Forget the Environment says Montreal Economic Institute, it is all about the money!

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Forget the Environment says Montreal Economic Institute, it is all about the money!

Quebec could raise as much as $9.5 billion a year by reversing the flow of three northern rivers to generate power and export water to the United States, according to a report made public yesterday.

The Montreal Economic Institute said Quebec could divert floodwaters from the three rivers in the spring, pumping the excess water higher, and then letting it flow south through the Ottawa River to the St. Lawrence.

The rivers - the Broadback, Waswanipi and Bell - currently flow into James Bay and then into Hudson Bay.

The report said that diverting the floodwater from north to south would boost levels on the St. Lawrence River and let U.S. and Canadian authorities increase their use of freshwater from the Great Lakes without any risk to St. Lawrence - a major international seaway.

"The revenue generated by exporting freshwater would be the result of complex negotiations between state, provincial and federal governments," said the report, compiled by former hydroelectric power engineer Pierre Gingras.


That's the Montreal Economic Institute, a far-right wing source of biased and unscientific reports and recommendations. For your mental health, I'd recommend ignoring anything and everything they say.


On another point, I'd prefer if you changed the PQ in the title, as it implies the Parti Québécois more than anything else (Québec is QC).

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Would love to but can't.

And let's see, Quebec has a right wing government, we have a federal right wing government, and the USA wants our water. all in all, i would bet that this will go forward ASAP, or the report would not have been conducted.



Its always all about the money

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It doesn't have to be, it is so because people let it be.


The people that control it will get it done when they really want to. The people that don't want it simply dont have the power to do anything about it. Most people simply don't care. 

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Really? I think most people have been indioctrinated to believe they don't , can't, or shouldn't care.


Would some moderator PLEASE change the thread title to "Montreal Economic Institute" instead of PQ please?

This institute is the local equivalent of the Fraser Institute. There is really no reason for babblers to discuss or debate some fringe right-wing pronouncements.

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Ya, because we never see Fraser Institute policies and regulations being instrumented. :rolleyes:



Water shortage in the USA is such a comedy. There's no shortage of golf courses.

martin dufresne

I agree with WyldRage and Unionist. It is really insulting to see the PQ being smeared by the thread title. Remind, Quebec does have a right-wing governement but the PQ is in the Opposition. Please authorize a mod to change the thread title so that it doesn't smear the Parti québécois who, for all its faults, is a far cry from the "Montreal Economic Institute" (with which it is usually at odds) and should be getting more support from Anglo progressives instead of National Post inspired blather.

Or I am going to start looking for nasty acronyms for NDP...

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By PQ I meant Province of Quebec Martin, and I did authorize above by saying I wish I could change it to Quebec. FPS.


Remind, I've been meaning to mention for some time that PQ is the old old designation - since about the Quiet Revolution or so, the abbreviation was changed to QC. That helps to avoid confusion as well. I appreciate that you can't change the thread title.


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Thread title changed.