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Rajapaksa moves to consolidate his power


At UN, ICC's Map of Crimes Includes Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Zimbabwe, Unacted On by Victors' Justice


The Satanic Force (The Heinous Crime of Indian Peace Keeping - Volume 1) was published by the LTTE after they were able to document the IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) episode in the Tamil Liberation struggle. It contains articles by Indian, Sri Lankan and Western journalists; reports, commentaries, affidavits from survivors who have experienced the brutality of the Indian Army when India decided to crush the Tamil people's call for independence (and refused to bow to India's geo-political agenda) from Sri Lanka and much more.

Volume 1 Part 1:
Volume 1 Part 2:
Volume 1 Part 3:


Download (PDF Zipped):
Volume 1 Part 1:
Volume 1 Part 2:
Volume 1 Part 3:


Volume 1 Part 1:
Volume 1 Part 2:
Volume 1 Part 3:


UN patience wears thin in S Lanka


JVP silent on emergency voting

Western inaction the building blocks of Chinese vassal state - Former Australian Diplomat

Sri Lankan court frees Tiger officials on bail

UN extremely concerned over detention of staff members in Sri Lanka

Nearly 10,000 Sri Lanka war refugees go home


Sri Lanka's top envoy hits out at EU as cut in £1bn trade concession looms

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Western inaction the building blocks of Chinese vassal state - Former Australian Diplomat


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Counting the human cost of Sri Lanka's conflict

Fears for safety of UN official

The Sri Lankan media war continues


United Nations Calls for Faster Resettlement of War Refugees in Sri Lanka

Video Report: Sri Lanka steps up death video rebuttal


Sri Lanka steps up death video rebuttal

BBC Radio Report and Interview with Professor Rajiva Wijesinha, of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights


Photographs of Tamils with ‘dog-tag' imprisoned at undisclosed torture camps in Sri Lanka


Interview by Channel 4 (Video and Transcript): Prof Rajiva Wijesinha, of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights

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Nobody can possibly read all the links posted above.

To get a picture of the current situation in brief, [url=]this article[/url] will suffice.

Here's an excerpt:

A humanitarian catastrophe has been escalating over the last three months in the internment camps in which 285,000 Tamil civilians have been imprisoned in the north of Sri Lanka.

Even some liberal Western media outlets have begun referring to these camps - heavily guarded by the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) and ringed by razor wire - by their accurate name: concentration camps. The already disastrous conditions for the camps' prisoners, which include around 55,000 children, are being exacerbated by heavy rains causing major flooding.

The Sri Lankan government launched a brutal offensive against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) at the start of 2008. The LTTE had been fighting for an independent state for the oppressed Tamil people in the north-east of the island.

Between January and May this year, more than 30,000 Tamils were killed. In May, the government declared victory in its 26-year long war against the LTTE.

Tamil refugees displaced by the war have been rounded up and held against their will in about 30 government-run camps in the north.

The government said the internees would be held until they were "screened" for links to the LTTE. It pledged to release 80% of those detained by the end of the year.

But since May, only 10,000 refugees have been released. Sri Lanka's foreign secretary publicly stated that he believed all Tamils are "with" the LTTE - "at least mentally".

Rights agencies have reported food, water and medicine shortages, and resulting malnourishment, among internees. Tamil sources have reported deaths from starvation in the camps.

There have been widespread allegations of the systematic rape and sexual abuse of Tamil women and children. There are also reports of beatings, disappearances and executions of Tamils suspected of supporting the LTTE.

More than 10,000 Tamils, who the government claims are LTTE members, have been removed from the camps and imprisoned incommunicado in secret locations without access to the outside world - or to the rights recognised under international law of prisoners of war.


IT was easy to predict that the tamils would be culturally killed and physically broken down

This world is very transparent

Bottom line, is the only people that get heard in this world is the Majority Populations, for example the christians and muslims. Already some (4 were killed)muslims are complaining about the Sri Lankan army and already they are getting more world support and media attnteion than tamils of hindu/christian religion where more than 100,000 were killed in past years

The only logical realistic people that could of helped Tamils was India, but India is too pseudo seculor to help tamils. INDIA is obviously a messed up nation for various reasons- They only help communities that they fear and need to appease. India isnt afraid if small tamil backlash since they know historically that they are peaceful and will not fight a battle for hundreds of years and wont produce new generations with similar ideology. Its a 1 gereration war, not a infinite war. Whereas you will see if the future years the clear bias of india...if muslims start a civil war in SL, India will either help the muslim minority or NOT get INVOLVED just like afghanistan to appease the islamofascists. Which would CLEARLY SHOW THE BIAS and fear India has as it assisted Sri Lanka fight the Tamils

Reading these posts, i realize 90% of the people on here dont know much about this isssue of the tamil tigers and sinhalese history and why things happened as they did. You cant understand the South Asian politics and actions by reading in a week, you have to understand the minority cultures, religions , economic strengths and historic repetitive occurences.


in short, the tamil situation is actually one of the only real occurences of genocide in this world not based on religion

most genocides in this world (as called by the media) are either religious based or not real genocides but civil wars. For example Tamil population decreased every year for last 30 years. Where as many so called genocides population doubled in 30 years which is insane


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