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Pride for Red D...

I am part of an organic food box programe, and have just gotten way too many carrots . I have 2 grocery store size plastic bag fulls. What can I do with them ?


I'm sure your local food bank would be happy to have them.  Failing that, perhaps a shelter?


Or....pickled carrosts?   

(for the "Big Snit" fans)


If you have the time and inclination it might be fun to try different things like carrot desserts, carrot soups or stews.

Carrot cake can be good and carrots are sometimes combined with fruits for preserves, jams, sauces. What about carrot pie? it could be either mixed with fruit and sweetener, or with other vegetables and spices, maybe meat.  Chicken carrot pie?

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freeze em.

make carrot slaw with curry and raisins

make a vegitarian tomatoe sauce with carrots grated into it and freeze it.

juice em



Won't carrots keep a long time in a cool dark place?   


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Do you have a blender or better yet, a hand mixer PfRD? If not, carrot soup with some pungent, savory seed like coriander or cumin, can be very tasty. Just fry an onion in butter, throw in the seeds for a minute and add blanched carrots. Blend when carrots are soft. It will take two or three carrots at a time. Easy!

Carrot cake is delicious, but will only take one, maybe one and a half carrots. But it's a tasty treat!

Other options are throwing a carrot into a potato mash or a latke, a stir fry, and coleslaw. I certainly sympathize: but with me, the problem was always potatoes. How can one man eat so many GD potatoes?


Mashed carrot and turnip.  

I have to confess his wasn't my favorite as a kid, but now that I'm older I kinda like it.  It's not something that I rave about, or look forward too, but it's hearty, and as a left over can be fried up in a skillet with other things, like left over turkey, or ham.  Probably good with about anything.

I suppose you can add different spices to it too.  My mother, being English, viewed spices suspiciously.   But, now that I think about it, I bet mashed carrot and turnip would be good with garum masala.


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Cut them up and freeze them.  Put them in the root cellar (I know someone who kept them in sand).  Make Carrot Pudding and keep it in sealed Mason jars.