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Hi there, folks.  I'm Robin.  I'm new.  Well, that's obvious, but what the heck!

I'm from Toronto and if I was told to figure out what my possible career would be, right now it would have to be "photographer".  I've also been known to be a writer and film editor as well.  Feel free to check out my flickrstream

I'm on here because I suppose I'd like to be more aware of what's going on around me, both in my province and in my country.  And after quite a long time of listening to Rabble Radio, the fine podcast on this site, I've decided maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to learn some stuff and discuss with the people who frequent these boards.




Hi there wornoldhat.  Nice photos.  I used to do a bit of photography myself, back in the days of single lens reflex and a darkroom of one's own. 


We should get together BTW.  I have a wornoldhead