Arundhati Roy eviscerates India's fake democracy

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Arundhati Roy eviscerates India's fake democracy

Arundhati Roy asks "What is wrong with Indian "democracy" ? and shows why capitalist "democracy" ... isn't democratic. It is the emptying out of democracy, the dismantlement of democracy, by the rich, from the bottom. The daily injustice ... [includes] "more than a million people earning their living by carrying other people's shit on their head." This is the real face of capitalist "liberalism" in India.

Interview with Arundhati Roy


She could be talking about Canada too, does not seen all that different.

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Realistically, a million people in India would be carrying shit on their heads for quite a while under any system. Sewage systems don't build themselves spontaneously upon adoption of the right political or economic system - not that capitalists don't get in trouble this way too.

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Nonsense. And, more to the point, there's no logical connection between such an onerous task for a million people and socially ostracizing them as "untouchables".

Nice try. 1 out of 10.