The Collapse of Journalism/The Journalism of Collapse

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The Collapse of Journalism/The Journalism of Collapse

The Collapse of Journalism/The Journalism of Collapse

"In this essay I want to review the failure of existing systems and suggest ideas for how to think about something radically different.."


I didn't read the whole thing, but I found a quote to comment on:

Here's the story: On March 17, 2051, the world will pump its last easily accessible barrel of usable oil. By that time, cancer directly attributable to human-created toxicity will kill 125 million people per year, while major disruptions in the hydrological cycle will so dramatically reduce the amount of fresh water that 18.9 percent of the human population will die each year as a direct result. On June 14, 2047, exactly half of the area of the world's oceans will be dead zones, incapable of supporting significant marine life. Three and a half years later, topsoil losses will have reached the point where even with petrochemical based fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, yields will drop by 50 percent on the most fertile soil and fall to zero on soil that has effectively gone sterile due to contamination and compaction. But there won't be any petrochemicals anyway, because there won't be any oil. And there won't be enough water. And so there won't be enough food. And getting reliable broadband internet service will be difficult.

The response I often get to this view is the assertion that we need not worry about the physical limits of the planet because human ingenuity will invent increasingly clever ways of exploiting those resources.

This response is called "technological fundamentalism" - the belief that the use of evermore sophisticated high-energy, advanced technology is always a good thing and that any problems caused by the unintended consequences of such technology eventually can be remedied by more technology - is more prevalent, and more dangerous, than religious fundamentalism.

"if the human community does not change that trajectory in substantial ways fairly soon, the future will be grim."

Noah - Religion and Capitalism are the two most embraced tenents of the modern world, and they both appear poised to wipe out life as we know it on planet earth.

Religion and Capitalism also have a following that is mostly "conservative", in that they will fight change. At this point in time change is essential to survival. Therefore, Religion and Capitalism are threats to our survival.



Reporters Without Borders - The 'Evil Guys List'?: Free Journalism in the Service of US Foreign Policy

"Perhaps an organisation sitting as judge of world press freedom ought itself to practice a little more openness and transparency about where its backing originates. Otherwise we might think they have something to hide.."


Supreme Court Journalist Ruling Has Chilling Implications: Shanoff

"So there you have it. No journalist can give a complete guarantee of confidentiality to sources. All dealings with the media carry a risk of disclosure. And Jean Chretien is a victim."

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A story in one Edmonton newspaper and a wrongful dismissal lawsuit by a former political columnist at another have pulled back the veil a little on the mentality that fuels the mainstream media's blockade of stories about the labour movement, liberal political parties and other progressive causes in Canada.

Any observant reader of mainstream newspapers in this era of concentrated media ownership knows that certain stories, for example the many significant activities of organized labour, are consistently underplayed compared with such more acceptable areas of coverage as the plans, proposals and political agendas of major corporations. This is simply a matter of arithmetic -- just compare the column inches devoted to one topic versus the other, or count the number of stories in the business section versus the number of stories in the labour section. (Wait! There is no labour section!)

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Journalism Warning Labels


Contents Not Verified

It seems a bit strange to me that the media carefully warn about and label any content that involves sex, violence or strong language — but there's no similar labelling system for, say, sloppy journalism and other questionable content.

I figured it was time to fix that, so I made some stickers. I've been putting them on copies of the free papers that I find on the London Underground. You might want to as well.



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Those labels are spot on.

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I know! If only there were a cyber equivalent!


You can say that again and  again and again. And again.

Michel Chossudovsky wrote:
Media disinformation in relation to war is categorized as war propaganda, which constitutes a criminal offense under international law.

Robert Kennedy Jr wrote:
There are five multinationals that control all 14000 radio stations in America, all 5000 TV stations, 80% of our newspapers, all of our billboards, and most internet service providers. ... They no longer have an obligation to promote public interest - their only obligation is to their shareholders. ... 80 per cent of investigative news journalists have lost their jobs in the last five years.

It's up to all of us now to seek out the truth. 

The Glasnost is half full. 


This is the real hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners journalism that shows why we have such a fantastic news media.


Barbara Amiel On Dogs Yeah, like we really needed to read more about her marriage.