Beaverbrook art gallery -- They have a spectacular Dali there.  If you chat up the nice man at the desk, he'll give you the full story about it.  They also have a beautiful collection of artworks ranging from the middle ages to current, which they have on rotation for display.  Many of the better pieces have been subject of a dispute between the gallery, which claims (I think probably truthfully) that they were a gift from the first Lord Beaverbrook vs the claim from the current Lord Beaverbrook (grandson of?) that they were only a loan and he'd like them back now that his fortunes are failing.


Some great architecture and a nice park, too.


I think many of the pieces in question are still on display. The Owl's Nest is an interesting second hand bookshop on Queen's St right next to Backstreet Records where you can find an eclectic selection of music.

The city pretty much closes up at 5 p.m. The legislature is in session; it is across from the Art Gallery. Might be worth the entertainment. Only caution is the galleries are steep so if you have any fear of heights...