What Are You Listening To? (Rexdale Edition lol)

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What Are You Listening To? (Rexdale Edition lol)

im bumpin styles p and some slaughterhouse right now still


Styles P - 2 Gunz up



Slaughterhouse ft. Styles P - All We Need (a real real tracc LISTEN TO THIS DAM)

Honestly if you listen to the lyrics from this song it basically adresses most of the issues the hood has str8 up in a way where they aint glorifying it but just putting it out there cuz


Green Grouch

Hey R_P. Gotta admit Slaughterhouse was a bit much for me @ Rock the Bells. Need to learn a lot more about MOP though. Would also give a lot to see KRS One live again. Hoo-ee!

I'd *like* to be listening to new one dropped by DAM (Da Arabian MCs) str8 out o' the OPT. Hoping they will be able to tour NA again in 2010. The documentary featuring them is worth every minute: http://slingshothiphop.com

Am listening to Talib's EarDrum now.

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trus Styles p Is crazy


so listen to favorite drug for da ladies


a real one is htis '

Styles P - Im Black



I'm listening to  The Blind Boys of Alabama, Down in New Orleans.

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"Stand by me"- Grandpa Elliot  and Playing for Change



For the drive in this morning I grabbed The Allman Brothers "Eat A Peach", but ended up listening to Ottorino Respighi on the radio instead.


R_P, we are truely of a different demographic.

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For about three weeks, nothing but Massive Attack.

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I saw Art Brut last night. They made me feel like a teenager again, with nothing resembling nostalgia involved:

Art Brut - Good Weekend


Snert wrote:

For about three weeks, nothing but Massive Attack.

Wow. Holy flashback. I haven't listened to massive attack in years.

Right now? Sophie Milman, Chris Botti, and Rene Olstead.


Martha Wainwright is currently singing to me.


John Coltrane, Giant Steps

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lol everything after my post I dont know who the fucc it is except I heard the name john coltrane before.


Yall are weird Tongue out


the 'i'm not there' soundtrack for the way in...I like it better when other people sing Dylan.

The way home will probably be Dilated Peoples.




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Styles P - Favorite Drug


I wanna be fuccing to that song now lol


Well now there's something we can agree on, my friend.  (except I'd turn the sound off)

Bookish Agrarian

Bit of a switch up but I have been listening "To Say Nothing of the Dog" by Connie Willis while I worked on the tractor this afternoon. 

I need some music so I am loading some Roxy Music on my MP3 player.  I will listen to it while working and sweating my behind off in the field until at least sundown and pretend I am really at the beach with the tunes blaring.

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oldgoat wrote:

Well now there's something we can agree on, my friend.  (except I'd turn the sound off)


how would u be beating it to the music if u turned the sound off?




My oldest son has been working his way through my Miles Davis collection.


today was Damian "Junior Gong" Marley. 


K-Os, I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman:





Papal Bull

I'm listening to the Gwar album "Carnival of Chaos"


I like revisiting my high school music picks from time to time. Next up is a little bit of Therion's "Ziriuz B"

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Farmpunk wrote:

K-Os, I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman:





Damian n K-os the only ones I recognize but I never really listened to K-os that tracc is ok but real talkz recently I been moving away from listening to ppl like K'naan, Immortal Tech, K-OS, etc


I been gettin grimy with the circumstances lol (dont be askin for details nigga lol)


but thats ok


this wus craccin tho


Rexdale All Day Cuz


Doomztown, Stovetop, O-Blocc, H-Blocc, MO, KP, Pharcyde, Westmore, JG, Panorama, Lightwood, T-ridge n all dem other Rex Bloccz wit the tecz hot u know fucc all these ppl on here saying im encouraging violence, perpetuating stereotypes etc.


Im me. As a white person you judged, criticized for U. Me Im supposed to be reppin my whole kind, and be some "role model" shit so white people think better? Fucc that lol


If you cant accept it dont I could care less Feel me?


Tha Squad - We Need More



well well well

check this out


It is a "docu-music-video" of Detroit MC Invincible’s song People Not Places. Kabobfest calls it the "greatest hip hop song for Palestine ever.

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itz aii she's palestinian though? I thought she was white lol

(proly is they had mad slaves still proly do google that shit they estimated 20% of saudi arabia's populaton could be slaves and when the qatari royalty visted the queen of my enemy they brought slaves along too still cuz).


but Im embarking on you could say a project I got bare shit now n Ima go through it like I got a huge list of artists and u know at the end (since Im not gonna actually approach like a project bumping traccs should never be a chore) this could take a long ass time but you know itz gonna be crazy. 


An artist who fucc it this chris roccz words ""Everything Biggie did, everything 'Pac did, everything Jay-Z does was originally done on the first Scarface album. Biggie kills himself at the end of his first record; well, Scarface did it three years earlier. He was the first guy to do his rhymes in the first person about robbing people and drug dealing; he was the first guy to really talk about being depressed and being institutionalized, and how his mama is scared of him. He is the most underrated rapper of all time and absolutely in the top three. You cannot get to four without mentioning Scarface. Any rapper knows that.


he IS the most underrated rapper period out the old school niggas like WC and a bunch of other LA based cats who ima checc out after are on the DL but, Scarface had such a big impact but nobody mentions him anymore you have people saying how Lil Wayne or Jay-Z are the best alive when he breathing and bare other people are u know.


He may not have the best sounds (best productions goes to the worst artists lol), best flow even but when it comes down to actually being a real ass song nobody is realer then Scarface.


Maybe because in the hood all the other shit we listen to (not concious but gangsta rap etc) is just because we bangin ye but in the end there's those moments where we realize like this what our ppl gonna be doing they whole lives and we try to forget it u know Scarface just keep itz real to the point where you cant even call his songs depressing or nothing because itz just that objective my nigga is just putting out what you feel. The hood is poor but you still love it you dont know why maybe because you dont have anything else but still you know.


Go listen to songs like Gangstas Dont Live that Long, My Blocc, Mary Jane, I seen A Man die


I aint even listened to most of his shit yet.


And honestly I dont want nobody replying with bullshit over what I said just now about the hood and coming on here saying o but you said this before, or why you guys like that.


Ill give you the answer now that I will later.

Fucc You and Fucc Off.


Dont get it twisted there's actually knowing it and talking about it/genuinly wanting to know then there's making fun of it. that aint ok


edit - and lol I probably gave a bad explanation for the scarface thing but if you feel me then you would know what I said anyway so it doenst matter lol

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this was rated in the top 20 hiphop songs of all time


Geto Boyz (Scarface Spitting) - Mind Playing Triccs On Me

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KutXyPEEbQs (Music Video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MovzrgNN-M (Radio version higher quality audio real version not no clean bullshit lol)


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Fucc it I cant speak better then this

Scarface - On my Blocc

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and u gotta have melle mel on the message on any thread about hood hop



Rexdale, I get what you're saying in that long post about Scarface.  And I appreciate you posting about why you like certain artists that perhaps other babblers might not "get". 

But the end of your post, where you tell everyone in advance to "fucc off and fucc you" is way out of line, and you should know that by now.  So cut it out.


Tswana and Sotho Voices

Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho- 151,57,59.


Princo Nico Mbarga - great 1970s highlife from Nigeria.

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Michelle wrote:

Rexdale, I get what you're saying in that long post about Scarface.  And I appreciate you posting about why you like certain artists that perhaps other babblers might not "get". 

But the end of your post, where you tell everyone in advance to "fucc off and fucc you" is way out of line, and you should know that by now.  So cut it out.

Im not saying it to everyone Im saying it to anyone who gonna come in and say stupid shit and make a moccery of hiphop/the hood Im saying that before I would argue with them, etc now I dont even wanna deal with it. It aint directed at anybody who posted in this thread so far or very many people at babble but somebody does sometimes come along and say shit and thats why I said that shit in advance esp because me saying it but not directing it at nobody is better then some big ass fight or argument on this shit so u know.


me first and the gimmie gimmies for my afternoon cardio session.  It's like a sped up road trip with my old man...lol.

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O and this is the new big pun


Gift Of Gab - Evolution (he starts at like 30 seconds ur speakers aint broken lol)



Papal Bull

Rexdale_Punjabi wrote:

O and this is the new big pun


Gift Of Gab - Evolution (he starts at like 30 seconds ur speakers aint broken lol)




blackaliscious is awesome, but not new.  ug hip hop is where it's at.  so many amazing lyricists. 

Yo, R_P you like Dilated Peoples?



This morning I was listening to our eldest son sing Woody Guthrie songs as recorded by Billy Bragg and Wilco on Mermaid Avenue.


I've been listening to Sophia, (the German band, not to be confused with the Japanese band - also quite good).

The clip below is from Sophia, the Japanese band:


The German band video for Oh My Love:


Sophia used to be The God Machine until the lead singer killed himself, then Sophia was formed as a tribute to the late singer. Most amazing music sad, sad, sad...

The much much heavier God Machine:


Sophia - I Left You (Live) - warning, songs are emotionally scarring due to their lyrics and executional beauty - may make you cry.







I went to see Dweezil Zappa a couple of nights ago.  I've been listening to "Bongo Fury" quite a bit since then.


Big Joe Williams, Baby Please Don't Go


Prince...Kiss it's on my 101 hits of the 80s compilation. lol.


The 80's had hits. I always think of it as the dead age of music. Wink

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80's music seems to weird for me lol any genre only 80's song I kinda like is the message and event then.. (even really early hiphop like 91 or 92 where they had weird funk is wacc mid 90z to early 2000z is dat shit)


Scarface is the truth cuzzz one of the best song ever period


Scarface ft. Ice Cube - Hand of the Dead Body (gangstas dont live that long)



The Beautiful Ones by the Brandford Marslis Trio

I was listening to From the Plantation to the Penetentiary by Wynton Marsalis last night.

Papal Bull

GOTO80 OCH SKUGGAN - TV spels musik




I've been following chiptunes music for about a year now, but when I saw this video I believe that I saw the very essense of brilliance. It takes place on a talent search television program in Sweden that is judged by children. Note the awkward glance one of the young girls gives the camera before diverting her gaze.


Listening to a compilation of Nina Simone and Billie Holiday called Troubled Souls.


Idly Grass 2 Yuk Sung and David Brundage in collaboration. 

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Scarface ft. The Product & Z-Ro - A Soliders STory (off his last album emeritus)



hookz too real cuzz


The streets always been my daddy
And mommy is the county jail
I'm a soldier and I'm about my mil
If I get busted I'm not about to tell
Because I'm a gangster
The streets always been my daddy
And mommy is the county jail
I'm a solider and I'm about my mail
I ain't trying to do right because I'm already living in hell
Because I'm a gangster


u really gonna argue wit dis tru ass verse? lol product holds it down

The gas prices are too high
Pay raises too low
I'm better off in the game flippin kicks like Judo
Or out somewhere pimpin getting money by the two hoes
That's why I'm in the lab with The Product spittin new flows
Feds watchin my hood entirely too much gunplay
Neighborhood basketball star slained last Monday
Raided the neighborhood kingpin last Tuesday
If this was going on in your neighborhood what would you say?
Given the opportunity to tell it to the masses
Low and middles class still carrying bus passes
Young girls giving birth before they hit the 9th grade
About to be a mom and can't even make Kool-Aid
Who made this crack anyway?
Told this about this herron
Sold us to alcohol and the guns that we care-on


actually all 3 verses are mad real still

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Mononc' Serge, Les Cowboys Fringants, Les Trois Accords, Les Colocs, Aut'chose et Plume Latraverse. 

Laissez les bons temps roullent....

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P (formerly Uncle Phil) ft. Bonez - Look Bacc

Rexdale Traccs Im putting up real traccs Rex is at war nigga


then agen lol "If u aint fuccin with the hood dont listen to our music" - Tizz




but here it is anyway lol

High rolla dreams wit our soda cream/
Cudnt buy me a big 50 inch flat screen/

Whip that's mean, a whip that's clean/
Driva shotty, n a stoley the fedz pass me/

I kept it real to street, only came out for eatz/
Lay bout the street business how much u need/

N I kicc in the door wit the k out n cleat/
Lay out the treatz have ya blazed out ya seat/

We kep hustlin, now look at us, some cakin legit/
N some cookin up, I dress to impress, crush sess in my palms/

Im not tryna trip out man im tryna get calm/

my nigga P


k'naan - so great

current favourite: 15 minutes away





This is what I recently loaded into my MP3 player for the bike ride to and from work:

Hot Rats

Weasels Ripped My Flesh

The Grand Wazoo

Roxy & Elsewhere

Zappa in New York

Shut Up and Play Your Guitar