Arthur Silber: An Evil Monstrosity - Thoughts on the Death State

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Arthur Silber: An Evil Monstrosity - Thoughts on the Death State

An Evil Monstrosity: Thoughts on the Death State

"Please keep in mind the two crucial ideas I mentioned: first--always, always first--profound reverence for the sacred value of a single human life;

and second, the monstrosity that is the United States government today, a government which is unquestionably a Death State in every way that matters, and in numerous ways that diminish the value of your own life each and every day..."

Issues Pages: 

II: A Story For The Children: Making Friends With Evil

"Consider again the nature of the subjects under discussion: the immense evil of torture and Obama's claim that he has the 'right' to assassinate anyone without judicial process or evidence of any kind whatsoever, simply because he says so.

Reread the little story offered above. And then be brave enough finally to state the truth, at least in what should be the sacred space of your own mind:




Here is a note for those of you who write and talk about these issues. If you write on these subjects and if you talk about them regularly on radio and television, and if you do NOT state -- repeatedly, with all the conviction and passion that you can command -- that actions of this kind are insane, monstrous and deeply evil, you are not opposing the monstrousness. You are accommodating it, seeking excuses for it, trying to minimize it--or, to use the phrase I often employ, in my own notes--you are 'making friends with evil.'

If you do this, you are not fighting against the monstrousness. You are a part of it.."


The Monstrousness Is Now Our Life

"Oh my, we've murdered 40 more innocent civilians in Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iraq? [Remember Iraq?] Dear, dear me. Tragic.."


[url= troops executing prisoners in Afghanistan[/url]


Life In The Shadow of Death, And The Power of 'NO'

"The president and his designated agents can order any of you murdered. Just because they feel like it. Just because...they don't need any 'because'. They order you murdered--and you're dead.

Just like that.

If you focus on this fact for several minutes, if you let the nature of the Death State in which you live become fully real,  you'll want to scream too.

It is crucial to appreciate the significance of your ignorance (often self willed), denial and apathy to the monsters who rule us.."


Reflections On A Bestial Culture, Ready and Eager for Slaughter (part 1 of 3)  - by Arthur Silber

"...You may not want to face it -- hell I'd prefer not to have to face it -- but this is a country ready to be led to the slaughterhouse. This story -- and the fact that it has been received with near-universal apathy, which means acceptance -- should terrify you to the very core of your being.."