Horrified at threats of lateral violence present on babble

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@ bineshii

You're talking about two different things. I have no problem with people who feel they have to protect their anonymity in a protest.

I do have a problem with people who wear a mask so they can commit violent acts, or threaten people.

I also have a problem because that disguise creates the perfect cameoflage for cops to infiltrate and undermine protest.

And needless to say, I have a big problem with cops who do wear that mask and commit that violence.

It's the violence I have a problem with, and if I saw someone threatening people or breaking up stuff I would do what I could to prevent it or turn them in without a thought. I oppose police using those tactics against legitimate protest; how can I justify it just because it is done by someone who claims to share my views?


bineshii wrote:
While there is lots of food for thought, there was also an overwhelming sense of hostility based on the fear of agent provocateurs -this fear justifying behaviour that is -to me anyway- scary.

Perhaps you should read a bit more and try a bit more to understand. Let me make my view clear.

I have nothing whatsoever against anyone wearing masks at a public demonstration.

Police provocateurs operate as nice, peaceful, gentle souls within progressive organizations just as much as when they jump up and down on cop cars.

It is irrelevant whether a window smasher, car burner, or bank arsonist is a cop or not. It is their actions which harm the movement - both by (1) providing a pretext to police and state repression, but far more importantly, (2) because they alienate millions of people whose interest lie with the protestors but who are disgusted by the juvenile destructive useless antics.

So you see, your whole rant is mistaken. It's not about masks. It's not about police provocateurs. It's about stopping any possible association of our mass movements with asinine actions like those which the MSM and police used to such good effect.

Try again.

ETA: I crossposted with 6079 - thank you for helping to clear up bineshii's confusion.