Whither Harper's allies?

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Whither Harper's allies?

I've noticed increased criticism of the Harper government from none other than the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation in the last few months. I was wondering, if even the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation is becoming ever more critical of the Harper government, does it really have many allies, or are we about to witness a repeat of what happened after Mulrony's Conservatives, with the right falling apart into separate camps?

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It's possible...I watched Craig Oliver on Power Play on Friday and he felt that the Harper Conservatives might be beginning to show cracks with little issues that on their own add up to nothing,but over the long haul,is like death by a thousand cuts.


Tha Canadian Taxpayers Federation has been critical about the Harper gov't spending for awhile.That's not shocking considering the CTF's ethos.

The seperate camp issue might be one to look for,not with Hrper himself,but with whoever leads that party after him.I get the feeling if it is someone such as Peter Mackay(assuming he survives the Aghan Detainee issue) it might infuriate some of the hardcore Western Reformers...Western alienation/Eastern bias blah blah blah...Add to that the rise in popularity of the Wild Rose Alliance Party in Alberta and next years budget,which will be a tough one,I could see some sort of split happening.It would be political suicide for right and it won't necessarily help the left either.We might end up with more phony Liberal majorities and conservativism with a smile.

George Victor

The Conservative Party of Canada continues to build a political machine in anticipation of having to function in tough economic times. The notion that it is vulnerable to factional breakup is pure wishful thinking.