Warmest October Ever

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Warmest October Ever

It's not like this is a big deviation from the rest of the this year... '08 has had most months in the 2nd or 3rd warmest recorded, but this october stands out as amazingly warm compared to all previous records.  Mainland US was pretty average actually, but the remainder of the world was far above averages.





October 2008 Northern Hemisphere sea ice extent was the third lowest on record for the month of October, 34% below the mean from 1979-2000.

[url=http://www.wunderground.com/blog/JeffMasters/comment.html?entrynum=1158]... report at the National Snow and Ice data center[/url]

Concentration anomoly and trends can be found [url=http://nsidc.org/cgi-bin/bist/bist.pl?config=seaice_extent_trends]here[/... if you're interested.


"A linear increase in heat in the Arctic Ocean will result in a non-linear, and accelerating, loss of sea ice."
– Norbert Untersteiner, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, July 2006


Those red spots in the Eurasion Arctic and Subarctic look pretty scary for the permafrost in northern Siberia , European Russia and Scandinavia...

CMOT Dibbler


We've had very little snow so far this year. This may end up being the worst ski season Fernie has ever seen.

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Well, personally a bad snow season is a good cycling season, though I know there are other negative implications for farming and for the urban forest etc.

Where is Fernie? Sounds like a nickname I'm unfamiliar with.

George Victor

A friend reports by phone from Bern, Switzerland, last week, that much snow has been falling there, more than they have seen at this time of year for some time.

This was being told to a visiting friend who had brought concerns about climate change to a Swiss household previously sanguine about matters environmental (just a week before the 2003 summer cookout began killing thousands of Europeans).

Perhaps my friend was just discussing the weather and the driving difficulties presented. But, then, I was perhaps being reassured in that phone call, that things are back to normal in Switzerland and the glaciers can begin to grow again.

Since the summer of '03 I have never introduced the subject of weather in our conversations.  Jeremiah George understands the limits of friendship.

Could a poster summon up a November world temperature report?



I know Fernie!! I am close to it, as compared to most of the world anyhow [Kootenays - Hi CMOT]


   There is just no excuse to reduce our CO2 emissions.

  This is a good post. The weather people sure didn't say much about this, or  global warming, in the past year. 

There were some "record breaking temperatures" for the lower mainland
[Vancouver] but they went mostly unnoticed because they were in the
Autumn, and therefore unspectacular. 14oC isn't stunning, but it was
record breaking.  

   Where the warming happens most is the overnight lows - again, not something people notice much. 

Oh ya, it cannot be denied that it is warming. And if the deniers want
to say it is due to the sun then I must reply "so why add to that by
putting up a huge amount of CO2?" .

 There is just no excuse to reduce our CO2 emissions. 



George Victor wrote:
Could a poster summon up a November world temperature report?

I dunno about a November world temp chart, but http://www.temperatureworld.com/ claims to give temp for any city or postal code in the world.

And NASA-JPL has some nice charts and graphs and other info. The "climate time machine" is interesting but stops at year 2004.



Hmm, I almost missed my queue.   November at NCDC [url=http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/research/2008/nov/global.html]here[/....  Highlights:



Global Highlights:

George Victor

I DO wish, Noise, that you would not leave one hanging like that.  When someone elsewhere in the world mentions weather anomalies, I would hope to be able to say "oh, yes, Noise's posting for (such and such month) told me that was the case", allowing one to appear to be on the "inside" , climatically, as it were. Cool


I do expect to be fully creditted for linking you to the info as well...  Failure to do so could result in a lawsuit.


Really, its this link:


 Replace the nov and 200811 with whatever date you feel.  Then maybe you could credit ncdc and not me.