Question about New American Century Project

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Question about New American Century Project

Hi everyone,

 For those of you who have not heard of this, make sure you check out who they are and who they're connected to:

I am new to this area of politics but am extremely interested in it. I was just curious as to why their website was last updated in 2006, and even then, only 2 new articles were added. Did the NACP break up into other affiliated groups?

I'm not sure if they just wait until the end of the presidential term to post.

 Did they wait until 2005 to post everything that happend between 2001 and then?


PNAC is not the kind of organization that likes public scrutiny.

I wouldn't be surprised if the organization broke up.

The goals of PNAC are supported by Bush, Cheney, AIPAC - and Obama.

So PNAC might disappear, but the programs it supported, the War on Terror for example, will continue. PNAC is not an organization that has the best interests of the American public at heart.

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From the [i]Boston Globe[/i], Nov. 10, 08: [u][url= group rises again[/url][/u]:

The Project for a New American Century, the nonprofit foundation
that conspiracy theorists -- not to mention many Democrats -- believe
hatched the US invasion of Iraq has re-emerged on the Internet,
sparking Beltway chatter that neoconservatives may soon have their old
perch back to criticize President-elect Barack Obama's foreign policy.

The group's website
was relaunched last month after a year in hibernation, though there is
no evidence so far that its founders have big plans for the
self-described "educational organization" that gained an almost mythic
reputation --and a highly exaggerated one, defenders insist -- for
being the intellectual incubator for architects of the 2003 invasion of

But Gary Schmitt, one of the founders and now a senior fellow at the
right-leaning American Enterprise Institute, does not rule out a
resurrection of sorts to provide a vehicle for airing new commentary on
US global leadership.

"We're not bringing the bandwagon out of the barn yet," Schmitt told
the Globe. His co-founder, neoconservative commentator William Kristol,
could not be immediately reached for comment.