CCPA on coming real estate bubbles

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CCPA on coming real estate bubbles

Thats the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives


Its an interactive- in the Globe and Mail of all places.

Interactive explainer: Why the housing market may be heading for correction


And this won't help much:

The Backward Slide into Recession

"The [US] economy is in greater peril than most people realize..The recovery is over.."


I think the CCPA is aggregating on a level 'above' questions of whether or not the US recovery does or does not or will not exist.

In other words... this is what is down the road even if the US economy performs reasonably well.


it makes sense.  housing prices have skyrocketed while wages stagnate or decline, so people can't afford them.  Then cheap credit comes along and people can technically buy a house they cant afford.  they end up spending half their income on it.  60% plus of people are one paycheque away from homelessness.  sound like a recipe for disaster to me.