British doctors threaten 1-day strike against Labour government privatizing health care

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British doctors threaten 1-day strike against Labour government privatizing health care

Yeah, you heard me right:

[url=][color=blue]Doctors condemn "commercial" NHS[/color][/url]

Doctors are urging the government to row back on its "dogmatic commercialisation" of the NHS to help protect services during the recession. [...]

One of the major motions on the first day of the Liverpool meeting on Monday is [b]a call for a day of industrial action[/b].

But BMA chairman Dr Hamish Meldrum warned his members not to vote for strikes despite anger over the use of the private sector. [...]

He said moves to create polyclinics and PFI schemes, which use private money to build hospitals, were draining the health service of resources and fragmenting care.

He continued: "We have never said the private sector has no place in the NHS, but in an ideal world we think the vast majority of NHS services should be publicly provided." [...]

Dr Meldrum added: "Although the private sector has for many years played a role in providing care, a majority of the public believe that the government's dogmatic and misguided plan to commercialise the NHS has gone too far and is threatening the very future of the health service."

Tommy Douglas would be downright confused.


Ken Burch

Good for them.

And, while Tommy Douglas would be confused, Norman Bethune would understand.


Yes he would, Ken! I agree.

I wonder how Canadian physicians today would react. Mind you, I have no clue about the differences between the Canadian and the UK system. Ours is single-payer (mostly) free and universal for "basic" services, but most delivery is "private", in the sense that individual physicians run their own businesses and charge the government. Then we have state-owned and operated institutions (especially in Québec, with the network of CLSC and CSSS), and hospitals, which are a mixed bag I guess in terms of ownership. The debate in the UK right now appears to be over private vs. public funds for building infrastructure? Too complicated for me.



UK Doctors Given Bonuses For Placing Patients on 'Death Lists' - Report

"General practitioners in England have been receiving 50 pound paid bonuses for placing patients on controversial 'death lists' in order to reduce the number of occupied hospital beds.

The move is yet another tactic aimed at cutting NHS costs, UK media reported."

The banksters in the City will approve I'm sure of this latest necessary 'austerity measure'. The poor must not only learn to live within their means but learn to die within them as well...