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Slumberjack wrote:

With your apparent "support rural subsistence/oppose ownership" contradiction, your solution then would involve rent-a-rifle outlets? Urban dwellers who travel to the countryside to subsist, and there are more than a few of them I'd suggest, would have to similarly pick one up along the way? Drive thru windows? Whatcha hunting today buddy? Oh, you'll need to supersize that order.


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I believe this is the most poorly moderated thread in the last 5 years. Of course this is my personal opinion, and I foresee the fact that someone from the city, privileged and highly educated person will likely tell me I am incorrect about rural issues.


While I sympathize with your frustrations, I don't know what you expected. Indeed, it seems like you expected exactly what has transpired in this thread. There have been enough gun control threads (this is not a gun control thread--take note, Unionist) to know what a hot button issue firearms are. I'm afraid this is what a progressive discussion of firearms looks like. Frequently babblers nip into the sports threads to point out that sport is a multi-billion-dollar exploitative industry, narcotizes the working class, etc. etc. and doesn't deserve leftist support. A better corollary would be pornography, which can, of course, take up progressive space on the left but it generally doesn't when discussed on babble. If you really, really want to discuss firearms with your fellow babblers, you will have to put up with the kinds of interventions this thread has seen (with the exception of Boom Boom, who was asked to stop, but didn't).

And Maysie, the thread about my lost cat was definitely a progressive topic, you heartless beast.

With that said, I'ma closing for length.


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