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Allowing for the possibility I'm [unintentionally] just quibbling over words / symantics....

Or maybe I'm that I'm taking rhetorical flourishes too literally. But around here, when rhetorical florishes are about individuals, they tend to take off.

I think people are entitled to respect, until they've demonstrated through some repetitions of unsavoury behavoour that they dont deserve it.

So that it should not be that people have to EARN respect. It should be that they get respect until they've conclusively demonstrated they dont deserve it.

We're all going to have different thresholds about how much someone has to do to disentitle themselves from respect.

But I think that saying that someone has to EARN it back after one 'transgression' is beyond the pale.

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If that someone had proven capable of learning from that experience, I could agree with you, KenS.


Just a note that I havent seen a whole lot of discussions around here. So I cant speak to the posters history. So take mine as a general comment, and thatI reserve judgement on a case I cant know about.

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absentia wrote:
I have smeared nobody.


That is hilariously false given we have an example of it right here in this thread.

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Hey, am I right in thinking that these kind of threads have run their course for the time being? ("Three sequels ago!" shouts the chorus.) Let's just say that whatever we wanted to get out is out, and if it ain't out now, it ain't never getting out ever. So...I'm closing this. Let's refocus our philosophical waxing to things like, oh, I don't know, government policy, cultural politics, imperialism and kitty cats.


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