Chris Hedges; Why I Am a Socialist

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Chris Hedges; Why I Am a Socialist

The corporate forces that are looting the Treasury and have plunged us
into a depression will not be contained by the two main political
parties. The Democratic and Republican parties have become little more
than squalid clubs of privilege and wealth, whores to money and
corporate interests, hostage to a massive arms industry, and so adept
at deception and self-delusion they no longer know truth from lies. We
will either find our way out of this mess by embracing an
uncompromising democratic socialism—one that will insist on massive
government relief and work programs, the nationalization of electricity
and gas companies, a universal, not-for-profit government health care
program, the outlawing of hedge funds, a radical reduction of our
bloated military budget and an end to imperial wars—or we will continue
to be fleeced and impoverished by our bankrupt elite and shackled and
chained by our surveillance state.

That's just the first paragraph


I watched a half hour of the American news show "Meet the Press" last Sunday. There was talk of nationalising the banks, which one commentator said that for all intents and purposes is already underway now in the US and Britain. But we're pretty sure that whatever is done to get credit markets flowing again will not benefit the average American family up to their eyeballs in debt and defaulting on ridiculous levels of mortgage debt. However, the U.S. has experimented with nationalisations in the past, and it's worked fairly well where tried. Financial oligarchs are wanting to maintain the impossible levels of debt for their benefit, and have even had bad debts bought from them by US taxpayers with the so-called "bailouts." But as some on the left in the U.S. have said, they are not bailouts. Bailout implies that it will be a worthwhile sacrifice for this and future generations of Americans to "save the financial system" What's happening now will probably be looked back on as a massive taxpayer funded "giveaway" as in free money for nothing.

From time to time, the Americans have claimed their's is a Christian nation. And it looks like the financial oligarchy will gladly accept forgiveness from taxpayers, and they'll likely turn around and try to collect on impossible levels of debt from ordinary Americans drowning in it. They should read their bibles more often.

Jesus was alleged to have said, "Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors."