Male Domination of Discussion, part 2

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The way people express their emotions (including anger) is very much culturally dependent.  Lack of stridency does not mean lack of anger.


Yiwah wrote:

The way people express their emotions (including anger) is very much culturally dependent.  Lack of stridency does not mean lack of anger.


That is very true. However I am trying to restrict my comments to the function of on line communication.

On line I think it is far harder to determine someone's culture from their posts than determining their gender.  Without the visual and vocal clues that we get in face to face conversation I find it very difficult to read culture into posts. Personally after someone self identifies their culture I find it a lot easier to find the hidden clues in their written posts that I missed when I did not have any visual, vocal or biographical clues.

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Yiwah wrote:

The way people express their emotions (including anger) is very much culturally dependent.  Lack of stridency does not mean lack of anger.

at the risk of stating the obvious I'll add the way people emotionally respond to messages is culturally/personality dependant also....I have the sense people come to this site for a variety of different reasons and have a wide range of ideas what type of community they are actually going to get here.  The disparity between what culture people want and expect of this site and the reality of what all these different people end up actually being able to create together probably colours a lot of the tension that happens here.

kropotkin1951 you peaked my curiosity. Would it be possible to elaborate on why your partner doesn't have the inclination to participate?  While it's true we can't talk to the people that have run it might be interesting to take a greater interest in the motivation or desires of new members as they join.


Probablly because for relaxation she would rather paint than type.  I on the other hand love chatting about politics and when Ms. "Kropotkin" is off of work we prefer to do things together rather than sitting at computers.


First, I'm sorry, skdadl. It is definitely bad form to delete a post to which someone has replied. I don't want to raise the baiting, trapping and skinning thread again, but the gist of it was that, in my opinion, that thread (and the guns and ammo) were good examples of why more women don't participate here. For me, it was not just (nor mainly) the subject matter; people were trying to show how clever they were at the expense of others. It was belittling, disrespectful, and mean. And then I resorted to name-calling.

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Psst, you might have to return to that thread to communicate.

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[color=green]Isn't it sexist to say women aren't into being or recieving belittling, disrespectful and mean behavior?
If that's not what you're saying, then why do guys want to perform or recieve belittling, disrespectful and mean behavior here?
Kropotkin, do you chat about politics to relax?   Personally I like to do traditional womens work like scrapping animal hides or washing dishes to relax.[/color]

[color=green]But Isn't calling scaping animal hides womens work sexist? If it's relaxing is it work?
Should I just call it a people play activity?[/color]


Bubbles wrote:
To me it is not at all clear that males tend to dominate the discussion, out of proportion to their numbers, here on babble, but then I only read a fraction of what is posted here and do not asume to know who is male or female. I agree with al-Qa,bong, in that it is my observation also, that few women like to partake in discussions on the net. Not sure why.

I don't know why I was thinking about this subject this afternoon while I was picking and freezing beans and Mme. Qa'bong was renovating the basement, but I remembered a similar discussion  about ten years ago on the Class Struggle Anarchist forum.  At the time I said something like, "Women don't waste their time arguing on the net because they have better things to do."

I wouldn't call this stereotyping, although it is obviously a generalisation.

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Are generalizations better than stereotypes? What divides the two?


I suppose it's the difference between saying, "generally, group X is/does something" and "group X is\does something."

I don't know why there's such a concern over this.  Males in general are supposed to play on computers more than females, so it seems to follow that males would tend to show up in places like this in greater numbers than females.

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Okay that seems like good distinguishing characteristics between the two terms

al-Qa'bong wrote:

Males in general are supposed to play on computers more than females,

Here you use the word 'general' and I'm thinking generalization than you follow it with the word 'supposed' and I'm thinking my sense of which of the two types of statements you are making is a little blurry.

But forget about all that and let's assume that play is the key word.

Perhaps the question for the thread should be why do males perfer to play

more on computers rather than use it for other kinds of purposes

Assuming this general gender divide exists within the babble community in terms of the desired purpose/needs a site such this is to fullfill is it possible to fascillitate the needs of both sides of this divide?

Why do males like to play electronically so much?

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Length, to paraphrase Luce Irigaray, is a gendered equation. And as a male, I am closing this thread because of it.


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