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G20 protests

There has been some coverage of planned protests by diverse groups at the G20 summit in London, UK.  Doug posted one article from the Guardian at babble's Int'l Financial Crisis Redux thread, and i'm hoping that if people come across other items or hear any news of how things are transpiring over the next few days+ if they can post news.  much appreciated.


here was the item from the World Financial Crisis Redux thread;

"Let the fun of this Spring of Our Discontent begin! 

Office workers face chaos next week with swaths of London in security lockdown for the G20 summit and warnings that bankers will be targeted in a series of protests aimed at causing maximum disruption.

Staff in the City are being advised to dress down and postpone non-essential meetings amid fears that they will be forced to run the gauntlet of protesters. Thousands of G20 Meltdown campaign posters show a mannequin wearing a suit being hanged, while an anarchist website has the slogan: "Burn a banker!"

Details of direct action, gleaned from chatter on anarchist websites and meetings attended by the Observer, include a rumoured plan to block the Blackwall Tunnel and cause a security scare on the London Underground by leaving bags unattended on trains. There is also speculation that protesters will drive a tank to the ExCeL conference centre in London's Docklands, where the G20 are meeting, and attempt to harass politicians with wake-up calls to their hotels in the middle of the night. None of the organisers of the peaceful demonstrations say they are aware of any such tactics.


Which is too bad, because they sound good. Smile "



that was #87 there.  i suppose the other way this could be looked at is to keep posting about what's going on with protests at that other thread too.  either way, it would be really great to hear about. thanks.


and here's one from today, seems like there's a lot up on the main pg. there, haven't look at other sources yet.




"Today's march, which started on Victoria Embankment with protesters waving a range of flags and placards, has been organised by a "rainbow alliance" of more than 150 unions, environment, charity, faith and development groups called Put People First (PPF).

One of the organisers, the TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber, said there had never before been such a wide coalition brought together with a direct message for world leaders. "The old ideas of unregulated free markets do not work, and have brought the world's economy to near-collapse, failed to fight poverty and have done far too little to move to a low-carbon economy," "



nice way of putting it;

"This is just the beginning of the prelude of the prologue."



George Victor

Thanks, thanks.

Perhaps we should be as active on this side of the pond? We seem rather cowed by it all over here? 




No shit,  George.  I've been ready to go since Mulroney sold us out with "Free" Trade.

I would hope the protest ideas floated on line are red herrings.

Another thing I will be watching is just how enthusiastic police will be protecting bankers in the financial district.



hi George, i don't think 'cowed' is the word, [grin], it's more a moment getting crystallized...that's probably not the best word either...

anyway, point being that the G20 protests, in London this week, and on Wall Street Apr. 4th, are a resurgence of the 'summit hopping' which many of us participated in during the last 10 years.   Then people got into de-centralized protests, and diverse-constituency/ diverse-issue/ and diverse forms of protest.  We're a big country with stretched out population. 

So now the next large convergence is around the Olympics, but in the meanwhile this economic collapse has transpired, creating a unique moment which people haven't really coagulated around, yet, in this country.  we take our time here.  we have to consult with all interested parties first.  these things have to ripen suitably.  i note that there are various gatherings coming up in the near future where various options will no doubt be considered.  i also note that diverse friends-of-the-movements are helping out in London this week.  no doubt there will be meditation upon current and future possibilities...


also, as people have noted over at the Galloway thread, the Canadian Peace Alliance and friends are holding events across the country here on April 4th, and the following CPA page links with the Apr. 4 events on Wall Street (with a very good sum written up at the United for Peace and Justice page, starting with a quote by Martin Luther King Jr.)


and, in other news, Maysie has informed us that friends are holding a get-together the same day;


so there seems to be a lot of good exchange happening both 'sides of the pond'.


i like this thread, read the last first and back up. from the G20 Climate Camp . 

We live in a finite world. And the sooner we realise that the less painful it will be when we reach the limits. Act now for the future. from txt

  • WhiteAnd then charging interest on it, so the economy has to continually expand so it doesn't collapse. from txt
  • WhiteMaybe we need to address the way our money is created by private banks lending money that does not exist until it is leant. from txt
  • WhiteWe need to reach a proper solution by copenhagen. One that does not involve moving co2 emissions off the balance sheet. from txt
  • WhiteWe're here to remind people that the #g20 are responsible for 89% of annual co2 emissions and need to do something about it. from txt
  • http://twitter.com/climatecamp

    bush is gone ha...

    Here are the latest articles from the morning star:



    Z-net has no reports but has two editorials on the subject.