Abuse of Workers by Firm Hired for Tree Planting (BC)

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Green Bone
Abuse of Workers by Firm Hired for Tree Planting (BC)

I'm surprised this hasn't been posted, yet:



Something crooked is going on in the BC Labour Ministry, if this is being allowed to happen.

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perhaps something "crooked" has been going on for about 9 years now....


slavery alive and well in BC

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but yet those religious people keep on voting for Gordo and his gang.


We have not had a functioning employee protection agency in BC for at least 7 years.  Got a complaint? Then fill out a 26 page form AND TAKE IT TO YOUR EMPLOYER.  Thats the law in BC.  

I tried to complain about the systemic practices of a company my son had worked for that bounced his cheques and was not paying properly for holidays and not reporting the right things on their pay cheques.  I was sent a letter from the Ministry explaining that the idea was to have companies voluntarily comply and they had informed the employer.  They then went on to talk about how family members often write vindictive letters against employers. 

Thats BC.

Lachine Scot

Wow, Kropotkin!

I'm relatively new to BC and didn't even know that.

This province, I tell ya.. it really seems like a right-wing wet dream sometimes.


Ever since the ESA changes, abuse has become widespread, particularly amongst the young and new immigrants. When I was involved in organising we came across examples all the time.


In this instance it goes beyond the gutting of employment standards and also relects the gutting of the forestry service itself.






... I should add.  The McGinty government in Ontario is looking adopt very similar employment standards changes in its "Open for Business" bill.