Shame on Suzanne Somers

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M Spector said,

"And the kicker is that this guy Leonard Horowitz, who made the video In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism from which that excerpt with Hilleman was taken, doesn't even agree with Tigana's theory that AIDS came to America from vaccines!"


No,  Shorter and Hilleman said that AIDS came from the monkeys that Merck used to create a vaccine.

I have no interest in Horowitz in this matter. 

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Trevor, as you yourself have made clear,  conspiracy theories are your hobby. To adapt your phrase,

"Anything that suits the goal of the conspiracy theorIST is all that matters." 

"It is also an issue when people don't have the basic knowledge of biology to know that almost all viruses are specific to a host species and have evolved that way so they are very unlikely infect other species."

Do you have knowledge of biology and science, Trevor, or is this just a nice outing on your hobby horse?

M Spector quotes Tigana, 

"Edward Shorter, a professor at the University of Toronto, made this tape. There is no reason to believe that Shorter faked it or that the Merck researcher lied. ...We can ask Edward Shorter why he was laughing. But I can tell you that he has gained a reputation amongst those who serve in the Armed Forces and with those who have MCS, FM and CFS patients as a mocker and denigrator."

M Spector states, 

"So, one minute you're trading on the authority of Edward Shorter to give credence to your absurd assertions, and the next minute you're denouncing him as a mocker and denigrator. Can we at least expect some kind of consistency in your rants?"

I am not trading on Shorter's authority; in fact I would like to question him closely. I am surprised that you do not understand that there is no contradiction in stating that a Shorter is a professor and disliked for certain traits. 

The only ranting going on is by you. 





Closing this for length.  Can I please remind people to stop attacking each other when discussing this.