Mobilizing Support for Joe Pantalone Part 2

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Absolutely. The Toronto Star gets huge credit for their political Frightenstein. But the poor monster gets no love from its mad-genius creator. Typical.

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Indeed. I was talking to a fellow today who told me that a primary motive for his wanting to vote Ford is the lengths the Star has gone to manipulate the election. He seemed quite committed to it, even though he agreed Pantalone was the best candidate, but he wont because he doesn't think Pantalone can win.


BTW: According to some columnists at the Toronto Sun - people are voting for Ford BECAUSE the Toronto Star hates him so much and supposedly people hate the Toronto Star. If that's the case - why does the Star have a much larger circulation than the Sun?? If people really liked the Sun so much better than the Star - thenh the Sun would be the larger paper with a bigger circualtion.

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