U.S. expanding the Afghan war into Pakistan

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Not only is the war spreading to Uzbekistan and Kyrgystan (see my above post), but also to Tajikistan:




Pakistan Wields a Double Edged Sword http://www.atimes.com/atimes/South_Asia/KG18Df03.html

"The military's missteps were not limited to Waziristan..."


Dismantling Pakistan, A Quagmire of Imperial Slavery http://axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/Article_56340.shtml

"In the imperial scheme, the predominantly Pushtoon population of NWFP would be either made part of Afghanistan or put under direct control of U.S. troops. This is also part of the plan to balkanize Pakistan. Another stake the CIA has is THE HUGE QUANTITIES OF MINERALS AND RESOURCES THAT LIE BENEATH THE SOIL OF TRIBAL AREAS.."

This is yet another invasion into Indigenous lands for the express purpose of usurpation as genocide, theft of Indigenous resources and occupation of Tribal territories.


It seems to me that the Soviets made a mistake by not simultaneously meddling in Pakistan at the same time they "invaded" Afghanistan and were faced with fighting "Afghan" fighters from 40 different countries.

Today things are totally different. Now it is Afghan and Pak insurgents who are faced with fighting troops from the USsA, Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, and about 38 other countries ... on their own soil! And this is part  NATO's and USSA's drang nach Osten into Asia.


yes the plan is definitely to drive east - Obama is a Brezinski protege. I believe that this huge overreach will ultimately bring down the imperialist grand game plan. But the cost to people living in the region is immeasurable, especially when contrasted with the studied indifference of the West to this unspeakable and barbaric invasion. How appalling there is nothing going on here in response.


I hope youre right, NDPP. My hope for the future is that today's drang nachers are not positioning their militaries in Asia for a possible WW III at this time of unprecedented collapse of capitalist economies.


Pakistan objects to U.S. expansion in Afghan war.


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