Brewing up support for Quebec sovereignty

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Brewing up support for Quebec sovereignty

... Marketing and communications specialist Luc Dupont ... said that beer companies have often played up values to sell
their products, pointing out to the successful Molson Canadian “I am
Canadian” campaign that boosted sales and made it the number one beer
in Canada — but not in Quebec, where it is a tougher sell ...

Dupont is skeptical that Indépendante will be able to match the
success of Canadian because marketing studies have shown that people
buy beer to forget their daily worries, not to get involved in
political activism ...

Patrick Bourgeois, editor of the sovereigntist newspaper Le
Quebecois, has a word of advice to offer to Leduc and his associates:
good luck! Bourgeois’ team launched the beer La Militante a few years
ago but was forced to take it off the shelves because it didn’t tap
into Quebecers thirst for a country.  “The beer market is very competitive and our beer wasn’t profitable,” Bourgeois said.



Anyone tried the beer?  Is it good?


I'm not fond of beer. Not one of my beer-aficionado friends, whatever their constitutional outlook, has tried it.

I seriously doubt this will take off.

Ken Burch

Well, if they're targeting Parti Independantiste 

supporters, this won't be a super-huge seller.

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