Saudi clerics want women banned from TV, media

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Saudi clerics want women banned from TV, media

RIYADH (AFP) — Hardline Saudi clerics have called on the government to ban women from appearing on television and to prohibit their images in print media, which they called a sign of growing "deviant thought."

In a letter to new Information Minister Abdul Aziz al-Khoja that appeared on websites this week, the 35 Islamic clerics also condemned the increase of music and dancing on television, as well as images of women in popular newspapers and magazines that they labelled "obscene."

"Our faith in you is great to carry out media reform, for we have seen how perversity is rooted in the ministry of information and culture, on television, radio, in the press, literary clubs, and book fairs," the letter said.

It cited an alleged plan to "westernise" Saudi women by "reducing their rights to a question of removing veils, wearing makeup and mixing with men."


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Dana Larsen

Since Saudi Arabia is supposed to be an ally, I doubt we'll be hearing much more about this story.

But I'm sure that if this was a Taliban-type cleric in Afghanistan we'd be hearing endlessly how our troops are fighting for the freedom of women against such oppression.

martin dufresne

That's it: let's attack Saudi Arabia! More oil there anyway. (Oh... I'm told the West already controls the place, via compliant sheiks.) Never mind, Mr. Obama...

Star Spangled C...

Anyone see the altered pic in the Israeli press? It was a photo of Netenyahu and his cabinet that included some female ministers. When the photo was published in the orthodox papers, it was photoshopped so that the women disappeared....

martin dufresne

Canada is well ahead in that domain. The Photoshopping is done internally, so that women can remain in the Harper cabinet and never impede the order of patriarchal business.