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Fidel, 'Gladio' is available to watch online in 3 one-hour videos online; Allan Francovitch, who made them for the BBC, and who also made 'The Maltese Double Cross' about the serious flaws in official narrative of Lockerbie, and another about the CIA, died at Houston Airport of a 'heart attack' whilst visiting the States; reminds me of the 'problem' Congressman whose plane crashed (with apparently 'fried' electrics, the woman who was sueing the Government over 9/11, and the plane she was on crashed two days after she had a meeting with 'Uncle Tom' Obomba, and of course JFK Jr (search 'JFK Jr + assassination + video') whose plane 'inexplicably' crashed. The woman GI who is sueing over the Pentagon attack is so far still alive.

Jas, two videos about wives of Tower victims available to watch online are '911: Press for Truth' and 'In Their Own Words' (both about the 'Jersey Girls').


Thanks Outsider. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG2Bx8gA-_M&NR=1]Gladio[/url] Part 1 of 5 BBC (youtube)

It's no wonder the jackals want to gut the BBC and pawn it off.


Pleasure, Fidel.

I tried to send the Google links, but apparently you can't post links into this forum; so if you search '9/11, The Bigger Picture & The Quest  For Truth', then go to'multimedia' in the forums, then scroll down to 'Three must-see documentaries and two video clips', then go to page 6, then scroll down to my post where I list a whole mess of very good sites, including 'Gladio'.

The second of the 'Gladio' sites has all three episodes, but only No.2 seems to play, but 1 & 3 play on the other sites.

These are better then the U-Tube, because the whole episode plays in one hit.

Any probs, let me know.



outsider wrote:
Larry Silverstein (not exactly a Muslim Fundamentalist name) started negotiating a 99 year lease on the whole World Trade Centre Complex (the Twins had been built in the early seventies; they had never been sold, and had never made money. Perhaps more to the point, they were riddled with asbestos; the Port Authority had assessed the cost of either remoooooving the asbestos, or demolishing the Towers; both options were too expensive (the normal way high-rise building are demolished is with explosives, but it is forbidden to use explosives on buildings containing asbestos). Silverstein signed the agreement about six weeks before 9/11. He paid $3.5 billion, and insured for $4.2 billion; he also, presciently, had two clauses included in the insurance, cover in case of terrorist attacks, and if the buildings were destroyed, he would have the right to rebuild on the site. Ah, lucky Larry! He made a killing, in more ways than one.

Thanks for the ethno-financial deconstruction of 9/11, outsider!


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