Why school board elections are important

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Why school board elections are important

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Articles like this show why the decisions of the trustees matter.

I'm posting this because I'm involved with a campaign for Chris Moise to be elected TDSB trustee in Toronto Centre-Rosedale, and I think that the issues involved with TDSB and school boards in general are too important to be overwhelmed by the mayoral and councillor races.

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Are platforms for the TDSB candidates being discussed, anywhere? (Can anyone point to a thread?) Maybe if we got a focused discussion going, it would help in raising the profile of the trustee races (?) especially if the candidates were to participate. Do they sometimes participate in this forum? (It's been a long time since I last visited. I don't usually follow politics.)

Or maybe none of the candidates has posted a platform, yet? I googled for Chris Moise's, but came up with a blank.

Best to all.


Hi Michael,

No, they're not being discussed anywhere on Rabble/Babble, at least as far as I can see. I started this thread because no-one else had.

I'll upload a TIF or PNG of the piece of lit we've produced for Chris shortly, and provide links to them.


Pages 1 and 2 of the flyer. Chris's platform is detailed on page 2.


@ edmundoconnor

The fact that I help pay for their salaries and the pot of money they get to allocate, and that they make decisions about  my kids' education is quite enough reason for me to pay attention. I suppose some people who don't own property and don't have kids might be excused for forgetting about the importance of school boards.

But they run the system that teaches most of the people who are going to run this sorry show in the next 10 or 20 years. So really it is just as important as any other election.



Here's an interesting story from the last municipal election. I believe this guy is doing the same thing this time.




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Hi Edmund,

Here's one possible way to spark discussion on school/trustee issues: I posted Chris Moise's platform, and I voted for him (kind of a primary vote in advance of the election). I also posted a platform of my own. It has a couple of key differences from Chris's. Here are the differences:


The idea is that, if you agree with the changes I'm recommending, then you could vote for me. You would then be giving your support both to Chris and to the changes I'm recommending (qualified support, in other words).

What do you think? Could something like this spark discussion, and maybe boost the trustee races a little? (It still has lots of rough edges, but we could work on that.)


Chris Moise's website is now live, by the way.