Good looks, nobel lineage, spineless

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Good looks, nobel lineage, spineless

Linda McQuaig's reputation for challenging the establishment is clearly unfounded.


Linda McQuaig proves—with articles like these—that she tries too hard to be controversial, or thought-provoking; coming across as ignorant, and spineless herself.

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I don't understand your criticism. Please elaborate on what you don't like about the column. 


The column in question:




I don't understand the criticism either, as I thought the column was great!

 Very funny and a true description of Iggy.


If it was meant to be funny... it did not translate as such.


This column—specifically, this article—is written by a person intent on spinning the facts, and picking portions of quotes—best suited to the stance of said article, and to the detriment of the subject.

It is poor journalism, in my opinion.

Linda McQuaig clearly needs a refresher course in the 101s.

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That's it?

That's your reason for calling her ignorant and spineless?


You might want to read [url= THREAD[/url] 



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Okay, so you like Michael Ignatieff.

What the fuck are you doing here?



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Iggy, is that you?

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It was a short, interestingly informative article on Iggy, that pretty much summed him upo in a amusing way.

Good job Linda!

"watching the tide roll away"

Bookish Agrarian

Some people don't seem to understand the difference between a column and an article/story.

George Victor


And while Iggy might aspire to noble, he's certainly not nobel material.

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I'd say she more or less sums up Iggy's character in her last sentence: "more Jell-O than jelly". Perhaps the original poster would tell us if she agrees more with Iggy when he's not losing sleep over the mass murder of innocent people losing sleep, when he's decrying the same attack as or war crime, or back-pedaling when saying the war crime comment was inexperience. Does the poster share Iggy's attitudes about war and torture or has his pretzel logic left even her confused as to what his attitudes are?

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I'm still wondering why on earth someone went and persuaded Iggy - a man with no experience as a politician - to return to Canada and to try for the Liberal leadership. The common folk will never relate to this stuffed shirt - actually, they elected Harpoon, another stuffed shirt shithead, so maybe Iggy does have a chance of one day becoming PM. Frown


eta: I meant besides having the PM-ship handed to him in the Coalition.


Um, Boom Boom-- take a look at the long list of Canadian Prime Ministers, and tell me that the technically Canadian Iggy Thumbscrews isn't a good fit in that crowd.

That's the problem with unelecting the last Party and Prime Minister, you really don't pay too much attention to the one you're electing, so we jump from frying pan to fire and back.

Over and over.



Bookish Agrarian

For a brief shining moment I thought this thread was about ME given the title - but then I realized I could be called a lot of things, but not spineless.  Alas I still toil away in obscurity.Cry


Having had the pleasure of recently meeting McQuaig, I thought this was going to be about some progressive geek waxing poetic about McQuaig's appearance. 

Guess I'll have to write my Crushed By McQuaig rabble feature now after all.

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George Victor wrote:

And while Iggy might aspire to noble, he's certainly not nobel material.

More like [url=Ig">][u]Ig Nobel[/url] material.