Robert Fife on the CTV news

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Robert Fife on the CTV news

When CTV went through their layoffs, he should have been one of the first ones to go. Everytime he speaks so glowingly about Stephen Harper and how the other parties are attempting a coup and causing all these shenanigans, I want to throw up. The guy is the pre eminent lick spiddle and bootlick. I would swear that he gets halitosis whenever Stephen Harper farts.  I would say that he skipped out on the ethics portion of his journalism training. Brutal. Just plain Brutal. The guy should just have a sign over his head stating....

"I'm a Harper Shill"

aka Mycroft

I think he's upset that his big, game changing, coalition killing scoop on the weekend was a 3 hour story that made the Tories look worse than the intended target.

Sean in Ottawa

Just look at and then

The difference is incredible.

We have a serious problem when we have a national broadcaster shilling for one party like this. I realize this is not new and the deterioration of the CTV as a news source goes back over the entire last decade but it is particularly shocking to see the stories they are refusing to cover related to this as well as the political editorialization during a time people are unfortunately uninformed and looking for information.



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Lettersand phone calls should be going to CTV advertisers, threatening boycott if this continues, and perhaps a letter to the CTV stating they are circumventing democracy and that you are willing to take them to court, and to the CRTC over it.

"watching the tide roll away"

Left J.A.B.

I just finished looking over the CTV website.  Yikes!  The video coverage they have posted is very, very biased.


I agree about Fife  maybe he is there to balance the liberal press secretary Craig Oliver :)

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CTV didn't play the Dion tape tonight. They only played Harper's tape and then Lloyd opined about how Dion hadn't gotten it together and that Layton would have done better because "he's good at that game". Then they went to E Talk Daily.


One can't duck from Duffy either.  During an interview he did yesterday, the plight of the conservatives was written upon his downtrodden face.


Newsnet played it......


not much of a tape....i really think people should watch a tape before it is played.


I have no idea what dion said cause i was too busy laughing at the blury tape


I watched the CBC coverage.  The camera was too close, and the video looked blurry. 

Good grief.



Buddy Kat

I have to agree that CTV is being very biased and pro conservative. The problem being the conservatives are in racist/ bigot mode right now and fueling anti quebec sentiment with the aid of CTV. A petition for having the CTV license to broadcast pulled is probably in order.

Any riot or demonstration that gets out of hand can be directly related to this kind of broadcasting...perhaps there is something more criminal or sinister with the relationship between globemedia(ctv) and the conservative party of Canada responsible. 

 This is why I say there must be some kind of left TV presence for Canadians ..there is no balance. The CBC trys to be 50/50 but when yer up against a private broadcaster that is 90/10 it just doesn't ad up. Imagine a pro coalition channel with all the pomp and splendor of CTV promotting harmony...CTV would be chewed up and crushed, except for the 15% of conservative Canadians that would continue to support them no matter what. I say 15% because only 30% of 50% of eligible voters voted for them in the last election. 50% of Canadian voters abstained or more like can't make up there mind, or homeless, or didn't have photo id, or don't care.

aka Mycroft

I thought Bruce Phillips was bad - he was CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief until Mulroney gave him a patronage appointment. CTV News got better after that but they've deteriorated over the past few years. I thought their Toryism was a product of the Bassett family. I don't understand why CTV is so much more obviously biased than the Globe and Mail given their common ownership.


And what would you call the CBC? They are so Left Edge it is sickening. We waste over a Billion a year on the CBC for what? Shity hockey coverage and Left Wingnut New and Radio not to meantion the Queerbec crap.

 God Bless the Queen and the GG.

Nice to have Robert Fife least he doen't buy into the spin like the rest.

Just wish we had Fox News great to have a No Spin Zone Bill O'Reilly of our own!

Cheers, Buffa


buff off!


Already got banned one...i guess that isn't enough.

"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."
Noam Chomsky


CTVGlobemedia is now 40% owned by the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund.  Perhaps some lobbying there would have an effect.  Bob Fife is not nearly as biased as Mike Duffy who should probably quit his job and run for the Conservative Party.  Where does one write to complain.


CBC is the only place to get anywhere near unbiased coverage and the Conservatives have it in their sites.


Perhaps Ontario Teachers could have some effect on CTVNews objectivity or lack of.


Good luck with that-- they have seemed indiferent to the plight of the NHL franchise they own. Laughing

Seriously, though, it's time to orgainize a boycott against a high profile advertiser at CTV. 


Don't get mad.

Get even.



The Ont teachers will end up owning most of Canada at some point.  Luckily they have a solid interest in... um... education.  I wonder if they'll reject a %12 percent pay hike over four years that will put some salaries into triple digits.

 But it's all about the kids, right?

Sorry, rant over.  Back to normal programing.



I think there must be some sort of Conservative management there.  What should people boycott do you think.

George Victor


CTVGlobemedia is now 40% owned by the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund.  Perhaps some lobbying there would have an effect.  Bob Fife is not nearly as biased as Mike Duffy who should probably quit his job and run for the Conservative Party.  Where does one write to complain.


I thought the pension plan had backed off on the world's most expensive takeover....too much debt and too little market value left.

Perhaps you heard otherwise in the past few hours, but I thought they were working up to pay the $1.2 billion default penalty instead.

(And, yes, Ontario elementary teachers should settle, ending their demand for equality with secondary teachers.  But they've overshot the deadline, and now will poison public opinion against public unions  with a protracted struggle - again. They have lost sight of their beginnings I'm afraid.