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Satisfaction - that's what Israeli faces radiate, at least as observed by people who just came out of Ramallah or Gaza and watch Jerusalem's busy Ben-Yehuda Street, the Ramat Aviv Mall or Ben-Gurion International Airport.

To the Israelis, nothing exists beyond the moment. It's just like the smugness exhibited by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his private playing field, the AIPAC conference. Have our diplomats been expelled? Is the American administration angry? We'll bow our heads for a moment, the storm will pass, and we'll be accepted into the honorable club of the OECD. The main thing is that Israel's obstinate policy of separation has succeeded and that two adversarial Palestinian entities has been created.

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Omar A'laa al-Din, 25, of the West Bank village Ma'sara, was released from prison two days ago. On Thursday, 10 days after a run-in with the Border Police, bruises are clearly visible on his back and leg. He has trouble walking and sitting, and his eyesight has been impaired from blows to his head, he says.



Palestine's Political Prisoners

"As of January 2009, Adalah said about 22,500 individuals were imprisoned or detained in Insraeli prisons aned 70% (or15,750 are) Arabs. Included are 9,735 Palestinians, nearly 80% classified as 'security'. Currently Israeli cecurity forces, politicians and extremist groups are targeting human rights groups in response to their support for the Goldstone Commission Report..

In West Bank Childhood is Cut Short - Its the Law

"In the West Bank, there is a two-tiered system of justice, including for minors. For settler children, justice is administered according to Israeli domestic law, with all the due process protection that affords. For Palestinian chldren, military law applies, and that pretty much means due process and the tenderness of their years, is irrelevent. Arrests of children have been increasing.."

This is Israeli APARTHEID Justice

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On The Road To Canossa


IN JANUARY 1077, King Henry IV walked to Canossa. He crossed the snow-covered Alps barefoot, wearing a penitent monk's hair shirt, and reached the North-Italian fortress in which the Vicar of God had found refuge.

Pope Gregory VII had excommunicated him after a conflict over the right to invest bishops throughout the German Reich. The excommunication endangered the position of the king, and he decided to do everything possible to get it lifted.


[url= Hamadeh – Palestine 2030, A Literary View into the Future of Palestine[/url]

The following eleven voices from different countries show views on Palestine after the breakdown of Zionism, written in 2030, three years after the State of Israel had collapsed.

4. Theodor Madden: "By the time Israel fell apart I worked in the US Foreign Office. They were difficult years ever since it came out that 9/11 was an inside job, orchestrated by parts of our own government. You remember the conspiracy theory according to which Islamic terrorists did the job. When the voices of architects and firemen got louder, asking how three buildings could collapse like that against all laws of physics, the pressure got really hard. Then there were many other unsolved questions, e.g. about the much too small hole in the Pentagon building, the lack of remains, the suspicious drills, strange facts about the so-called terrorists and so on...



New York City lost to the Leafs tonight too.  That Kaberle goal, with three minutes left in the third, defied the laws of physics.


Obviously the gladios were behind the Leafs' victory.


By the Maps: Understanding Israel's Increasing Grip on Jerusalem:

"a video briefing explaining Israel's continued and expanding grip on Jerusalem since the occupation began in 1967"

Israeli Troops Release Community Organizer After Detention/Torture

"The Israeli military released Omer Aladdin from the village of Al Massara near Bethlehem. Aladdin is involved with non-violent anti-wall protests

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Banks in the Gaza Strip closed their doors yesterday to protest the Hamas police raid of one branch and the confiscation of NIS 1 million from a frozen account.

On Monday, Hamas armed security personnel entered the branch of the Palestine Bank located in the Gaza City neighborhood of Rimal, demanding that the funds from the frozen account be produced. The branch was subsequently closed and the banks in the Strip heeded the call of the Palestinian Monetary Authority to protest the move by declaring a day of strike.
Gaza banks close their doors to protest Hamas raid

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There is a certain number I intentionally don't answer when it appears on my phone. I'll take five deep breaths and then call back. Sometimes I'll even wait two or three days before returning a call from Zeinat Samuni. This is because I know the topic will be her 11-year-old daughter Amal, and the six or seven slivers of shrapnel in her head. Something new always comes up during every conversation about Amal. Each conversation about Amal, with her clear face and pensive eyes, always remains suspended in my thoughts like a sack full of stones.

Amal Samuni and the seven slivers of shrapnel

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"Hold Me Back!"


"HOLD ME back!" is a part of Israeli folklore. It reminds us of our childhood.

When a boy has a scuffle with a bigger and stronger boy, he pretends that he is going to attack him any moment and shouts to the spectators: "Hold me back, or I am going to kill him!"

Israel is now in such a situation. We pretend that we are going to attack Iran at any moment and shout to the entire world: "Hold us back or..."

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Senior Fatah officials demonstrated alongside hundreds of Palestinians and left-wing activists at the Bitunia crossing yesterday against the arrest of Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki earlier in the week.

PA ministers take to the streets, join popular anti-Israel demonstrations

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Israeli authorities on Thursday deported three Swedish citizens who arrived in the country earlier that day in a delegation of seven young people with Jewish and Palestinian roots.

Two of the three women were born in Sweden to Palestinian parents. The third was born in Syria, but immigrated to Sweden at a young age and has never been in either the Occupied Palestinian Territories or in Israel before.


Israel deports three Swedish activists with Palestinian roots

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Three U.S. pilgrims denied entry into Israel over links to African refugee

Three Christian pilgrims - all U.S. citizens in their 30s born in Eritrea or Ethiopia - were expelled from Israel last Thursday, just hours after landing at Ben-Gurion International Airport. The individuals were reportedly denied entry into the country after one of them told Israeli officials she was acquainted with an African refugee, who authorities discovered had not been granted asylum in Israel.

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Israelis really love to hear how good things are in Ramallah. This is the conclusion from talks with the kind of Israelis who don't demonstrate with Palestinians and face teargas, rubber-coated bullets and beatings by Israeli soldiers, and who don't spend hours closely watching what goes on at military courts and checkpoints.

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The Civil Administration is considering allowing the Palestinians to open quarries in Area C. It has long refused such requests to quarry in this huge area, which encompasses about 60 percent of the West Bank and is under Israeli administrative and security control.


Why There are No 'Israelis' in the Jewish state:

"A group of Jews and Arabs are fighting in the Israeli court to be recognized as 'Israelis', a nationality currently denied them, in a case that officials fear may threaten the country's self declared staus as a Jewish state.."

It is almost always a mistake for Indigenous to put such a question before a settler court system in circumstances where that court system cannot possibly have a lawfully founded jurisdiction by virtue of its illegal occupation and usurpation. By attorning to the settler court's system one automatically concedes that the court has jurisdiction to hear the issue, and therefore, by extension,  the state that created it also. As I understand such things . (This is also why the Canadian settler state is constantly offering test case funding to 'First Nation' litigants that bring their unabridged  Indigenous sovereignty under the infested blanket of the Canadian domestic court system instead of seeking through 'universal jurisdiction' to have it decided in an independent, impartial international court (if such can be found), rather than the fixed game of the usurpacious colonizer court system.) "there shall be no alien intervention in the affairs of this state' was how BC NDP AG Ujjal Dosanjh addressed the demand for international adjudication of the illegal occupation by BC and Canada of sovereign, unceded Secwepemc  jurisdiction - during the Gustafsen standoff in 1995

* just noticed after posting this here that this item now has its own thread.


Israeli Settlement School Fined For Discriminating Against Non-White Jews

"Israeli law and policy has historically created a multi-tiered system based on race, in which Ashkenazi Jews of European origin hold the highest status, followed by Sephardic Jews from North Africa, then Mizraki Jews from Arab countries. Non-Jews are openly discriminated against, and that discrimination is codified in over 50 Israeli laws.."

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The Hamas government in Gaza is expected to order that Palestinians sentenced to death be executed soon, based on comments made in late March by the Hamas interior minister and attorney general.

These people include Palestinians convicted of treason or murder. Eight people convicted of collaborating with Israel are the first slated to be executed.


Israel Seizes Millions of Shekels of Palestinian Tax Revenue

Israel can kill and steal with seeming impunity

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The Big Gamble


I MET Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian Prime Minister, two weeks ago, and was again impressed by the calm and modesty he radiates.

Generally, I meet him at demonstrations, such as those at the Bil'in fence. This time, too, there was no opportunity for more than a perfunctory handshake and a few polite words.

We appeared together at the Land Day event in a small village near Qalqilyah, whose name is known only to a few: Izbat al-Tabib. The village was established in 1920, and the occupation authorities do not recognize its existence. They want to demolish it and transfer its extensive lands to the nearby Alfei Menashe settlement.


Beware the Israeli Alternative to the Two-State Solution

"A new plan has emerged from Israel that realigns the Zionist state from being an aggressive occupier to being a partner with its Arab neighbours..."

The Ghosts of Deir Yassin

"Israel has long played on its 'heroic' beginnings to stir up support for its less than heroic exploits today. The problem is that those heroic beginnings have always been a fiction. Israel's bloody birth and subsquent actions were crimes against humanity which continue to this day.."

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A new military order aimed at preventing infiltration will come into force this week, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, or their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to seven years.

When the order comes into effect, tens of thousands of Palestinians will automatically become criminal offenders liable to be severely punished.

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Ten Israeli human rights organizations sent a letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak yesterday, asking him to rescind two military orders permitting the immediate expulsion from the West Bank of thousands of Palestinians and others defined as "infiltrators" from the West Bank.

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To the credit of the Interior Ministry, it must be said that it is not impressed by big names. The case before us involves a 41-year-old U.S. native whose resume is laced with prestigious institutions like Harvard University and Oxford University, work in the United States regarding labor laws and immigration, and consulting for the greatly respected South African Constitutional Court.

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When Maj. Gen. Gadi Shamni, who was commander of the IDF's units in Judea and Samaria, signed a military order six months ago in which 10 different variations of the Hebrew root for the word "deport" appeared, it seemed neither he or the faceless army jurists who formulated the edict verified which week the order would come into effect. As it turned out, the amended "order to prevent infiltration (into the West Bank)" coincided with the saddest of April's days.

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A Birthday Present


YESTERDAY I went to the health clinic to get a vaccination. It was a pleasant day, sunny but not too hot. The trip to the clinic and back, including the waiting, took just over an hour. During this time, I had the following experiences:

The taxi driver told me that years ago he was living next to Asher Yadlin, the man at the center of a major corruption affair in the 70s, which was uncovered by my magazine, Haolam Hazeh. "How we were shocked then!" he exclaimed, "we did not believe that such a thing was possible! And look what's happening now!" He meant the scandal around the huge Holyland housing project in West Jerusalem, involving a former prime minister, two former mayors and an assortment of business tycoons and senior officials - a bribery affair a hundred times bigger than the Yadlin business.


Imprisoning Palestinian Women

"Since 1967, over 700,000 Palestinians have been incarcerated, including 10,000 women. Daily from 15-20 women, men and children are arrested.."

The Murder of Donkeys and Detained Goats by Israel

"the pictures in the article are of animals detained or killed by IDF and armed squatters who belong to paramilitary death squads organied within the IDF.."

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ISRAEL IS a Zionist State. Everybody knows that.
There is no (Jewish) politician in Israel who misses an opportunity to repeat this.
Last week, when we celebrated the 62nd Independence Day, we were flooded by a deluge of patriotic speeches. Each of the Ciceros, without exception, declared his total commitment to Zionism.
By the way, when it comes to the Zionist character of Israel, there is complete agreement on this between the leaders of Israel and their enemies. The Iranian big-mouth declares at every opportunity his conviction that the "Zionist regime" will disappear. Arabs who refuse to utter the name of Israel speak about the "Zionist entity". Hamas and Hizbullah condemn the "Zionist enemy".
But no one of them - friends and enemies alike - spells out what it means. What makes the state into a "Zionist" one?
In the Name of Zionism

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A Palestinian prisoner from the West Bank was forcibly deported to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, immediately after his release from prison in Israel.

Ahmad Sabah, 39, who was released from Ketziot prison after serving his sentence, was put on a bus to Gaza while his wife, son and other relatives waited for him since the morning hours at the Tarqumiya checkpoint in the West Bank.

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Defining a Palestinian with a Gaza Strip address as a punishable infiltrator if he is found in the West Bank - as implied by a military order that has now gone into effect - is one more link in a chain of steps that Israel has taken, whose cumulative effect is to sever the Strip from Palestinian society as a whole.

Space limitations prevent listing more than a sampling of these measures here. But even looking at them in abridged form can serve as a reminder that one needs to analyze every regulation of the military occupation in the context of its predecessors and their implementation on the ground. Indeed, this is what the legal experts at the organization Hamoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual did when they warned against the ramifications of the new Order No. 1650 regarding Prevention of Infiltration (Amendment No. 2).


So what has the so-called "Israeli peace movement" been up to lately?


Israel's Messianic Terrorists

"Barely a week goes by without news of some act of violence by Jewish settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. By any definition, what settlers and other religious activists do to Palestinians is terrorism.."

Israel's Big and Small Apartheids

"Israel is neither a liberal democracy nor even a 'Jewish and democratic state,' as its supporters claim. It is an apartheid state, not only in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza, but also inside Israel proper.."


Submissive Abbas To Resume Futile Talks with Arrogant Israel

"Weak, desperate and vulnerable to Israeli and western pressure, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has decided to renew what seems to be another futile round of so-called 'peace talks' with Israel.."

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