NIST 9/11 Sussudio-science?- Truth deniers v Isaac Newton III

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Who is Torin Wolf for JREF?  It says he is a US Army combat nurse.

And why are we referencing James Randi and his groupees? Randi's a climate change denialist and 9/11 truth-denier all rolled into one.

 James Randi's a whacko.

Actually, you can fly in as many planes as you like in the tops of WTC 1 and 2 but the bottoms of WTC 1 and 2 will not be crushed down by the tops ever! Structures like WTC 1 and 2 cannot collapse from top down! To destroy a structure you have to do it from bottom up (controlled demolition) or step by step applying energy locally.  - Anders Bjorkman


“Because the 9/11 attacks became the excuse for myriad disastrous changes in U.S. foreign and domestic policy, unraveling the true history of those events is the paramount exigency of our times. By virtue of pointing out an astonishing number of irreconcilable contradictions in the official story of 9/11, David Ray Griffin’s 9/11 Contradictions is a must read, not only for the Congress and the press, but also for any American concerned about the truth, because those contradictions suggest that we have not yet been told the truth about 9/11.” --- David L. Griscom, research physicist, Fellow of the American Physical Society, retired from the Naval Research Laboratory


HeywoodFloyd wrote:

So then why do you go on about footprints at all?

Why not go on about footprints?  I may even go off about footprints.  Why not?  This is a discussion, and sometimes a shouting match, and sometimes a shouting down match.  I think that this is a lively discussion.  Many of the comments and links on this ongoing thread are very interesting given what we don't really know.

HeywoodFloyd wrote:

Does it matter where they collapsed if you believe that they shouldn't have collapsed at all?

I don't believe in the official conspiracy theory.  And, I didn't say "shouldn't have collapsed."  Shit happened.  What happened?  What happened to make the three towers do what they did?  What happened to the internal steel core structures?  Why does 911 look like a self-inflicted staged event?

911 was almost ten years ago.


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Holy shit.

This is the third (recent) thread on this. And degenerating into slags and insults seems to be the way these threads go.



Fidel, you've been warned, and briefly suspended in the past, for that seig heil bullshit. Don't do it, EVER. Am I getting through to you? 

I'm now going to make the oddest request that I've ever made (so far) in the history of my moderating babble. I ask that anyone interested in this topic wait one week before starting any new thread related to this topic/issue/dead horse. This is a request, not a demand. Let's just think of this a an exercise in restraint and an attempt to bring this unresolvable conflict to at least a place where slightly cooler minds prevail. Please note, this is an attempt to do so.

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