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Sri Lanka VIII

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Interesting article in the other thread about AI taking Austrailia to task for human rights breaches in respect Sri Lankins.

White countries just never stop do they.....


Al Jazeera - 101 East - A new Sri Lanka (Interview with Sri Lankan President)

HRW: Sri Lanka: New Panel Doesn't Satisfy US Concerns

Call for a UN commission

Sri Lanka president rejects war crimes probe

Back Off Sri Lanka Inquiry, U.N. Chief Told

'Not looking for the guilty' - Kohona

HRW: Letter to Secretary Clinton on the Sri Lanka's Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC)

Sec. Clinton's shot at uncovering justice for Sri Lanka's war crimes

Interview with Sri Lanka's FM

Louise Arbour on Sri Lanka: Responds to Sri Lanka's FM

Sri Lankan Minister Leaves National Press Club Without Addressing Journalists

In DC, Peiris of Sri Lanka Shows Not Ready for Prime Time, Hillary Clinton to Hear War Crimes Defense

Journalists, NGOs unsettle Peiris's US visit

Sri Lankan massacre highlights failings of IC: Amnesty International

Amnesty International can't dictate terms to us, says Lankan minister

IIFA showbiz event blamed for promoting ‘paradise of genocide'

Don't ban Ban

4 SLA soldiers killed by lightning during preparation for 'War Victory Day' in Colombo

Sri Lankan government exploits flood disaster to evict slum dwellers

Limestone in Valikaamam HSZ sent to Galle in South

STF arrests 2 Tamil youths in Batticaloa district

Australia: Sri Lankans facing dangerous return

TAKE ACTION: Tell the UN to investigate war crimes in Sri Lanka


Rajapaksa extremism cannot be changed: Lee Kuan Yew

5 male corpses exhumed from toilet pit in Ki'linochchi

Records of persons fleeing Vanni destroyed by Special Action Committee of Basil Rajapakse

Treaty discussion, reminder for appointing Sri Lanka War Crimes panel, says Boyle

US backs Sri Lanka commission

Clinton presses Sri Lanka on rights panel

UN Rights chief renews call for Sri Lanka war-crimes probe

S.Lanka needs international probe: UN rights chief

Sri Lankan President rejects international war crimes probe

Sinhala names given to junctions in Mullaiththeevu district by SLA

Malnutrition among North, East children reaches fifty percent

Sinhalese Buddhists celebrate Vesak grandly in the North

Sri Lanka: worst floods in five decades

Sri Lanka's Kohona Denies Assuring UN's Nambiar Rebels Would Not Be Executed, Qorvis told Peiris to Leave NPC

SLA issues death threat to press owner in Jaffna

South Indian Film Industry calls for boycott against IIFA to be held in Sri Lanka

The torch carrying young ambassadors of the TGTE

ADB proposes equitable growth policy

Sri Lanka: Absence of war does not mean peace


A fatal intersection

Five bodies unearthed in Kilinochchi

Sri Lankan foreign minister denounces UN rights chief

Sri Lanka Denies War-Crimes Accusations

SLA permits conditional worship in St. Mary's Church in Valikaamam North HSZ

'Freedom Flotilla symbolises new dimension of humanitarian struggle'

One year after the war, concerns remain in Sri Lanka

Riz Khan - Sri Lanka's ethnic divisions

India wants TNA proposals submitted to Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka Trade Pacts - Some Prefer China over India

Canada/Venezuela: Eva Golinger's misinformation endangers exiled Tamils' fight for freedom

Canada/Venezuela: Canadian NGO requests Venezuela to accept Tamils detained in Indonesia


Sri Lanka's politicization of judiciary complete, says AHRC

SLA hastens to destroy skeletal remains of victims killed in Vanni

Bishop's House appeals to Vatican to urge Colombo to renovate Vanni churches

Stars pull out of Bollywood Oscars amid Sri Lanka ‘war crime' protests

Boycott Bollywood awards, Tamils urge

Tamil protests keep celebs away from IIFA

Sri Lanka coverage success for Channel 4 News at Amnesty Media Awards

In defense of M.I.A.

India should spell out its stand

Big explosions heard in the outskirts of Palaali east HSZ

Parents appeal for daughter's release from TID detention

WSWS reporters visit the devastated Sri Lankan town of Kilinochchi

'Bride of Venezuela' Eva Golinger misinterprets Solidarity: Support Tamils NOT Sri Lanka's Criminal War Government

VHeadline's Kenneth T. Tellis asks: Is, rather, Eva Golinger a 'Bride of Tyranny'?


SLA Commander's deposition provides convincing evidence of war crimes- TAG

Sri Lanka threatens to execute General Sarath Fonseka

Sri Lanka's war, a corporate war, says Arundhati Roy

Mass Graves: Nothing new to Sri Lanka

Boyle: Independent Eelam will be a bulwark for India

SLA soldiers harass resettled women during nights in Vanni

U.N. envoy accuses rights forum of turning blind eye

Domestic inquiries into extrajudicial killings insufficient, UN expert stresses

Alston: Domestic inquiries into extrajudicial killings insufficient

Father of victim in Channel 4 photo identifies son as LTTE member

Sri Lanka gets US support on bogus human rights inquiry

NYT corrects journalistic "error" on MIA article

Indian film stars call for boycott of 'Bollywood Oscars' over Tamil deaths

Protest-hit Bollywood awards get under way in Sri Lank

Unintended consequences and deeper dynamic of the IIFA in Colombo

After Bollywood, comes Tamil call for corporate boycott

A Sri Lankan re-education for Tamil child soldiers

Swiss Tamils look to the future

Sri Lanka must invest in rights protection

While on Gaza UN's Ban Speaks of Terms of Reference, 3 Month Delay on Sri Lanka Panel, Kohona in Israel Probe

Indian businessess work on beating China at its game

Historical Shift - India, Sri Lanka and the Tamils

Australia: Offshore detention faces High Court challenge

Australia: Asylum-seekers begin relocation to remote WA town of Leonora

Canada: Waterloo man gets reprieve as terrorism appeal delayed


Sri Lankan Official Says War Hero Could Be Executed for ‘Treason'

Sri Lanka maintains defence spending

SL Defence ministry wants 201 billion for remaining 5 months of 2010

Sri Lanka PM says Tamil rebels re-emerging

As in Sri Lanka Rajapaksas Threaten War Crimes Witness Fonseka with Death, UN's Ban Ki-moon Has No Comment

Sri Lanka, UN duel over wartime investigations|+World%29

Jaffna District Union for persons disappeared after arrest meets after 8 years

Two Economist issues held by Sri Lanka customs

More Colombo families targetted for eviction

Indian Tamils protest ahead of Sri Lanka leader's visit

Rajapaksa visits India amid wide-scale protests in Tamil Nadu

JVP to step up opposition against Indian involvement in Sri Lanka

Australia: Asylum seekers land in WA mining town


Opinion: Sri Lanka still demands justice

Emergency needed to nab sleeping Tiger cells: Sri Lankan PM

Exert pressure on Colombo to declare detained LTTE members as political prisoners: CPI politician

'The LTTE that we knew can never re-emerge'

Fonseka denies telling lies and committing treason

Sri Lanka leader Rajapaksa in talks with Indian leaders

Australia: Asylum Seekers Head to Australian Outback to Await Application Processing

Australia: Oceanic Viking in new asylum seeker drama

Australia: 300 Sri Lankan asylum-seekers on the way to Australia

Canada: Crown to appeal terrorist fundraising sentence


Tamil Nadu delegation not satisfied after meeting Rajapaksa in New Delhi

Tamil lawmaker urges Sri Lankan government to release innocent civilians accused of rebel ties

TNA calls for donor support

US ambassador to Sri Lanka visits Jaffna

S.Lanka president's India visit marred by protests

CEPA will flood Sri Lanka with Indian workers: UPFA minister

India's help to rebuild the North

India compels CEPA on Sri Lanka: Dr. Wickrembahu Karunaratne

India's deals with Sri Lanka heighten stakes in 'Great Game' with Beijing

Sri Lankan President's Visit to New Delhi: Economic and Political Dimensions


Sri Lanka moves to allow president to run again

Removal of two term restriction on Presidency opposed

Indian Tamil Refugees In Their Homeland

Sri Lanka: Widespread malnutrition among women and children

Students, schools in Vanni disregarded

Skeletal remains found in Ki'linochchi

Defence Ministry objects to resettlement in Wards 3, 5 in Allaippiddi

Lanka's obligation

India and Sri Lanka Enter New Era

Why India embraces Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa in first postwar visit|+World%29

Australia: Asylum seekers to be 'dumped' on country towns


AFTA questions the suitability of Dr. Palitha Kohana to lead the UN team investigating the human rights violation charges against Israel

SLA engaged in obliterating evidence of mass killings in Vanni

Resettled people in Vanni suffer increasing SLA harassment

Sri Lankan President changing law to extend rule

Rajapaksa family tighten their grip on reins of Government

6 SLA soldiers rape young mother in Visuvamadu

Police to remove 'indecent' billboards

'Release' Vanni doctor - court

Sri Lanka one country, unitary state: Namal Rajapaksa, in Jaffna

IUSU representatives threatened with death in Jaffna

BBC meets its match in Sri Lankan Defense Secretary

China wants to start fisheries project in Mullaiththeevu: SL Fisheries Minister

China, India, USA work to increase influence in Jaffna

Rajapaksa wriggles from India's grasp

India treats Sri Lankans on a par with Chinese in visa extension

Sri Lanka general urges political solution to Tamil strife

Lion's share

Indian awards ceremony in Colombo a total flop

MIA: 'I'm here for the people'

M.I.A. steps from art underground to media spotlight

Power play between China and India puts Sri Lanka on strategic map

India wary of China's increasing role in Lanka

Sri Lanka, China sign six agreements to enhance co-operation

Sri Lanka mass wedding for former Tamil rebels

Sri Lankan Tamil's tie the knot in mass detention centre wedding

Sri Lankan government prepares for austerity measures

Indonesia: Detainees complain of Taser, stun gun use

Australia: Merak passengers among 12 boatpeople drowned

Australia: Drowned Tamils 'desperate for safety'

Australia: 12 boatpeople reported to have drowned on way to Australia


Genocidal Colombo gets unlimited chances from US, India

Obama's Special Envoy meets Mahinda Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka: A new (cultural) campaign against Tamils in Vanni

Don't trade Tamils' political aspirations for mere concessions: Tamil academics

Sri Lanka challenges war crimes allegations

Indian aid to be 'directly disbursed'

Sri Lanka LTTE: Diaspora Wars - South Asia Intelligence Review

Swiss ambassador to Sri Lanka visits Jaffna, German ambassador's visit cancelled

UN political head to visit S.Lanka, discuss rights

Rail blast: Tamil Tiger threat lingers

Canada: Cohn: Building bridges over bad blood

US: After roaming oceans and continents, Sri Lankan Tamils find home in Oakland

Australia: Merak smugglers to blame for asylum-seeker deaths


The Obama administration officials visit Sri Lanka

Obama's Genocide Expert meets Mahinda Rajapaksa

STF, police in Eastern Province continue to harass people

Japan urges world not to dictate to post-war Sri Lanka

Japan seeks transparency in Sri Lanka after war

UN urges Sri Lanka recovery plan

UN political chief to focus on human rights and political reconciliation on Sri Lanka trip

UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs visits Vanni

German Ambassador on sudden visit to Jaffna

Only 2000 army deserters surrendered out of 50,000 - SLA

Muslim trader shot, killed in Poththuvil

Tamil National Alliance Should Demand International War Crime Inquiry Openly

M.I.A.'s Radical Politics Unacceptable to the New York Times

Colombo's 'Victory Parade' to be held every year

JUSU condemns IUSU representatives being denied entry into Jaffna University premis

Resolving Sri Lanka's conflicts in class

Tamil diaspora keeps 'Eelam' dreams alive

Canadian Tamils head to the polls on June 20 to elect council

Indonesia: Crackdown won't stop boats, says taskforce


Rajapaksa for ever? Sri Lankan ruling party wants presidential limit lifted

India was not happy about Norwegian peace: Prof Shanmugaratnam

Sri Lankan president visits India to improve relations

Political transformation should start in Tamil Nadu: Prof Ramasamy

New Tamil arrests in Netherlands

NGOs Meeting in the UN Human Rights Council

Sri Lanka rates held for seventh month

UN diplomat visits Mullaitivu

M.I.A. In 'Dazed & Confused': Death Threats To My Baby Inspired New Album

Memorial monument for war victims unveiled in Vanni

Dengue death tolls reach 104 in five months

The New Battle for Sri Lanka

UK House of Commons debate: Alleged War Crimes (Sri Lanka)
Part 1:
Part 2:


UN panel on Sri Lanka civil war in place 'next week'

UN ignores Sri Lanka's protest over war crimes panel

Ban Ki-moon to appoint Expert Panel next week - UN Political Under Secretary

Sri Lanka president condemns critics in victory pageant

Celebrating war victory and banning commemoration of dead civilians: this is "home grown & indigenous" reconciliation and freedom in Sri Lanka?

S.Lanka marks Tiger defeat as war crimes pressure mounts

‘Biggest betrayal and greatest tamasha'

Sri Lanka commemorates victory, rejects war crimes push

In pictures: Sri Lanka's victory pageant

'Victory Day' declared public holiday in Sri Lanka

TGTE announces 11 committees, urges focus on Genocide investigation

Ground realities in Jaffna and its environs: Two key perspectives

SRI LANKA: Much ado about few things

Sri Lanka to sign CEPA with India

Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan visits Jaffna

Sri Lanka's Post-Conflict Era Begins


Venezuela and the ‘law of the fishes'

On War Crimes, US Rapp Says Sri Lanka Panel Doesn't Meet Standards, Ban Names Next Week

Sinhalese undergrads demanding 'victory' money assault Tamil students in Batticaloa

Northern Tamil building contractors forced to pay commission

Freed Sri Lankan journalist Tissainayagam arrives in U.S.

Tissainayagam arrive in the US

Tiger suspects arrested in Tamilnadu

'President keen on devolution' Akashi

Sri Lanka challenges world denunciation of Holocaust: Kofi Annan

PAC instructs government heads to invite SLA Commander to official functions in North

Explosions heard from SLN base in the islets of Jaffna

Australian Greens to call for War Crimes Probe

Illegal excavation of limestone in Valikaamam HSZ raises concern

Japan backs UN war crimes probe into Sri Lanka war

Japan backs UN war crimes probe into Sri Lanka war

Sri Lanka in the Dock

Senior Tamil rebel to 'assist' Sri Lanka govt

UN to investigate Sri Lanka on human rights charges

S.Lanka furious as UN's Ban names war crimes panel

Alston assails Sri Lanka's "Reconciliation" commission

Indonesian, Austrian to form the Panel of Experts

ADB to Help Sri Lanka Repair Roads Damaged During Civil Conflict

‘Sri Lankan Model' is no model

Intoxicating hubris

Malaysia: Tamil refugees did not choose to come here

Australia: Take the politics out, says professor

Australia: 200 Tamil Tigers 'sailing to asylum' in Australia

Canada: Need growing for long-term care in Tamil community

Canada: Ship brought 25 Tamil Tiger terrorists to B.C. shores, report says


Failure of international system results in slave camps for POWs

Sinhalese with Pirapaharan photo further remanded

UN Sri Lanka Panel To Include Steven Ratner and Yasmin Sooka of S. Africa, Reconciliation or Accountability?

EU threatens to cut Sri Lanka's trade benefits in August

Funds allocated for resettled persons remain unused in Batticaloa district

130 Tamil civilians reported disappeared in Batticaloa district since 2007

Sri Lankan government holds victory celebrations

Champika Ranawaka visits to Jaffna

Terror and free speech,0...

A Bruise on the First Amendment

UN panel on Sri Lanka civil war almost finalised

Thailand: Cornered Tamils threaten to jump

Canada: 29,035 Canadian Tamils vote in election, results announced


EU warns Sri Lanka on GSP+

Ban appoints panel to advise on human rights issues during Sri Lankan conflict

On War Crimes, UN Ban's Panel May Not Speak to Fonseka or Travel to Sri Lanka, Report May Be Secret

UN chief appoints Sri Lanka war crimes panel

Sri Lanka attacks UN over civil war human rights investigation

Colombo rejects UN probe as 'totally unacceptable'

Muslim villagers of Kalmunaikkudi complain aid misuse

Colombo intensifies spread of Buddhism in North

SLA arrests sixteen Tamil civilians in Eastern provinces

Plans afoot to Sinhalicise Paasikkudaa

No vote for the IDPs in camps Again ! Thousands of IDPs haven't received applications

Press Conference by United Nations Human Rights Expert Concerning Authenticity of Channel 4 Videotape Depicting Extrajudicial Executions in Sri Lanka

Media circles wonder whether US senators confirm offence by welcoming pardon

Continuing ‘counter insurgency' approach to chronic national question


Jaffna youths overlooked in International Olympics Day celebration

Resettled Vanni civilians left uncared for

EU puts 15 conditions to extend GSP+ trade concession to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka rejects 'insulting' EU trade conditions

Reconciliation in Sri Lanka and British priorities

US welcomes panel as Sri Lanka moves to block experts visa

S.Lanka to block visits by UN probing war crimes

Blast wounds nine in Sri Lanka capital

Sri Lanka Spin on S. Africa and ASEAN Played Role in UN Panel, Khmer Rouge Rajapaksa

Australia: New asylum arrivals push island to brink


Sri Lanka: Jaffna, where women weep

Sri Lanka soldiers adapt to post-war pastimes

Ramasamy: Pakatan will recognise Tamil Eelam

Speech criminalized in US Supreme Court material support case

Russia opposes UN Panel on Sri Lanka

UN panel to investigate alleged abuses in Sri Lanka's civil war

Sri Lankan brotherhood

Sri Lanka should restart from Oslo declaration

As Sri Lanka Says No Visas, UN Says No Need to Visit or Talk to Witnesses

Development without politics dangerous to Tamils

Canadian HC Opens Hospital New Ward in Mannar


Sri Lanka's Wartime Abuses

UN panel 'Western conspiracy'

Sri Lankan Buddhist clerics protest UN human rights panel as interfering in domestic affairs

Sri Lanka president defiant over war probe

UPFA promises gone with the wind

Sand dunes scooped at Ma'n'niththalai

UN sets up limited inquiry into human rights in Sri Lanka

'UN war crimes panel chief criticises S.Lanka ban'

Colombo schemes Sinhalicised capital for North

Malaysian corporates jump at Mahinda-KP plot for development, says Colombo media

One year on, Sri Lanka still resists rights probe

Canada: Fair play for Tamils


KP-Diaspora programme operated by SL Military Intelligence: Doctor Arudkumar

KP 'brokers' govt-diaspora link

Sri Lanka denies deal with 'rump Tamil Tigers'

SLA harasses resettled civilians in Vanni - TNA

Sri Lanka's new government to present first budge

IMF grants third tranche of $2.6 bln Sri Lanka loan

China and India competing over Sri Lanka

Australia: Refugee group says visa suspensions 'stopping boats'


WORLD: The failure of international journalism in Sri Lanka

Power of ideology sustains Tamil struggle: Gulf News

Pictures: A journey to Jaffna

Sri Lanka fights for peace after years of war

Tigers lurk in the shadows after 14 months of peace

Road to recovery riddled with obstacles

Sri Lanka seeks to end its cold war

Sri Lankan authorities ban student group from Jaffna campus

Fonseka 'ready to talk' with UN panel

Aid sought for NE development

Sri Lanka sets out budget aimed at cutting deficit

Australian War Crimes motion illustrates paradigm shift

Australia: Lift Sri Lankan restrictions: Amnesty


As Sri Lanka Threatens UN Staff, Ban's UN Makes Excuses, Calls It Gandhian

INTERVIEW-No reason for Sri Lanka anger at UN war panel -Ban

UN stands firm on Sri Lanka human rights investigation

Muslim school to function with Sinhala name in Trincomalee

Hindu temples in East face forcible removal, destruction

Sri Lanka could lose trade concessions in EU spat

Clash of Roadmaps

Tamil groups meet US War Crimes Ambassador

Bollywood star Salman Khan films in Sri Lanka after awards row

Tamil Tigers raise funds for renewed struggle

Orphanage creates haven for children of war

Road to recovery

Malaysia: Thousands of Refugees Living in Constant Fear of Arrest

Australia: Amnesty International attacks ban on Sri Lankan claims



Homeless killings strike fear in Colombo

SRI LANKA: Killing beggars under the pretext of eliminating terrorists?

Sri Lanka Drills for Oil

Child recovered dead from shrub jungle in Vanni

Person sending false SMS under detention

Netherlands Backs IOM Programmes in Sri Lanka to Help Displaced Return Home, Reintegrate Former Combatants

On Sri Lanka, UN Continues to Spin Threat Against Its Staff, From Gandhi to Apology?

As Sri Lanka Party in Power Threatens UN Staff, Ban Stays Silent, DPR To Go

SLA obliterates Tiger Heroes' Cemeteries, erects military bases


China now exports its convicts

BOOK REVIEW: Inquest of a defeat

EU urges Sri Lanka to cooperate with UN war probe

EU suspends GSP+

U.N. Chief Heading for New Brawl over Sri Lanka Panel

Rights groups eye Sri Lanka

U.S. Labour Review Comes on Top of EU Pressure

Next quits Sri Lanka, exports to EU fall - report

Parts of abandoned vehicles in Vanni sold with SLA connivance

Unions oppose Indians maintaining railways

SLA Civil Admiration Offices in Jaffna to be made permanent

Colombo sinhalicises Ampaa'rai District Secretariat

Video: Situation in Sri Lanka improving, but still risky: UN

HRW - Australia: End Suspension of Asylum Claims

Australia urged to end asylum freeze and 'refugee-bashing'

Australia: Julia Gillard to send back boatpeople

Australia: Sending refugees home 'a scandal'


Sri Lanka Army Claims Dutch Ambassador Support Despite EU Human Rights Cut of GSP Plus Concession

Sri Lankans besiege UN office over war crimes panel

Sri Lanka Minister and Mob Hold UN Staff Hostage, Ban Remains Silent

Sri Lanka police abort attempt to free UN workers

SLA destroys remnants of Black Tiger Miller monument in Vadamaraadchi

Constitutional reforms to be further delayed

Sri Lanka April Trade Deficit Widens

SL Parliament extends Emergency

Sri Lanka: European Union Commission Trade (GSP)

Sri Lanka, India And China: 'Tamil Issue' A Casualty?

Ampaa'rai Tamil, Muslim volunteer teachers complain of discrimination

2010 UNHCR country operations profile - Sri Lanka

Australia: Policy change prompts fears among Australia's Tamil community

Australia: Tamils no longer presumed to be refugees

Australia: Few boat arrivals sent home, but most cases unresolved

Australia: Gillard's lifeline on Sri Lanka

Australia: Activists say Tamils still facing rights abuses

Australia: Tamils cautiously welcome asylum changes

Australia urged to end asylum freeze and 'refugee-bashing'

Australia plans ETimor asylum hub

Australia: Taiml refugee asks for policy beyond party politics

Canada: Tamil Canadians Welcome Appointment of UN Panel On Sri Lanka


UN Sri Lankan staff under siege from protesters

Sri Lankan Protests Test UN Power to Investigate War

Sri Lanka's feud with the UN turns acrimonious

Int. with Minister Weerawansa

UN Under Siege in Sri Lanka: Why Accountability for War Crimes Matters

US backs UN in Sri Lanka war crimes dispute

$588m trade penalty for Sri Lankan rights abuses

Woman's body found hanging inside house in Vaazhaichcheanai

SLN soldier found dead in Vadamaraadchi East

Jaffna Tamil daily reporter dies in accident

Unfazed by calumny

UN Downplays Sri Lanka Hostage Taking of its Staff, Ban Has Not Called Rajapaksa

As Sri Lanka Burns UN Ban in Effigy, Some NAM Members Abandon It, UN In Disarray, Kohona Dressed Down

As UN Capitulates and Closes Sri Lanka Office, Conflict in Council, Bribery Alleged

SLA converts Valvai Monumental site into army playground

Scheme afoot to Sinhalicise part of Mullaiththeevu district

Australia Video - More asylum seekers on way to Christmas Island

Australia: Sri Lanka has improved but people still 'vulnerable'

Australia: Asylum seekers set sail in a sea of silence

Australia: Sri Lanka applauds new asylum policy


What can the West do about the 'information black hole' in Sri Lanka? (Sri Lanka: could the West do more about human rights and press freedom?)
Video -
Blog -

CaFFE: Thousands in Kilinochchi, Mullaitheevu to be disenfranchised

Police registration made mandatory to Wellawatte Tamil residents

As Sri Lanka Burns Him in Effigy, UN Ban Has No Comment, Pillay Says Speak to Gov't

As Sri Lanka Minister Blocks 150 UN Staff, UN Nambiar Assured by Kohona

UN's Ban Now Ascribes Siege to Sri Lanka Government, Won't Call for Visas

Sri Lanka minister begins 'fast' outside UN office

UN chief Ban Ki-moon recalls Sri Lanka envoy

Sri Lankans damn UN 'double standards'

Fast Unto Death: One time shotgun terrorist is now terrorising the UN

Accountability key to protecting civilians in conflict, Security Council told

Sri Lanka: Government-backed protesters besiege UN office over war crimes investigation

SLA continues fishing ban in resettled areas in Vanni

Put a stop to media intimidation, IFJ appeals to Colombo

Reconsidering the GSP regulations: What is the Sri Lankan impact?

The Colombo consensus

Canada: Statement by the Liberal Party of Canada on the appointment of a UN panel on Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Cabinet minister quits post amid 'fast unto death' protest

Ministers offers to resign over protest

UN chief shuts Sri Lanka office, recalls head co-ordinator after protests

Fisherman drowns to death while fishing in Jaffna

India investigates fisherman killing

Nedumaran calls for protest demanding closure of SL Mission in Chennai

Sri Lanka's enablers side with Colombo in its struggle against Ban Ki-moon

Ki'linochchi police try to free SLA soldiers suspected of gang rape

Sri Lanka expels two foreign NGO workers

Malaysian corporate brokers embark on ‘development' in Jaffna


Sri Lanka Statement Minimizing UN Panel Done with Buhne, As Kohona Pitches Officials

Why the media silence on Sri Lanka's descent into dictatorship?

HRW: Sri Lanka: Protests Against UN Echo Anti-Justice Campaign

Tamils not safe under Sri Lankan rule

Sexual abuse of resettled women in Vanni by SLA soldiers escalates

Fifty Tamil Nadu fishermen wounded in new SLN attack

Family Consultant Nurses demand investigation into killing of fellow nurse in Veala'nai

Sri Lanka and the U.N. in a Confrontation,8599,2002739,00.html?xid=rss-wo...

Sri Lankan minister ends UN hunger strike protest

'Navy camp' in cashew farm in east

Champoor uprooted Tamil villagers demand early resettlement

‘All roads lead to Mahinda Rajapaksa'

USA: Man held as security risk released; says he was tortured in Sri Lanka

Malaysia: From one nightmare to another

Australia: 'I just wanted ... freedom'

Canada: No evidence Sri Lankan refugees were terrorists, admits CBSA


No peace without justice, says Obama's envoy to Srebrenica

Remembering Srebrenica, Looking to Sri Lanka

Protest by nurses in Jaffna enforces arrest of Sinhala doctor suspected in murder

Midwife death-'arrest doctor'

SLA soldier kills fellow soldier, injures three in Trincomalee

Male body recovered from Thalaimannaar sea coast

Seeman's arrest draws media attention in Tamil Nadu

SRI LANKA: Protest Highlights Hostility to International Criticism

Sri Lanka cabinet meets in former rebel-held area

SLA strengthens security in Ki'linochchi prior to Cabinet meeting

'Sink differences' to rebuild north

Houses constructed for SLA in Vanni as resettled civilians suffer, abandoned in huts

Madu uprooted Tamil families abandoned at school without food

SLA denies irrigation facility to resettled civilians in Ki'linochchi district

India: Sri Lankan refugees tailor their return home

Australia: Tamil refugee, Brami Jegan, seeks Senate seat

Australia: Gillard's `xenophobic' agenda, pressure mounts

Australia and Indonesia discuss refugee processing

Australia: Asylum-seeker linked to al-Qa'ida

Australia: Half of Sri Lankan arrivals have ties to Tigers

Australia: Most Tamils real refugees, say experts

Australia Tamil Congress: Sri Lankan Government puppet mounts scare campaign

Australia & Canada: Real terrorists enter via airports, not on leaky boats


Former Sri Lanka rebels 'abused in detention'

Can panel heal Sri Lanka's wounds?

SLA soldiers sexually harass Tamil women in Paduvaankarai, Batticaloa

4 upcountry women commit suicide in two days

Plans afoot to transfer Sinhala doctor suspect out of Jaffna

Sri Lanka's ‘war crimes'

Verdict on Sri Lanka should be warning to others: Pakistan Newspaper

Tamil Nadu Police detains Vaiko, Nedumaran, Rajendran

India, China to build rail links in Sri Lanka

Think-tank calls for refinery at Hambantota

Sri Lankan government uses emergency laws to charge former presidential candidate

A nasty row over a UN investigation panel

Cabinet meeting in Ki'linochchi aims to deceive Sinhala people: UNP MP

Residents forced indoors as SL armed forces take control of Vanni

SLA appropriates Vallai weaving centre premises in Vadamaraadchi

SL government intends to keep Jaffna in SLA grip

High Security Zones will not be dismantled says SL Minister

On Sri Lanka, NAM Will Wait, "Pillay's" Neuwirth to Head Panel Staff of 8, Qatar Pitched Iran to Head NAM

Statistics of dengue fever victims in Jaffna peninsula undisclosed

Drinking water shortage hits resettled families in Maanthai west

Australia: Tamil Tigers at the front door

Australia: Tamil Tiger is extinct, and regime knows it

Australia: Tamil terrorist claims exaggerated, former UN official

Australia: MAPW raises Sri Lankan human rights with PM

USA: America's asylum system and the least among us

Canada: Statement from New Democrat Leader Jack Layton on the UN's appointment of a Sri Lanka war crimes panel

Canada: Ship full of migrants heading to Canada: foreign report

Canada: Ship allegedly carrying Tamil Tigers bound for B.C.: reports


SL minister includes spouses of Balakumaran, Yogi, among widows

US landing-ship visits Trincomalee for 'community work'

Non-derogable rights under international law

On Sri Lanka, UN Panel's Problems, of Blackmail as Guatemala Cites R2P, NAM Games of Iran, Venezuela to Head G-77?

Release of Sinhala doctor suspect on bail causes shock in Jaffna

Upcountry woman found dead in a flat in Colombo

Young woman shot, killed in Kodikaamam

U.N. official to return to Sri Lanka after spat

Bank robbery complainants abducted, assaulted in Batticaloa

Arsonists attack village in Ampara

SLA soldiers plunder produce of civilians in Batticaloa


SLA refuses permission of reopen fishing jetties in Vadamaraadchi

SLA installs Buddha statute in Tamil village in Mannaar district

Families to be resettled suffer without assistance in Mannaar

LTTE suspect ordered to release

Austalia: Horror Tales Behind Australia's Refugee Influx

Canada: The Canada Revenue Agency revokes the charitable status of Tamil (Sri Lanka) Refugee-Aid Society of Ottawa

Canada: Charity's status revoked over aid to Tamil Tigers

Canada: Migrant ship may be headed for B.C.

Canada: Why Tamil Boat People Should Be Let into Canada


Lessons of Srebrenica: How the 15th Anniversary of Srebenica Can Guide Sri Lanka

Death threats to family of nurse killed in Veala'nai government hospital

Court orders exhumation of the body of nurse killed in Veala'nai

Death Threats to Journalist's Family in Sri Lanka

Cracked down on Tamil Activists by Tamil Nadu Government will embolden President Rajapakse to escalate attacks on Tamil Nadu fishermen!

SLA to construct permanent base in demolished Koappaay Tiger Heroes' Resting Home site

SLA forces resettled civilians in Ki'linochchi to vacate dwellings

Analysis: Prospects for reconciliation in Sri Lanka

'Arrest' anti-terrorist police officer

UN advisory panel begins work

Sri Lanka Panel Holds 1st Meeting in NYC, "Doesn't Need UN Permission" for Colombo Visit, of Darusman Fees and Sea Bass

As Sri Lanka Panel Meets With Nambiar, 4 Month Clock Frozen, Pillay's Office Will Staff

SLA soldier recovered dead in Pazhai

Tamil Country Councils, TAG announce legal partnership

Australia: Asylum seeker policies: our national disgrace

Australia: Boatpeople offered help to return home

Australia: Asylum boat sails away from 'tough' Australia

Canada: Man deported to Sri Lanka seeks return to Canada over ministers' ‘egregious' conduct


Sri Lankan ambassador: We back Israel's war on terror,7340,L-3923309,00.html

SLA soldiers sexually abuse resettled women in Mannar


Critics scoff at Sri Lankan leaders' governing proposal

Armed men rob fuel station flanked by police, SLA, EPDP office in Point Pedro

SLA soldier taking drugs to Kilinochchi arrested

US calls for probe on rights abuses in Sri Lanka

Construction of fishing centre for Southern fishermen in Mannaar suspended due to protest

Canada: Family concerned about well-being of deported Tamil man


Sri Lanka widows 'under stress'

War Over, But Women Wage Battle For Survival

Tamils sue Germany for accepting alleged war crimes commander as ambassador

Millions 'homeless' in Sri Lanka

Resettled family children in Vanni abandon school to earn a living

Thousands of student orphans from Sri Lanka's civil war

Ban Ki-moon's UN Called Secret on Corruption, Silent on Torture from Sri Lanka to Sudan

Reconciliation pre-requisite to development, World Bank VP tells Sri Lanka

NGOs consider withdrawing from Vanni as Sri Lanka tightens restrictions

US calls for probe on rights abuses in Sri Lanka

For UN, Is Merely Being There Enough, with Ban Under Fire for a 2d Term?

IFJ Questions Government Moves on Media Ethics in Sri Lanka

SL government suspends WPF relief measures to resettled people in Jaffna

Male corpse washed ashore in the islets of Jaffna

All Things Black Since Black July

Horror Of A Pogrom: Remembering "Black July" 1983

Tamil prisoners attacked in Colombo remand prison

SLA personnel to be settled in uprooted civilians' land in Ki'linochchi

STF appropriates Tamil land to erect Buddhist temple in Batticaloa

Sri-Lanka-Housing the Sinhala Victors and the Vanquished Tamils

Lanka 'welcome' Indian envoy

British Tamils seek boycott of defiant Sri Lanka

British Tamil embarks on Sri Lanka justice walk

Canada: Not all Tamils are Tigers, Queen's professor says

Canada: Migrant ship expected to reach B.C. early August: reports

Canada: Refugee ship could be boarded by U.S. or Canada

Migrant ship's passengers deserve 'due process': lawyer

Canada: Tamils rally at Queen's Park

Canada: Elected Tamil Representative discusses Black July, NCCT (video)

Canada: Toronto Tamils commemorate Black July at Queen's Park (video)

Canada: Tamil Transnational officials speak out about crisis in Sri Lanka

Canada: Former Sri Lankan MP M.K. Eelaventhan on politics in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka's ‘Black July' not over yet, Christian leaders say

Body of nurse killed in Veala'nai exhumed

SLN constructs new coastal bases in Eastern Province despite protests

Resettled couple in Vanni attempt suicide, husband dies

Sri Lanka ex-army chief faces new trial

Tamil refugees from war: India's government sends expert to Sri Lanka

Southern contractors benefit from international funds for development in Jaffna

Over 500 pleas to find loved ones

Media Development Authority: Another name for media control in Sri Lanka?

Tamil hunger striker wins libel claim against Daily Mail, Sun

Daily Mail and Sun pay out to Tamil hunger striker

Latest Daily Mail libel case shows why we need a new approach

Australia: Asylum-seekers to face Australian court over detention centre riot

Australia and Canada: Tarnishing image of refugees as terrorists is an injustice to humanity

Canada: Amnesty International Canada, Canadian Council for Refugees, Canadian Tamil Congress: RIGHTS OF TAMILS ON BOAT NEED TO BE RESPECTED


The Elders: Sri Lanka's disturbing actions met by ‘deafening global silence'

Sri Lanka lacking reconciliation, say global leaders

Searches in Colombo instill fears among Colombo resident Tamils

SLA appropriates uprooted civilians' villages in Vanni

Resettled families in Vanni left abandoned in deserted places

Sri Lanka evicts some war refugees from villages

Govt. 'trying to change' demography

Fate of teenage students disappeared during war on Vanni remains unknown

Money, revival come slowly to Sri Lanka's old war zone

USA fears loss of Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka should become Switzerland of Indian Ocean

Dias case filed in European Court, German Ambassador meets Swiss Tamils

At UN, Sri Lanka Panel Stalled on Staffing, Rajapaksa's RSVP for September, Rice and Kyrgyz Constrasts

As UN Names Gaza Flotilla Panel, Uribe Seems Ill-Timed, Sri Lanka Delay Contrasted

At UN, Sri Lanka Panel's 4 Months Has Not Begun, Ban Gives In to Protest?

Civil service condemn Dr. Mervyn

Sri Lanka TV station firebombed

United States condemns attacks on Sri Lankan TV station and radio broadcaster

Australia: Tamils almost meet their match

Canada: Payment plea for Tamil protest costs ignored


Desmond Tutu Rebukes Sri Lanka

Over 300 Lankans in Saudi jail

SLA exploits Chinese funds meant for resettlement of uprooted Vanni civilians

Sri Lanka arrests over 1,500

'Errant' Sri Lankan official tied up by minister

Workers protest at minister's action

Sri Lankan president boosted as MPs defect

SRI LANKA: The state of denial and the descent to silliness

Restrictions hinder Sri Lankan journalists

British PR firm whitewashing Sri Lanka's reputation - report

China's Foray into Sri Lanka and India's Response

US, Canada monitor ship said full of Sri Lankan refugees

US & Canada: Sri Lankan Tamils aim for North America, asylum

Canada: Tamil candidates seek Toronto council seat

Canada: More Tamil vessels may be headed for Canada


Compromises: An Excerpt from Tea Time with Terrorists

Tea exports on a 'record high'

Ramasamy to spearhead committee on genocide in Sri Lanka

Rival Tamil groups clash in Oslo

BBC reports wrongly about car park incident in Norway

2 Chinese key military officers on secret visit to Vanni

2 Indian High Commission officials on sudden visit to Jaffna

Sri Lankan president boosted as MPs defect

At UN, R2P Re-Argued Amid Ban Ki-moon Silence on Sri Lanka and Sudan Starvation of IDPs, Kyrgyz Sidestep

New Buddhist temple in Maangku'lam in North

Devotees not permitted to stay overnight to continue rituals in Keerimalai temple

MIA takes on Google, YouTube and Wikipedia

Hordes of monkeys plague resettled families in Vanni

Indiscriminate sand excavation in Vadmaraadchi causes seepage of seawater

PM intervention sought to allow scribes meet displaced Tamils

Extremism of defeatism

Tamils in Sri Lanka seeking asylum: A need no more?

Australia: Sri Lankan and Afghan Asylum seekers (Paper)

Australia: Greens senate candidate campaigns for justice

Australia: Tamil Tigers pair fly in to have baby

Canada: Sri Lankan asylum-seekers deserve hearings

Canada: Canada briefed about migrant ship

Canada: Ottawa ‘concerned' about migrant ship possibly carrying Tamil Tigers: Toews

Canada: No 'easy entry' for Tamil boat

Canada: Is suspected migrant ship carrying terrorists or refugees?


Vigil in Colombo for Prageeth

Sri Lankan war inquiry commission opens amid criticism

Sri Lanka's war probe opens as credibility questioned

US urged to press for international probe of Sri Lanka war

Sri Lanka's Commission convenes as US calls for independent investigations

U.N. pushes war crimes probe as Sri Lanka steps up diplomacy

Sri Lankan president sacks minister over dengue row

mproving basic services is key to Sri Lanka's economic prosperity, says World Bank

Students, public picket Point Pedro SLTB bus depot

EPDP monopoly in the distribution of relief ration hits uprooted familes in Jaffna

Canada: Jails on alert as ship of Tamils makes its way to B.C.

Canada: Tamil refugees represent problem in Sri Lanka: Spokesman

Canada: Maple Ridge prisons to house 200 Tamil immigrants expected off B.C. coast

Canada: A year later, Tamil migrants call Toronto home


Report To Congress on Measures Taken by the Government of Sri Lanka and International Bodies To Investigate Incidents During the Recent Conflict in Sri Lanka, and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Such Efforts

HRW: Sri Lanka: US Report Shows No Progress on Accountability

Sri Lanka panel warns that 'conflict threat' remains

Sri Lanka war probe credibility questioned

Sri Lanka's civil war inquiry is 'eyewash', say Tamils

ICG calls for independent inquiry into Sri Lanka war

Sri Lankan waters run deep with China

Sri Lanka pins hopes on China-funded port

India, surrounded

SLA in Vanni harass hapless resettled families

Male body washed ashore on Mannaar coast

Resolutions passed against governments of India, Tamil Nadu for disregarding Eezham Tamils, Tamil Nadu fishermen

UN's Ban To Be 3rd "Giant of Asia" by Tom Plate, Lee Kuan Yew's Confidante on Sri Lankan "Ethnic Cleansing"

Analysis: NGOs question tighter access to Sri Lanka's north

Malaysia: 62 Sri Lankan asylum seekers released

Australia Radio Documentary: Saturday 14:05 The five fingers of Sri Lanka - Part 1

Australia Radio Documentary: Saturday 14:05 The five fingers of Sri Lanka - Part 2 - UPDATED

Australia: Asylum seekers say Australia reneged on deal

Australia: Reneging on our promise


National Post editorial board: Turn back the Tamil ship

Toronto Star opinion: How we should deal with the Tamil boat people

Globe Editorial: Keeping a lookout for Tigers

No One is Illegal: Uphold the Rights of Tamil Migrants aboard MV Sun Sea!

Hundreds of refugees escorted to B.C. coast

Tamil ship escorted into B.C. waters by Canadian Navy

Tamil migrant ship captained by Sri Lankan Sea Tiger leader: Terrorism expert

Sri Lankan recounts harrowing journey to Canada

'Such a difficult journey:' Sri Lankan asylum-seeker

Tamil migrants sick with TB

Boatload of migrants a wake-up call for Canada


Pain of 1990 Muslim 'massacre' lingers in Sri Lanka

SLN tightens restriction on Mannaar fishermen

Indian fishing trawlers invade Northern seas of Sri Lanka

Tamil driver found dead in his house in Batticaloa

Former army chief Fonseka convicted by court martial

Russian combat ship cruiser arrives in Sri Lanka

Malaysian Tamil leader hard on Sri Lanka's abetters, urges boycott

Sri Lanka's probe into Tamil war masks the real questions


Fate of ship steered by two forces - Ottawa and Tamil diaspora

Guard worries about refugees

Canada suspects Tamil Tigers on board ship

Sri Lanka painted as a country defined by an uneasy peace

Column: No reconciliation after Sri Lanka's civil war

Tamils from Sri Lanka heading for Canada

Canadian officials board Tamil ship

Let Tamils into Canada, advocates say

Canadian Tamil Congress prepares for arrival of Tamil refugees

Ottawa plans new rules for boat migrants

Tamil migrants must be treated fairly

Detention integral stage of refugee-claims process

Wait to hear tales of the Tamils, recent refugee urges

Understanding the refugee process

Tamil boat not a crisis

Known terrorists aboard migrant ship, Sri Lanka warns

Terrorists or civilians? MV Sun Sea passengers face scrutiny in days ahead

Criminals likely behind Sun Sea voyage

Canadia intercepts 500 Sri Lankan asylum-seekers who had turned away from Australia

Tight security as Tamil Refugees arrive in Canada

Migrant ship escorted into Esquimalt Harbour

Tamil ship arrives in Canada carrying as many as 490 people

Tamil ship arrives on Canadian shore

Tamil migrant ship docks in B.C.

Tamil migrants arrive by ship at B.C. base


Attempt to misuse resettled women in Vanni foiled

SLA imposes new restrictions on resettled families in Vanni

US military team in Sri Lanka

Military presence "irks people"

Sri Lankan president OKs ex-army chief's discharge

GSP concessions suspended

EU ends Sri Lanka trade benefits

Sri Lanka war panel hears Tamil grievances

Tamils testify before Sri Lankan war commission

Tamil witnesses in Sri Lanka accuse army of human rights abuses

Sri Lanka unveils new China-funded seaport in south



Sri Lanka's telling exodus

RCMP confirm death of Tamil man aboard migrant ship

Tamil asylum-seekers spark Canadian vitriol, anger

Why we should welcome boatful of Tamil refugees into Canada

Smuggled Tamils worth up to $10M for 'snakeheads'

30-50 Tamil Children Seek Refugee Status in Canada

Migrant ship raises human rights issue

One of migrants still in hospital is in critical, group says

Tamil on ship bound for Canada died at sea: Tamil Congress

Tamil gives thanks for 'soft-hearted' Canadians

Some migrant Tamil children taken into care: CBSA

Tamil community to gather to discuss plight of disembarked illegal migrants

Tamil migrant ship is a test, Toews says, and more boats are on the way

Police investigating refugee boat to see if human smuggling laws violated: Vic Toews

Captain may have smuggling history

Edmonton's Tamil community rallies for refugees

The long, long wait for a brother's words

Tamil boat people in good health

Toronto's Tamil-Canadian community gears up to host new refugees

We have an obligation to review refugee claims

What are they running from?

No evidence of weapons or disease on Tamil migrant ship

Bob Rae - Liberal: Send Them Back an Old, and Awful, Refrain

Canada Holds Tamil Refugees Amid Media Cries of "Terror"

As the ship arrived, feeling proud of Canada

Strangers by sea: A tale of Canada's boat people

Tamil migrants arrive in Metro Vancouver for refugee hearings

More migrant ships headed this way, Vic Toews warns

Migrants' journey treacherous: MP

Conservatives blundered Tamils' arrival: Ignatieff

Government hopes to stem tide of refugees

Ottawa vows to stop illegal migrants before they depart for Canada

Canadian-Tamil families hopeful missing loved ones on migrant ship

Migrants healthy; boat was well-organized, if cramped

RCMP eyes Canadian financial ties to Tamil migrant ship


No rest in peace for veddhas

India: Powerful Nation, Pathetic People, Failed Democracy

Traditional Hindu temples in East destroyed, replaced with Buddhist Viharas: MP

SLA tightens grip on Jaffna peninsula

Sentenced for Buddha keyrings

IDPs 'ordered to move'

Sri Lanka defends war conduct, slams rebel "human shields"

Sri Lanka: Official Blames United Nations

Sri Lanka leader's brother testifies before war panel

'6000 soldiers killed' in war

Escaping with dead bodies: Escapees' accounts from Sri lanka's war zone and internment camps

U.S. Military members arrive in Sri Lanka for humanitarian, partnership mission

Court releases 'LTTE suspects'

------------------------------------------English Canada------------------------------------------

Latin Americans in Canada support Tamil Refugees

Montreal International Women's Conference - Conférence internationale des femmes à Montréal (MIWC 2010 CIFM) - Declaration to the Canadian government regarding the arrival of 490 Tamil refugees in Vancouver

CPs4: Toronto Mayoral Debate ( Check part 2 of the video clip which is on Tamil Boat new comers)

Tamil migrants could cost Ontario taxpayers millions

Rule doesn't hold water

End refugee free-for-all

Tamils met with prayer and protest

An ex-Sri Lankan on migrants' flight

Canada paints 'terrorism' to escape responsibility

Canada's government foments reaction over Tamil refugee boat

We have an obligation to review refugee claims

Tamil migrants: 'We are not terrorists'

Migrant hearings begin in Vancouver

First wave of Tamil refugees ordered held in detention at hearings

Stephen Harper vows to strengthen human smuggling laws

Ottawa balks at public detention hearings for Tamils

Tamil boatload a drop in the immigration sea, lawyer says

'Have faith in us,' Tamil migrants write

Sri Lanka seeks deal to share intelligence on migrants

'It's not the Wild West here'

Why we can't turn away the Tamil ships

UNHCR encouraged by Canada's handling of Tamil boat people case

Migrants claim mass murders forced them to flee Sri Lanka

Consider each Tamil refugee case on merit

Canada deals humanely with Tamils, but with a cool welcome

NDP: Tamil refugees symptom of international failure in Sri Lanka

War on human smuggling could leave refugee casualties in wake

Tamils face 'rigorous' screening by border officials

Canada should be a safe haven


The Hindu review accuses LTTE for failure of peace

At UN, Holmes' Humanitarian Tenure Ends With Sudan Silence, Sri Lanka Questions of Good Cop, Bad Cop, Off Record Jokes

Namal Rajapaksa engaged in promoting government propaganda in North

Australia's 'toxic' asylum issue


Document mix-up delays confirmation of Tamils' identities

Tighter immigration laws will sink ‘refugee' ships

Show Tamils some kindness

Among the Tamils of Toronto, a tense wait for news

Hepburn: Are Tamil migrants an issue or distraction?

Ford goes on the defensive

Kids cry as Tamil moms undergo detention hearings

CTC deeply concerned about recent Canadian government rhetoric

Safety minister draws fire from Tamil group

MP disputes claim he supports Tamil Tigers

Tamils stretch workload of legal services

Tamil relatives still waiting for news from migrants

Calgarian says relatives among Tamil migrants

Refuse asylum to Tamil boat refugees, Sri Lanka tells Canada

Canada's treatment of the Tamil refugees is a defining moment


"Collective trauma in the Vanni- a qualitative inquiry into the mental health of the internally displaced due to the civil war in Sri Lanka

‘Development' conquistadors have no appetite for psychological need of Eezham Tamils

Document - Sri Lanka: The ACF Case 4 Years On: Sri Lankan Families Still Waiting for Justice

Sri Lanka's Sarath Fonseka 'expects jail sentence'

Ex-army chief calls Sri Lanka a 'dictatorship'

Colombo says cannot interfere with Fonseka Court's decision

Japan, ADB grant $2.5 million to restore livelyhood of Sri Lankan families

Rebuilding, but at a cost

95 persons disappeared in Batticaloa district after SLA occupation

British youth's war crimes awareness walk to conclude Friday

Australia: Sri Lankan and Afghan Asylum seekers Australia's political football


People willing to endure what the Tamils did are just the kind we want

Poll: Most say send Tamils home

Vic Toews blamed for Tamil 'backlash'

Some migrants surprised to be behind bars

Canadian Tamil Congress concerned over comments from Ottawa

Tamils deserve a fair hearing

Tamil outrage: What part of 'welcome' don't we understand?

Charter makes Canada an easy mark for refugees

Welfare costs to grow for Tamils

Pregnant Tamils to be held another week

Hundreds of detention hearings complete, but all still held in custody

Getting tough on refugees

Tamil migrant boy separated from father

Canada must welcome recent migrants

Tories milking Tamil ship

Migrant kids colour and play while parents go to refugee hearings

Siddiqui: Let's not forget the scandal on the census


Storm over China's Sri Lanka port!

USA donates maritime hardware to SL military

UN 'should probe' Lanka violations

Monks protest to reinstate Mervyn Silva

Swiss German media twists heart of the matter

Economist seized in Colombo

Separate panel urged for Muslims

Sinhalese, Tamils, and Muslims remember Fr Jim Brown, who disappeared during the war,-Tamils,-and-Muslims-remember-F...

-----------------------English Canada-----------------------

Send us the Tamils, Vic

Supporters of Tamil protest downtown

One boat is too many? Time to sanction Sri Lanka

Public rage against Tamil refugees has a nasty, xenophobic odour

These migrants want to call Canada home

'Send the Tamils home': poll

Taking time for Tamils

Allowing Tamils sets the wrong example

On Tamils: taxpayers should have their say

Almost Half of Canadians Would Deport Tamils

We've been duped by the Tamils

Harper has determined that fear and loathing is more effective than bridge building

Calgary Tamil hopes father among migrants

Canada was built by migrants

Tamils' kids embraced by guards

3 months on the MV Sun Sea: Tamil migrants describe their journey

Identifying captain, crew of Tamil ship could be difficult, expert says

The ‘impossible' voyage of a Tamil ghost ship

Lessons from Sarajevo for Tamil refugees

Canada turning blind eye in Sri Lanka

Zombies intercept Tamil migrant support rally

Persichilli: Why are Canadians so angry about Tamil migrants?

Two tales of Sri Lankans

-----------------------French Canada-----------------------

ministie internationale: «le Canada nous inquiète» - La Presse

Une menace venue de la mer ? - Le Devoir
Revue de presse - Les portes closes - Le Devoir

L'immigration pourrait faire doubler la population du Canada - La Presse

Les Canadiens ne veulent pas des Tamouls - LCN
Canadians do not want Tamils - LCN

(LEGER MARKETING SURVEY, 1500 PARTICIPANTS. FROM AUG 2 to AUG 4, A survey across Canada suggest that Canadians do not want Tamils on our shores and they must be escorted back to Sri Lanka by force. )
Les Tamouls ne sont pas les bienvenus aux yeux des Canadiens - Le Devoir

Entre la bêtise et la naïveté - La Presse

L'accueil, oui mais... - La Presse

Migration clandestine - Harper veut des règles plus strictes - Le Devoir


I'm not going to Sri Lanka

IMF set to approve Sri Lanka loan payment

Explosive peace: Sri Lanka can't heal war wounds

Gangs of thieves from South invade Jaffna

SRI LANKA: State accepts that it is unwilling and unable to prosecute the perpetrators of gross human rights violations in closing the abduction case of Poddala Jayantha

SRI LANKA: Enjoying Revenge

Customs plays censor, detains 'The Economist'

Sri Lankan government to evict 66,000 families in Colombo

Sri Lankan exporters brace for life without EU tax breaks


Document - Sri Lanka: The ACF Case 4 Years On: Sri Lankan Families Still Waiting for Justice

Still Waiting for Justice for the ACF 17

Austalia: High Court challenge by asylum-seekers could undermine offshore processing, say lawyers


Xenophobia illogical in Canada

Michael Ignatieff: lower the rhetoric on Tamil migrants

Tamil refugees already in Canada went home during ceasefire

In praise of context: A little background on that "secret government survey" of successful Tamil refugees

Canada's illiberal turn on asylum

'No point in slamming Tamils who fled Lanka'

Sri Lanka ambassador's refugee claims absurd, says US Academic

Officials still working to confirm identities of Tamil migrants

Tamil coalitions congratulate Canadian government refugee stance

Racist suggestion offensive

Not Rex: Terrorists, traffickers and Tamil Tigers? Oh my...

Why refugees turn to smugglers


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