hide the reciept from your husband

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hide the reciept from your husband

Last Saturday I hit the No-Frills garden centre for some plants.  I paid for my plants and as I reached for the reciept the woman said:

"let me throw this away for you so your hubby doesn't know how much you spent on plants"

I was so stunned!  I had to grab her hand to stop her from throwing away the reciept.  I need it as perennials are eligible under this "household improvement" rebate thingy.

Regardless I looked at the two of them stunned and told them

a: no hubby to worry about

b: all my previous hubbies like my garden and who the hell cares what I spent on plants

Then I left shaking my head.

It is 2009 right?

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Yep, and this ranks up there with a woman who asked me about what it takes to be a good wife.

G. Muffin

Do tell, remind.  I've always wondered.


Bizarro behavior in my world but I am not unfamiliar with it, as a young bride with an abusive partner secrets about money were part of my world and eventually allowed me to escape. 

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GPie, I have, and had, no idea on what constitutes a good wife, having never considered myself in that kind of conceptual framework. Which was what I expressed to her, though she appeared doubtful.

Maybe it is playing high stakes poker for 30+ hours straight, upon occassion, where there are no receipts of money spent, and earned. ;)



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I think what's really at play here is that some folks don't want to give any more receipts than they have to, in order not to have a paper trail, allowing them to give lower income statements to the tax departments.


I once worked at a store where the boss used to get us to charge some selected customers about 10-20% less than what was on the prescription receipt, because these people had drug plans that paid 80-90% and that way, they'd get all their money back (these were all affluent, uniformly obnoxious people).

Though in RF's O/P, I think what was going on there was a weak attempt at a joke predicated upon 1950s notions of marriage roles.

Speaking of such presumptions, my pet peeve is when I go to pay for something over the phone with a credit card, and the person at the other end asks about 99% of the time, "And what is the name of the primary cardholder?"  When I was single, this question baffled me; who else would have my credit card?

I'm older than hubby, with more established credit.  So when we got married, he became the secondary cardholder.

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yea it's fucced up how even today most women really dont have much say in anything and they got controlling husbands. It one thing when u know both ask each other if it a good idea but when the husband can get drunk n piss the money away literally n the wife cant get plants which might even be puttin food on the table just makes me go dam son. Some guys might feel that since she doesnt work or makes less I got more of a say but this shit happens even when the women makes more n it shouldnt. Cuz a couple is supposed to work together complement each other there gonna be shit that the guy doesnt know shit about n there gonna be shit the girl doesnt so work together and it works out. Some of these niggas are just insecure they think if they ask sum1 esp a women for advice it makes them less of a man. except the thing is women dont really like guys who insecure am I right? n all that happens is the relationship just breaks apart after awhile when she doesnt wanna put up with his shit no more.


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Men who have domination and control issues, are the ones who are insecure, not the ones who live in equality and sharing and who ask for advice about the things they do not know or need help with.

Sean in Ottawa

Too much "security" about your own views is a sign of delusion anyway.

When a partnership makes decisions, they are less likely to make dumb ones.

Given how many mistakes I have made and the number of possibilities for new ones, I have no trouble being seen as insecure and involving a partner I trust in making decisions together. Feeling secure in a world full of variables is overrated and having a second opinion gives more actual security than any feeling of confidence can deliver.

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sean n remind that's what I said lol when u act like u know everything n cant take advice is when u seem and proly are insecure not the other way around lol.