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Sri Lanka II

Part 2: Sri Lankan Conflict Thread

(Link to Part 1)

Thought I'd start a new thread to continue the informative posts about the current situation in Sri Lanka. Please post Sri Lanka related links here!


Nice work. You are way ahead of me. I was hoping this title could be "The Conflict of Sri Lanka and Tamil Eelam in the island of Ceylon - Part II".


As Sri Lanka Rejects UN's Ceasefire Call, No Response from Ban, Help Mulled as Ceasefire Incentive While IMF Extends Visit

It's Me D

Thanks for continuing to post these links thirusuj, I haven't even been able to read the last and there's another! I'll have to catch up later.

As for the thread title I just shortened it because I think it was being abrieviated when displayed in various places around rabble; I think, I'm not too sure how much of a problem that is. Has anyone noticed that as a problem?

Your longer title was more descriptive, and if a mod wants to change it back that would be fine by me.


Poll Shows that Tamils, Feeling Alone in the World, Embrace the Tigers


thanks thirusuj for these websites you put up in the other thread for letter-writing, i'll check them out. 

"... "


 this is linked from , am thinking it could be useful, minus the first paragraph, for sending to politicians here too? for some reason i couldn't download the specified 'int'l action' link.     Ask journalists to cover Sri Lanka's genocide

April 1, 2009

I am an admirer of your work and of your probing analysis of US foreign policy. I believe your commitment to honest and thorough reporting could be invaluable in bringing light to an issue that has been largely ignored by the international media: the unfolding genocide in northern Sri Lanka.

Currently there are an estimated 330,000 Tamil civilians encircled by advancing government forces, as Sri Lanka attempts to destroy the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Tamil civilians continue to endure a daily barrage of shelling and aerial bombing by Sri Lankan government forces, and yet the international community remains silent. The Sri Lankan government is deliberately targeting Tamil civilians in its military offensive, and the absence of strong international outcry is interpreted as acquiescence in Sri Lanka.

Some Tamils are fleeing to government-controlled territory to escape the heavy shelling and frequent air strikes. However, once under government control they are forcibly detained in internment camps, where more than 30,000 Tamils have already been confined. Robert Evans, a UK Member of Parliament said, “These are not welfare camps, they are prisoner-of-war cum concentration camps.” Dr. Anna Neistat from Human Rights Watch visited the region and said “They are surrounded by barbed wire and machine gun nests, [and subjected to] indefinite confinement in de facto internment camps."

Most alarming are reports that U.S. Pacific Command is planning an evacuation of Tamil civilians from LTTE-held areas, as a “humanitarian task force”. This would transfer Tamils directly into the hands of the genocidal government of Sri Lanka, giving the government – one of the world’s worst perpetrators of state sponsored abductions according to Human Rights Watch – free reign to “disappear” hundreds of thousands of Tamils.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay made a recent statement that bombing and shelling by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces in the so called ‘safe zone’ has killed 2,800 Tamil civilians and left 7,000 more injured since the beginning of 2009. The UN and international humanitarian agencies have been denied access to the region since September 2008, leaving hundreds of thousands without adequate food, water or medical assistance. Despite these recent developments and a brutal history of violence against the Tamil population, the Sri Lankan government’s actions have gone unnoticed and unpunished.

I am writing to you with the hope that you can raise awareness about the plight of hundreds of thousands of Tamil civilians under attack in northern Sri Lanka. The U.S. has an obligation to act only when it is in the best interests of this suffering population – yet a U.S. led evacuation of these refugees would exacerbate the crisis and make the U.S. an accomplice to Sri Lanka’s genocide. You have consistently acted as a voice for the voiceless– now I hope you will agree to serve as a voice for voiceless Tamils.


Eyewitness reports horrific experiences at makeshift hospital


There is a good article in today's Globe and Mail about the conflict in Sri Lanka. Gives a good historical background to the whole thing and all the missed opportrunities.



thirusuj wrote:

Eyewitness reports horrific experiences at makeshift hospital

Here is the Interview I translated to the best of my ability:

Please read interview below. Thank you. 

My name is Theyvendran (Short Theyva). I work for the TRO (Tamil Rehabilitation Organization).  I am doing my work at Mathilan Hospital. I am working nearly about 48 days here.  I been working here since I have been given instructions to work here. People's dead bodies are like orphans lying on the streets.  They look like dogs which are dead on the street. The bodied are lying in the mist of shelling.

We put our lives on the line to go and take those bodies. Then we inform their relatives. If we cannot identify the bodied, we take photos and then clear the bodies. In this hospital, there are about 8 TRO workers.

Yesterday an incident happened brother. A mother had 3 children. The first child would have been about 14 years old. They brought the 14 year child to the hospital. Also, the mother was brought with a "piece" on her chest which went through her stomach. When they brought her, they took her to the operation theatre and looked at her. Her kidneys were fully scattered (damaged).  Also, she didn't have any blood. So, we asked her mother for blood but the patient was B positive and her mother was O positive. 

Therefore, we said ok and was about to take blood from her mother. But, we couldn't take blood since her mother last ate 3 days ago. Therefore, we got someone who is a close relative to give her blood but that wasn't enough blood, therefore she passed away. There are a lot of incidences like this where there is no blood, and even if they have blood they are not able to give due to no food.

 Radio Man: What time did this incident happen?

 It happened about 11:30am.

 Radio Man: How old is the dead child?

 The dead child is about 14 years old.

 Radio Man: Only one child got injured?

Yes, only one child got injured. But, overall more people got injured. Only from that family, she and her little sister got injured. The little sister has only a minor injury on the leg. 

Radio Man: How much people got injured yesterday?

 About 120 people got injured yesterday.

 Radio Man: How long has been the hospital been opened?

 The hospital has been opened for 48 days.

 The humanitarian crisis is here is something I have never seen till this day. Some are injured, some don't have food. Every case is different. Some would be injured and their legs or hands would be scattered (damaged).

If I ask, how long has it been since you ate father? They say 2 or 3 days. If I ask what you ate right now father they say I just drank plain tea.

If you look at their body it's tired. I don't know how to explain it. It's like they are all sadden people. 

If you look at some babies, just a few days ago a mother said her baby doesn't have milk. They ask me if I have milk powder. So I ask, why don't you breastfeed your child. It's your child?

 I haven't eaten. If I try to breastfeed the child, it's not drinking. It can only drink if there is breast milk. The child is crying always.

Therefore, I ask how long it has been since you gave milk to the child, they say one day or 2 days. Even without milk, the mother is not able to breastfeed her child. That's the situation they are coming to us.

 If you have seen the children, their body looks tired and looks like dry fish. That's the situation the children are in.

 Therefore, I have talked to the doctors and they are doing as much help they can.

 Radio Man: What kind of situation are you seeing children?

 Children body and stomach are usually scattered. Some children's legs are scattered. Some children's heads are scattered. Yesterday, a six month child came, the area between the toes are split. It looks like how a fish's tail looks like. We have a lot of these cases. There is another case where the mouth has been broken. These are the cases I have seen.

 The other day, there was a situation where there was a lot of injured people were piled. About three tractors of people were piled and brought. At the same time, in front of the hospital there was shelling.

 For one of the civilians, got shrapnel towards their eyes. After it hit, the eyes were hanging. He would have been about 35 years old. Therefore, I ran towards him. At the same time, a lot of peoples legs were scattered (damaged) and were bleeding. I though this 35 year old man's eyes were damaged and can be saved, so I went to help him. So, I went to get him off the tractor and run into the hospital. But, before I can run in I the shells were falling in front of the hospital.

 When the shells in front of the hospital, I dropped him and lye on the floor. After two or three minutes, I picked him up and got him into the hospital. Somehow the doctors did their treatment and saved him.

 In these situations, everyone is trying to save themselves. So, they run away and try to save themselves without helping others. We can't do anything about that.

 We face many situations like this all the time. How do we save people piled in tractors when the army is dropping shells? It is a difficult situation here.

 Radio Man: How many pregnant mothers did you see injured?

 About 7 days ago, a pregnant mother's case came to us. She would have been conceived about 7 months. She was hit on her stomach and the child inside got scattered (damaged). If you looked at the head of the child, the brain was scattered inside. At the same time, something from the mother's stomach came out. I do not know if she survived or died. Since, I had many cases to attend.

There were a lot of pregnant mother cases.

Radio Man: You said that the heads are scattered for babies in the womb, is the first time you are seeing these types of cases?

This is the first time, I am seeing children in the womb whose heads are scattered. The pregnant mothers being hit on the stomach, and the children dying in the stomach. This is the first time I am seeing these types of cases.

Radio Man: When you see this, what do you think?

I wish that Tamils do not face anymore humanitarian crisis like this. When we pick them up, we feel like crying. We feel like crying our hearts out by ourselves. This type of situation shouldn't occur again.

When we look at the hospitals, there are not facilities available to do the proper job. If people are injured, we just let them lye on the floor. It's just like how we treat dogs and cats when they are dead. We let them lye on the floor outside in the sand in the sunset.

We take the small sleeping mat and blankets and let injured people sleep in a line. The hospitals are coming to a point in which they are not able to give treatment. They are just look at people one by one. Even in that, people's legs are scattered. Hands are scattered. Or both legs and hands are scattered. These are the cases coming to us. Even before looking at them, the blood is dripping fast.

So, we ask how much is dead. Then say to put them on the side or take them away. These are the words that are coming out of our mouths.

We say this to clear the place. Since, if we take away the dead, then a new patient can be brought to that place. We do not get a rest for 5 or 10 minutes. People are piling.

Radio Man: What is the international community saying?

The situation here is something that hasn't happened around the world. The international community hasn't taken any step. I don't understand why they are letting this happen.

How much years are they going to be observing? Are they going to the Tamils be cleansed out of this island?

About 15 days ago, an incident happened brother. Truly, we are controlling our hearts while doing this work.  Once, tears started coming out.

There is a situation where a shell fell in a house. Soon as the shell fell, two elderly people died in that house. The oldest child died.  Another child is about 8 months old. The mother was injured on the stomach and on the thighs. Her husband's both hands were injured and thighs were injured.

The child is crying. The grandmother of the child is holding the child. The mother of the child was alive and was crying. So, she called her mother and told her that she wants to breastfeed her child.

The grandmother said to her daughter to wait while the doctors were doing the medical treatment. The husband at the same time is holding the wife. The wife and husband are getting treatment and the child was injured a bit on the leg.

Then the mother of the 8 month old child gets her child from her mother. She breastfeeds her child.  While the mother was breast feeding her child, the mother died. The child is drinking milk without noticing the mother is dead. The husband was crying beside her but thinking that she is still alive.

When I see these incidents, I shed tears without even knowing. When we took the child away, we couldn't bear the child crying. Since we get a lot of cases, I can't remember the name. But I can remember the incident because it's really heartbreaking.


I have some Pictures and videos of what the TRO personnel is talking about. But, its too graphic, therefore i haven't posted it. But i will explain what are they.

-One is a picture of a new born baby whos head and stomach has been damaged.

-Next is a young boy who lost his leg and is lying on a mat screaming to death. (I only watched 3 seconds of this video)



hi, thanks for updates, including the translation at #10.

I have sent letters to the leaders of parties sitting in parliament in Canada, and will post here their responses.

also, as an aside, i have downloaded firefox on advice from rabble admin, and it does appear to allow me to participate in babble now (as i'm writing this here) whereas for the last few days internet explorer froze the browser.  just fyi for any readers who happen to see this note.



i haven't received any responses yet to my letter on the massacre of Tamils.  only an auto-reply from Ignatieff's office, saying maybe they'll look at it in future, blah blah.  honestly, i'd rather offices didn't send those things, in a humanitarian crisis it just makes them look like they don't really care. 

i saw the article at AJ linked from rabble, on the Tamil protesters getting bashed by police in London.  so pathetic.  and typical.  like the poor fellow who was killed at the G20 protests, police go on a planned rampage and blame the victims.  sick.

i recall the first news reports of the protester killed at the G20- police said 'protesters were throwing bottles at them as they took the body away'.  what a load of crap.  all so the pathetic media can help take pressure off the G20, their greedy finance friends, and the murderous thugs they've hired to inflict damage on good and decent folk the world over.



British Tamils block Westminster Bridge, demand ceasefire


No more excuses in waging the war - Protestors in Oslo


'It is not the way for post-conflict ambitions,' say London protestors


In pictures: Tamils' London rally


Clashes as Tamils rally in London


here is a letter, eg., others will no doubt have better ideas of what to say, and who to send it to...

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

April 6, 2009

Dear Mr. Harper, Mr. Ignatieff, M. Duceppe, and Mr. Layton,

The massacre of Tamil civilians in refugee camps and so-called ‘safe zones’ by Sri Lankan government forces is a Crime Against Humanity.  Children are killed and maimed, and medical clinics are targeted by the Sri Lankan army.  This is an appalling abuse of human rights.  The attacks on Tamil camps cannot be justified for any reason whatsoever, not for so-called ‘shielding’ of Tamil Tigers, not for countering ‘terrorism’, not for the purpose of solidifying Sri Lankan government control, nor for compliance towards establishment of western military bases on Tamil territory, nor for consolidation of offshore rights and shipping routes for western-allied corporations, nor for reasons of religious or cultural differences.  Nothing justifies Crimes Against Humanity.

The ongoing silence of the Canadian government in this current crisis simply highlights that on all counts the position of the Sri Lankan government and their backing western governments is wrong, and the position of the Tamil people is right.

Tamil civilians are calling for immediate ceasefire and end of Sri Lankan occupation of their territory of Tamil Eelam.   They are calling for the right to self-determination without the terror of Sri Lankan troops on their land, slaughtering their people. 

It is appalling that the government of Canada has not vociferously condemned the ongoing slaughter of Tamil civilians, nor called for ceasefire and end of occupation, nor supported re-establishment of Tamil self-governance.  The British forced the Sinhalese and Tamil people together in a brutal neocolonial manner under the Sinhalese, and currently the Canadian government is perpetuating that injustice, exacerbating it by refusing to condemn the crimes of the ruling Sri Lankan powers, and refusing to allow Tamils their ancient rights to their own land, their own right to self-determination, and freedom from human rights abuses.  

Please make explicit and public your condemnation of the human rights abuses of the Sri Lankan government, and a call for ceasefire, end of occupation, and for upholding the rights of the Tamil people, in Tamil Eelam.

Thank you.





thanks thirusuj for the articles. 

i noted in the last BBC one this quote;

"Mr Miliband said: "Nothing excuses the reported use of civilians by the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) as a human shield."

it goes on to say that this doesn't excuse any government either, but the article is slanted.

the main point is that this claim that freedom fighters are 'using civilians as human shields' needs to be examined.  the same line is used when NATO forces bomb Afghan and Pakistani civilians.  the reality is that a subjugated population under brutal occupation wants to live.  some from that population make a choice to fight.  these fighters also must eat so they necessarily co-exist to some degree with communities of the population.  Occupying powers cannot read the minds of civilians of another country.  They do not know, especially under the conditions of extreme coercion which exist under bombing and attack, what exactly non-fighting members of the population are thinking, or what they want.  The do, however, carry responsibility for their own behaviour of occupation and attack.  The responsibility of occupying powers is to stop attack and leave.  Then the population can exercise its rights.




It's Me D

thanks: I'd venture that to the government there is no justification for terrorism, and since the LTTE are declared terrorists there can be no justification for civilians staying with them. So why do they? To the government its very simple: either they are terrorists too (so killing them is okay), or they are obviously being held hostage as human shields because no innocent person would support terrorism. Cut and dry, with us or against us; all that bullshit. Sick.


The Globe article link posted by Stockholm seems a pretty balanced description of the ugly history and current dire situation.

The article is by DAVID CAMERON who: "teaches political science at the University of Toronto and took part in Sri Lanka's peace talks from 2002 to 2004 as a member of the Forum of Federations."


The army has pushed the Tigers back into a tiny patch of jungle near Mullaitivu, and it's pretty clear that the end is nigh for the LTTE. There is acute international worry about the thousands of civilians caught in the middle, whose welfare seems of little concern to either side. The Tigers won't let them leave; they have shown no compunction in using civilians as instruments of war — in this case, as human shields — and the army, intent on finishing the Tigers off once and for all, does not have the welfare of trapped Sri Lankan citizens as their primary concern. The government is deeply suspicious of the international community, and has limited the access of journalists and aid workers to the battlefield, so it is difficult to know the full dimensions of what looks like being a looming catastrophe.

For those interested in humanitarian aid the "Tamil Rehabilitation Organization" touted earlier is listed by many as a front for the Tamil Tigers, so do your OWN research to find out if this is true or not before donating to any relief agency.


I do not find the article of David Cameron in the Globe to be 'pretty balanced' at all.  It completely ignores the demands of the Tamil people for their own historic territory, end of occupation, and self-government, not to speak of an end to the current direct attack by Sri Lankan forces on clinics.  Ignoring these rather salient features gives the Globe article an air typical of interventionist do-gooder-for-thine-own-benefit approaches which the world is tired of.  What of the military bases?  What of port control?  What of offshore rights?  Not a word from Cameron.  of course not.  that would be too honest a review of the situation.


Sri Lanka war commonly misunderstood as one between terrorist group and legitimate state

"The Endless War"


I can't cause miracles: Erik Solheim


Colombo uses chemical weapons: LTTE


the massacre of Tamils, the massacre of Gazans, and the massacre of Iraqis, are looking increasingly similar.

shall we expect chemical weapons and wierdly-coloured bomb residue to begin emanating from Afghanistan soon?

or do the Afghans and Pakistanis merely 'enjoy' our depleted uranium artifacts?



i suppose it's a profitable circle for the fossil fuel giants- use petrochemicals to create ghastly inhumane weapons, for use on populations which resist corporate control and further fossil fuel extraction...

what's it going to take to end this planetary nightmare?


- glad to hear of the ottawa events on this, and glad that people are tackling the 'terrorist' label.  that whole anti-terrorist act needs to be scrapped.  kept Galloway out too, got us into the miasma of security certificates, no-flight lists, and next we'll be seeing new internment catchments... enough already.



on the second article, the report should have said that it's the Sri Lankan army that has cordoned off the civilians AND ATTACKED THEM, not the Tamil Tigers.  It's clearly a war of the government against civilians, directly, using the Tigers as an excuse. The government of Sri Lanka wants to terrorize the population so that they submit to Sinhalese and Western rule, along with corporate exploitation of their lands, for other's profits.

It is completely unethical for the Harper government to refuse to demand immediate ceasefire by the Sri Lankan army and its unethical to refuse to call for an end to the occupation of Tamil Eelam.

i'm glad the Tamil diaspora here are staying firm and clear.




5 permanent members of the UN Security Council:


France: [email protected]

UK: [email protected]

China: [email protected]

Russia: [email protected]

US: [email protected]


there are also non-permanent members of the UN Security Council, which can be looked up.

It's Me D


China has a gmail account?

[email protected]

Tongue out


Tamils Take Protests to Harper's Front Door


Tamil protesters remain for 2nd day on Parliament Hill


Sri Lankan Tamils vow second day of protest in Ottawa


"Two days ago the Sri Lankan government was bombing with poison gas, chemical gas. In that bomb, nearly my whole family - five members of my family - is dead."- protester on hunger strike now in London. 

Shame on Canadian, UK, US and other governments for not denouncing these crimes, not demanding immediate Sri Lankan ceasefire !!

I hope Londoners and others here rally to support civilian demands for peace.




Vaiko warns of bloodbath in Tamil Nadu


Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam general secretary Vaiko on Wednesday warned that Tamil Nadu would witness a bloodbath even if the slightest harm befell Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam leader V. Prabakaran.

Addressing a meeting here to condemn the killing of Sri Lankan Tamils, the MDMK leader said the mind of the people in Tamil Nadu had become a "volcano." It was now a long time since they had forgotten the Sriperumpudur incident (assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi), he said.

Prabakaran had a place in the hearts of Tamils the world over and they would not tolerate the slightest harm to him, Mr Vaiko said, adding people in Tamil Nadu also would not have a different attitude.

He said they would not be cowed down by the police and guns. The LTTE and its leader Prabakaran could not be defeated in the war.

Recalling the shoe-throwing incident at the news conference of Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram, he said the self-respect of the Tamils was manifested in the self-immolation of 12 persons. The Sikhs could only hurl a shoe, "but here we have people who can get bombs. The next generation of youth will not be like me," he later told reporters.

Mr. Vaiko said the sea between India and Sri Lanka could not permanently prevent the Tamil youth from visiting that country with arms. "If the Argentine-born Che Guevara could fight for the Cubans, why not the youth from Tamil Nadu for the Tamils in Sri Lanka, with whom they have an umbilical cord relationship," he asked.

Mr. Vaiko said "India would not remain one country" if Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa did not stop the war and if India did not urge him to stop the war.


i understand and hear how Tamils are tired of having their leaders assassinated.  it's appalling.

the people will not stand for oppression and occupation forever. 

let us hope the domineering will come to their senses sooner than later.

a part of me doubts they will.  it involves voluntarily shrinking oneself to fit through the eye of a needle.

we humans often have so little capacity for love. 

yet hearts are boundless.

Cueball Cueball's picture

I am really having trouble understanding how this old and venerable guerrila army is suddenly collapsing. After so many years of stalemate the reason for this is hard to fathom. Is it a failure of leadership? Wrong strategy? Did they opt too much for a conventional approach to insurgency? Did the movement split? Lose the faith of its people? Or is the government now stronger in some aspect in a way that it was not before?


It's Me D

Cueball: The government is much stronger than before, they have been supplied with vast amounts of weaponry they did not have a decade ago, principally in the air and naval areas.


From my view:


Is it a failure of leadership?


No it was not a failure of the LTTE leadership. It was the failure of the Tamil Diaspora to reach out to the International Community to make awareness of the LTTE's and Tamil people's position. That failure eventually resulted in banning the LTTE and demonizing the Tamil peoples struggle.


 Wrong strategy?


Honestly I am not sure. I would have to be in the shoes of LTTE policy makers and military commanders to judge this position.


Did they opt too much for a conventional approach to insurgency?


In my view they did opt for a conventional approach over the insurgency. But they had to or go on fighting as an insurgent while leaving the Tamil population to be to in the hands of the government and its armed forces which would have resulted in many deaths (simply unnoticed).


Did the movement split?


They did. There was a split by the eastern commander who began working with the government. It was neutralized but lost of weapons, confidential informations and man power. Resulted in the East to become under the control of the government run by the Army and pro-government para-military forces.


Lose the faith of its people?


It only gained the faith of the Tamil people. It actually is uniting the Tamil population all over the world and bringing them closer.



Or is the government now stronger in some aspect in a way that it was not before?


The government is stronger then ever before. Thanks to western nations "war on Terrorism" which the Sri Lankan government easily manipulated to fit their agenda.

It gave them an enormous diplomatic power, weapons, economic benefits etc....

It is also largely have to do with the involvement of India who is looking for revenge to its failed adventure earlier, safeguarding it's geo-political interest and many other reasons. The move by India attracted other world players to also help out. It's like, he gave you one chocolate, I will give you two if you listen to me and promote my interest.

It's Me D

Thats so much more thorough than my answer, thanks thirusuj!


This is a nice article:


Why these Tamil sons in London, mourning their slain mothers in Sri Lanka, have placed Westminster under siege


i see from the CBC article linked at rabble headlines that protesters on the streets in Ottawa want to meet with Canadian government decision-makers,  but Harper sends Kenney and he doesn't even have the decency to talk with them! 

what's his job again?  absolutely pathetic.  i suppose peter mackay is hiding out too.

cowardly cop-outs.  and i can picture harper pacing around in some back room.

why don't we get some people with a real sense of democracy, decency, and diplomacy in office?


Wellington still closed as pro-Tamil rally continues

Cueball Cueball's picture

thirusuj wrote:

From my view:


It is also largely have to do with the involvement of India who is looking for revenge to its failed adventure earlier, safeguarding it's geo-political interest and many other reasons. The move by India attracted other world players to also help out. It's like, he gave you one chocolate, I will give you two if you listen to me and promote my interest.




as i mentioned i would if replies came, response here from the NDP. other parliamentary parties haven't replied yet.

"Thank you for contacting me about the current crisis in Sri Lanka.
Several weeks ago I met with the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Canada
to push for a ceasefire and humanitarian help for civilians. Please see
attached a copy of my statement following this meeting.

Spanning over two long decades, the New Democrats have consistently and
unequivocally condemned the violent actions committed by all sides of
the conflict in Sri Lanka, which have caused the loss and destruction of
far too many civilian lives. In our discussions with the Sri Lankan
community, we have learned that violence is escalating, human rights are
being violated, and the number of deaths, political disappearances and
forced evictions are growing.

New Democrats continue to repeat calls to end the war and urge the Sri
Lankan government and military to resume discussions to establish peace
with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Recently, I participated in a conference in North York called "Human
Rights and Sri Lanka". The following is a comment by regular
contributor Daniel Kitts.

"Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton also made an appearance. While saying
that "both sides (in the conflict) must bear some responsibility,"
Layton clearly won over many in the audience with his stern criticism of
the way the current Canadian government has handled the Sri Lanka file
and by detailing his efforts to have the civil war discussed in
Parliament. The crowd was respectful and applauded all the speakers at
the conference, but I think it's fair to say that Layton was the
Canadian politician whose message was the most well-received." (Daniel
Kitts,, "Sri Lanka and Human Rights", April 3rd, 2009)

We were also successful in getting the Parliament of Canada to
participate in an Emergency Debate on February 4th . "I am very
honoured, on behalf of the New Democratic Party, to have requested and
been granted this emergency debate on the humanitarian crisis in Sri
Lanka. I want to thank all other members who requested the same thing.
(NDP Leader Jack Layton, House of Commons, Feb. 4, 2009).

You can read the full debate speeches at:

In addition, New Democrat MP Peter Julian has introduced the following

M-273 - January 27, 2009 - Mr. Julian (Burnaby-New Westminster) - That,
in the opinion of the House, the government should immediately use all
diplomatic means to put pressure on the government of Sri Lanka and its
military to respect the human rights of the civilian Tamil population,
by: (a) ceasing all violence against Tamil civilians, including any
detention of civilians in military-camps, extrajudicial killings, and
disappearances; (b) immediately lifting the September 2008 ban on United
Nations (UN) and international humanitarian organizations from operating
in the northern region of the country, in addition to ensuring that
these organizations are free from government interference so they may
independently supervise both parties of the conflict and respond to the
humanitarian crisis; (c) halting all government policies and actions
aimed against the Tamil minority of Sri Lanka; and (d) supporting the
peace process and efforts of the UN that will invest in infrastructure,
education and provide significant support for the Tamil population of
Sri Lanka.

We remind our fellow Canadian politicians and parties not to use the
situation in Sri Lanka as a partisan issue. The human rights and dignity
of the Sri Lankans, Tamils and other minorities need to be respected and
preserved. Peace must always be the goal and the New Democrats are
prepared to explore options and solutions to bring about peace to Sri

For more information on our position, please see the following links:

Again, thank you for writing to me on this crucial matter.


Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, Canada's New Democrats


OTTAWA - New Democrat leader Jack Layton took the opportunity at a
meeting with the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Canada to convey New
Democrats' call for an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka.

"I call on the government of Sri Lanka to accept an immediate
ceasefire," said Layton as he expressed his condolences to all those on
both sides of the conflict who had lost loved ones.

"Furthermore, I asked that aid agencies and international media be given
unfettered access to the conflict zone."

Layton expressed his concern regarding the camps erected by the
Government of Sri Lanka and relayed the fears of Canadian Tamil families
about the safety of their relatives at these camps.  

"I expressed my strong rejection of the practice of internment at these
camps and asked that at the very least the government of Sri Lanka open
the means of communications between Canadian Tamil families and their
relatives at these camps," said Layton.

The meeting had been requested by the Sri Lankan representative. Layton
rejected the Sri Lankan government's assertion that a ceasefire was
impossible. He reiterated the New Democrats' position that sustainable
peace in the region can only be guaranteed through a peace process,
starting with an immediate ceasefire to all hostilities. Layton
expressed hope that meetings between high-level UN officials and Sri
Lankan government may lead to a ceasefire agreement.

"New Democrats have once again articulated its strong position for an
end to the conflict, this time directly to the government of Sri Lanka,"
stated Layton.

Layton spoke of the anguish in the eyes of those many Tamils with whom
he had met here in Canada because they cannot communicate with their
loved ones back home "


Worried' about hostilities in Sri Lanka, Canada calls for ceasefire


Traffic returns to Wellington Street as Tamil protest continues


Sri Lankan Tamil protesters stand firm



LTTE: 'A Ceasefire Is Needed To End The Genocide By Sri Lanka's Army'


To Catch The Cub In The Tiger's Den



"Tens of thousands of civilians are trapped inside a 17-square kilometre army-declared no-fire zone on the northeastern coast, held there by the LTTE and being killed in shelling, the co-chairs’ statement said."

-statement from US et al, in article at post #45 here,

sounds about as true as saying Hamas built the Gazan apartheid wall, trapped themselves in, and shelled themselves.


A hundred thousand protesters are marching through central London against Sri Lanka's offensive on the Tamil Tigers, according to police estimates.


Found an interesting photo essay video on the protests:


That site also has some other interesting posts: including a situation report by one of the guys interviewed in the protest article (Sujith Xavier):


from the LTTE interview at the first tehelka article in post #44 above:


"What is your response to allegations that the LTTE is using civilians as human shields?

The Tamil people are aware of the repeated aggression against them by the Sri Lankan state under various guises. Calling the people here “trapped” or “human shield” is inappropriate, as they do not want to go into the hands of the aggressor state. Sri Lanka should give a safe passage to independent humanitarian officials to come here and find out the will of the people.

You have repeatedly announced that you are ready for a ceasefire. Is this a sign of weakness?

We insist on a ceasefire because Sri Lanka keeps accelerating its genocidal war [against the Tamils]. A ceasefire is needed to address the humanitarian crisis and for people to get essential relief supplies right where they live.

What is your appeal to the international community?

Innocent children, mothers and elders are being massacred by the Sri Lankan armed forces everyday. Therefore, there is an urgent need to push the Sri Lankan government towards a ceasefire. We urge the international community not to go along with Sri Lanka’s uprooting of Tamils, being carried out in the guise of “fighting terrorism”. We appeal to the international community to halt this war immediately and facilitate a negotiation for a permanent political settlement based on the Tamils’ right to self-determination."

This LTTE perspective makes eminent sense, in contrast to the so-called 2-day 'ceasefire' of Sri Lankan military which is dislocating Tamils from their homeland, forcing them to move under threat of total annhilihation, forcing Tamil residents to put themselves entirely into Sinhalese territory, under Sinhalese control.  This is one of kind of forced relocation tactics which Stalin used so effectively to clear people from lands. 

The other element is the Sri Lankan control of the 'safe zone' borders and checkpoints, as noted in the first item at post #48  here.

Rather than the Sri Lankan final 'solution', justice demands that residents of the Tamil homeland be allowed to stay where they live, to live without the walls imposed upon them by the Sri Lankan government, without fear of more bombs and shelling dumped upon them in their homes by Sri Lankan military, and with opportunity for self-determination.

By supporting the Sri Lankan government, the governments of Canada, the US, UK, Japan and Norway, along with the UN Security Council, support modern totalitarianism.





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I'm not sure if this has been posted ... Arundhati Roy wrote this powerful piece earlier this month:

From the little information that is filtering through, it looks as though the Sri Lankan government is using the propaganda of "the war on terror" as a fig leaf to dismantle any semblance of democracy in the country, and commit unspeakable crimes against the Tamil people. Working on the principle that every Tamil is a terrorist unless he or she can prove otherwise, civilian areas, hospitals and shelters are being bombed and turned into a war zone. Reliable estimates put the number of civilians trapped at over 200,000. The Sri Lankan army is advancing, armed with tanks and aircraft.



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