depression blame game

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depression blame game

noticed this banker/puppet tactic?

blame the victime, yet again.

now, anyone who names the economic realities for what they are is 'reducing confidence', and 'being pessimistic'. 

they're even spinning out 'studies' on this.

here's a study:

define 'denial'

define 'distraction'

define reality-

people are depressed because bankers and their policy puppets have crashed the economy and these jokers are merrily continuing with depressing investment deals with Colombia (!?), the EU (experts at corporate colonialism), and others.

Harper, Iggy and the rest of their banking buddies don't know how to do anything different.

One track minds.

According to them, it's our problem.  Yes, folks, we who are struggling and suffering are the cause of the global meltdown.  The welfare moms strike again.

Think again.

And push these jokers out of office.


kick them out.....and then what? Who will replace them?


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You aren't serious are nussy?


yes I am.....they do have to be kicked out...but who in Canada could replace them at this point of time? Who is in any position to take power from them if we had an election?




what about an NDP-Green coalition?

not a merger, make up some kind of agreement of cooperation.

bring over any caring human beings from the Libs and Cons.


and any persons from the Bloc. 

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Anyone nussy, for no one could possibly be worse.


but first they have to be elected. The greens dont have any members..and the NDP cannot do it on their own. The Bloc is not interested in Canada....forget the Conservatives....the Liberals are only interested in taking power on thier own.

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Well nussy  when one starts with  the assumption no one can take power from them, or no one else can run things, then one is not encouraging the election of others, eh?!

martin dufresne

Some times, try as one may, one cannot sustain a significant election...


the greens have significant sway, in my opinion.  people vote certain ways at elections given the options at the time. 

IF there was a way to strike a working/taskforce/both-and kind of arrangement that would see combinations of the best policies included, needed for this times, i think this would provide a fresh approach that would draw many.

These are extremely unusual times- a coalescing of economic and ecological crises.  Surely we can find creative ways of rising to the occasion..


and i think i'm going to talk about now as humanitarian, economic and ecological crises.  the mass slaughters being conducted around the world, with no means of prevention... one after another...the world is completely out of control.  somehow the publics of the planet have to restrain the private abusers.