Bush administration is rushing to finalize dozens of new regulations

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Bush administration is rushing to finalize dozens of new regulations

The Hill's Congress Blog is reporting that the Bush administration is rushing to finalize dozens of new regulations, many without normal hearings or comment periods, that will degrade the environment, fail to protect endangered species and expose people to dangerous working conditions and standards.

In Groups sue Bush over last-minute rule changes, CrimProf Blog reports that opposition to some of these new regulations is producing litigation. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence sued the Bush administration to stop a new policy that would allow people to carry concealed, loaded guns in most national parks and wildlife refugees. California Attorney General Jerry Brown has announced that his state is suing the Bush administration to block changes in regulations that are intended to allow federal agencies to issue permits for mining, logging and similar activities without a review from federal biologists. 


It will never get through.

The President has the power to stop a new bill through the veto, but he doesn't have the power to bludgeon something through without the approval of the House and the Senate. 

With a new President just weeks away, Bush has no chance of wielding the influence necessary to strongarm such bills through.



 There is a big difference between legislation and regulation.

 The US President as the head of the executive branch has significant regulatory power (similar to orders in council issued by cabinet in Canada) and the ability to issue Executive Orders


Midnight regulations is a term for United States federal government regulations promulgated by executive branch agencies in the lame duck period of an outgoing President’s administration. The term entered the lexicon in 1980-81, during the final months of Jimmy Carter’s single term as President; Carter’s administration set a new record for midnight regulations by publishing more than 10,000 pages of new rules between Election Day and Inauguration Day.

Regulations that take effect before a new President takes office can still be reversed by the same executive agencies, but this requires a considerable rule-making process. In addition, reversing recently enacted regulations may distract an incoming administration from its own regulatory agenda.


Executive Orders Issued by President Bush


No worries.

Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, announced
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It's okay, God said so. Tongue out