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Been reading and watching a little bit, here and there.... figured I'd introduce myself.

I'm a recovering small-town Alberta guy, usually found in or around Calgary.... though I'll pop up in Manitoba or Nova Scotia, every once in a while.  Smile

Looking forward to contributing, when and where I can.

Kaspar Hauser



Make yourself at home!



Okay Rake, pick a card and think on it.






I've never met you before, Rake, but I'm going to read your mind now and see the playing card youre thinkin' aboot.







Oh ya, keep scrolling down, and I'll REMOVE YOUR CARD from the set







Concentrate on the card and, hey, how about those Oilers?







Abracadabra hocuspocus







Abracapocus Hocuscadabra

































































 Le voila! Where's your card, Rake?



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Wow, that IS magic.

I accidentally thought of ALL FIVE cards, and you removed all five of them!

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Is there a chat here, or just blogs?  Blogs are not that fun, just someone ranting on and on.  I would imaginine there have got to be a quadzillion blogs now.

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There are forum discussions going  at babble and there are blogs linked to the front page of rabble


Interesting name you got there.


Good one Fidel. & welcome Rake!


(and good catch Snert. ;p )