Austrian priest shows more sense of shame than Pope

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Austrian priest shows more sense of shame than Pope

In recent days, Pope Ratzinger promoted Gerhard Maria Wagner to the position of auxiliary bishop in Linz, Austria - despite Wagner's 2005 comments about the destruction of New Orleans:

A 2005 report by Kath.Net, a Catholic Austrian news agency, said Wagner had characterized Katrina as divine retribution in a short essay in a parish newsletter.

Wagner wrote that people should ask themselves whether the "noticeable" increase of natural disasters such as Katrina was a result of pollution caused by humans or the result of "spiritual pollution."

"This was not the sinking of just any city but that of a people's dream city with the 'best brothels and prettiest prostitutes,' " he wrote.

Apparently, Wagner has now had the decency to ask for the promotion to be rescinded. It is not known at the present time whether His "Holiness" will comply. Perhaps Herr Ratzinger, known for not surfing the web much, was "unaware" of Wagner's remarks, just as he was of Richard Williamson's anti-Semitic neo-Nazi views.




That's very generous of you.

Perhaps the pope's uses the same vetting system as the one used by the NDP for its candidates in the last election. Wink

George Victor

Problem is, the "system" is only  an individual - like that peasant pope, Angelo Giuseppe Rosccalli who screwed things up with his Second Vatican Council back in '62. The resulting schism must be healed. Back to the drawing board and the insularity of an inner, sanctum.


NorthReport: :D :D



Did the Pope know, when he signed the official document nominating Father Wagner, that the cleric had told his parishioners that the devastation and loss of life caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans had been divine retribution for the sins of its citizens?

And that the priest had described the Harry Potter novels as "satanic"?

Did the Pope know that Bishop Richard Williamson, an ultra-traditionalist cleric at the centre of another recent and controversial papal decision, had publicly denied the Nazi Holocaust?

Although the Pope may not use Google himself, his team of highly professional advisers could certainly have checked the public record on the internet.




It's more likely that he considers JK Rawlings satanic for supporting British Labour. dominus-dominus vexee-hexee