What is Left To Rot In Jail Cont

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What is Left To Rot In Jail Cont

"Look it up. Manson was sentenced to death. I believe this was the late 60s or early 70s. The death penalty was struck down, so his sentence was commuted. it was restored before tookie was convicted and sentenced (in the 80s if i'm not mistaken)."

but, Arnold Swastika could still have granted him clemency the 9th circuit even reccommended it, on top of that there was a 4 week stay of execution in a debate over the death penalty n u know thas what happened. Think about it re-instated along with drug laws, and 3 strike laws. They wanna killa nigga

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"Schwarzenegger's decision provoked outrage in his home town of Graz in Austria. Local politicians submitted a petition to the City Council to remove his name from the stadium and to take away his status as an honorary citizen which was backed by a majority on the council. Before a formal vote was taken, however, Mr. Schwarzenegger withdrew Graz's right to use his name in association with the stadium"


thats about all I need to say about him


My experience is with drug addicts, who go to jail all the time for stealing or selling drugs to support their habit. Though most of them would never hurt anybody, and I believe that more drug treatment programs would be cheaper and more humane than warehousing people with addictions.

That said, my patients actually usually do great in jail.  They get off the crack (yes yes yes; I know there's drugs in jail, but they're way more expensive than on the street, and my pts are mostly destitute), they get fed, and get treatment for their health problems (infections, skin problems, etc).

I run into the HIV/AIDS people at conferences, and they have frequently told me that their patients also do well in jail, because they take their meds.  For security reasons, they can't let people keep medications in the cells, so nurses go around several times a day with the medications for everybody.  HIV regimens aren't as pill-heavy as they used to be, but it's still these pills they have to take every day, and for various reasons, taking medications long-term is problematic for many people.

So the people with HIV often get healthier in jail: their viral load (a measure of the # of viruses in the body) goes down, and their CD4 (immune system cells affected by HIV) goes up.

Just contributing a different perspective to the mix...

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but dam I gotta post the article google tetrasil there is a cure to hiv/aids and one african amerikkkan doctor went and was suing the office of the prez of the united snakes of amerikkka in 2000 but all his appeals were quietly dismissed and he discovered that during the cold war there were numerous tests and experiments done by I think it was the Virus and Diesease reseach center gotta go find a link it was posted in another thing.

1 other thing to consider is that in many countries urban populations on hiv medicine fare worse then rural ones that arent. The rural ones despite having infections rates estimated at over 40% still going good after 30 years while the urban ones are slowly dieing and getting very sicc. on top of that google this the HIV test does not detect the hiv virus only an increased antibody count which could be anything. And the condition called AIDS happens in places where ppl typically are affected by malaria,TB,and malnutrition which no doubt contritube hugely to a weakened immune system. On top of that the man who 1st put forward the theory of a link between HIV and AIDS retracted it after gimme a bit to get links up.


Going bacc to the jail thing sineed also the addicts you work with maybe unique still. But going bacc to it this was mostly about all the calls for loccin up the niggas n throwing away the key.

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