Let Pride Toronto know that you support Queers Against Israeli Apartheid marching in Toronto Pride

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Yes, I think people are already aware that you're a liar.  Let's move on.


I find it interesting that some Babblers are able to attack other Babblers like this. I thought it wasn't permitted. People who resort to vile name-calling can be judged on their own. I have told the truth and you wish to simply change the subject to me. I understand that when you seem lost that's a good defence. So it is.


I am sorry i missed the excitement at the pride parade :-). I am sure both sides did their best to get their message out. what better example of canadian society then to have to differing views at the same parade in mostly peace and harmony


only in Canada eh


Fake Jewish Tolerance Vs Vile Israeli Aggression


"How many times have we heard about Islam, Muslims and Arabs being slammed for being reactionary on Gay Rights? The Jewish state, in spite of its relentless effort to prove otherwise, is one of the least tolerant places on this planet.."

Gus Williams

This comment above by NoDifference is gratuitous bullshit. That one crazed Israeli extremist (do we know his faith?) commits a hate crime is not an indictment against all of Israel...except in the minds of those who so want it to be.

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Israel is an indictment against Israel, is it not?


I hate the words Queer and straight. I also wish these parades didn't often have such a circus theme.

I did an image search for gay on google. Three of the lovely images gracing thefirst page.



Maybe one day when someone thinks of gay this kind of image will be what the media enforces



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Take offense if you want but I hate the image the media seems more than happy to project of the gay community.


What on earth does this have to do with this thread, in any way?  If you have a problem with gay pride parades in general, this is not the thread to go on about it.  Or the web site, really.


Sorry I'm going off on a tangent. I just have an issue with the parades and how flamboyant they usually are. Not all of us wear leather and feathered boa's. Sorry girls an boys.

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Are Queers Against Israeli Apartheid doing anything in support of Ezra Nawi?  Here's a good blog about him from Peter Tatchell in The Independent:



I've just heard about this man's case, and was thinking of starting a thread about him.  Would it be more appropriate to do so in this thread or in International News And Politics?