Welcome to the deceitful world of the GOP

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Welcome to the deceitful world of the GOP



This is their gameplan, and we can expect to see these tactics right through each and every day till the next election.
Hoekstra: Brennan Never Told Me The FBI Mirandizes People In Its Custody!


"We weren't told that he was going to be read his Miranda rights," Hoekstra said.

Yesterday on Meet The Press Brennan said that when he briefed top Republicans on Christmas Day, none of them raised any objections to holding Abdulmutallab in FBI custody.

"They knew that 'in FBI custody' means that there's a process then you follow as far as Mirandizing and presenting him in front of a magistrate," said Brennan.

Today on Fox News, Hoekstra countered that he couldn't possibly have known that "in FBI custody" meant Abdulmutallab would be read his Miranda rights, since he is not an attorney and Brennan did not "get into any kind of details."

Referring to Brennan's comments yesterday, Hoekstra said: "He said 'they should have known, they understand what happens when I say that he's in custody,' and it's kind of like, no, all of those options were still open when we talked that night, but he didn't take us through that."

He continued: "I know he didn't take us through that because I'm not an attorney. If he had said, 'Congressman, we're going to put him through the civilian courts, we're going to Mirandize him,'" then "I would have called my attorneys on the intel committee and other attorneys and said, 'Hey, what are our options, what's the best way to move forward?' We never had the discussion that he outlined."

When asked if he had actually objected to the possibility of Abdulmutallab being read his Miranda rights, Hoekstra finished strong: "We weren't told that he was going to be read his Miranda rights! The comment was, 'He's in custody,' and its kinda like, 'Well thanks, John. I knew that.'"