Harper and Flaherty must think Canadians are STUPID.....

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Harper and Flaherty must think Canadians are STUPID.....

Argghhhhh!!! I can't believe we're stuck with this useless government in Ottawa, and an equally ineffective official oppostition.

Harper and Flaherty seriously want Canadians to believe they didn't see this economic shit storm coming??? So they called a useless election 2 years early (breaking their own law to do it) for shits and giggles?

Someone get Flaherty a phone book to sit on next time he addresses a Senate committee...and a step ladder so he can see past the forecasts that only look forward one week at a time.



And when Mr. Harper says nobody seen it coming maybe because when its right up in your face its harder to see.  I seen it coming and I see it going.

And in truth few have the answers or are even aware of what actually happened to create the meltdown and why their Nations and Governments are also affected.  Its very complex.  And things don't always work out the way you want but they work out but not if you don't admit there is a problem so you can at least work towards solutions. 


It mixed messages as one minute everyones busily adjusting to Canada's windfall as dollars climbs because of outsider investors.  And business was to adjust it self accordingly as not to turn away American dollar which Canadian Dollar almost equal to.   And Harper says its American Banks and Business that needs to do the changing and not Canada.  As Banks here in Canada only lend to financially sound clients.  Do you believe that?  Or do you believe this? Sub prime Mess Comes Home to Province as outlined in the Vancouver Province on line, today, March 18.   This has happened before in Calgary where people were losing their homes because banks wanted as much as 18% on their mortgage loans as many lost their homes along with business going bust. 

And I agree we are only 30 million strong so there is no way we are going to be faced with the problems Americans are faced with as their foreclosures add up to the population of Canada.  But that does not mean we will not be affected by the American consumer and tourism as cruise ship heads for Seattle port siting cost and its half a Billion dollar industry as people come off the boats and cruise ships and visit local spots and buy pricey art and other souvenirs.  You don't think the recent shootings would have something to do with it also?Something should be done to assist industry as to ensure these ships continue to grace our ports as Yale Town and other Tourism Industries depend on this business to survive.   And its kinda nice that they choose to visit our beautiful city as visiting Seattle isn't the same as visiting Canada, Vancouver as its a whole different delightful experience along with the various cultures and their tasty foods I am told by neighboring visitors. 


Funny my bank for being sooo responsible was offering me a mortgae that combined with my debt/montly payments would have put me at no savings per month, is this responsible on the banks part? I mentioned my cell/intenet/at the time cable/ charities and they said I could cancel those so they aren't considered debts? What! Oh Ok so as long as I worked OT and could cancel my phone/TV/Internet I am not in debt. Good work mortgage companies/banks. 


Banks were big on re-financing when real estate kept going up and up..remember the "you're richer than you think" ad campaign.  People ring up tens of thousands in debt on their LOCs and CCs then get bailed out by rolling the debt into a renogtiated mortgage, leveraging against the increased equity in their home.  The banks know damn well people are gonna run up their other debt instruments again...there's tons of money out there to borrow (even with the market implosion) and not enough people needing or wanting credit...so make it easier. 


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