The Militarization of Aid to Haiti

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The Militarization of Aid to Haiti

The Militarization of Aid to Haiti

"this is a list of 100 web links to articles on the hyper militarisation of development assistance to Haiti"


US [and Canada] Attempts to Erase Haitian Nationhood

"Proud Haiti has been reduced to a de facto 'protectorate' of the United States [and Canada], a grotesque form of non sovereignty, in which the subjugated nation is 'protected' by its worst enemy.."


Battle Begins Over Lucrative Haiti Cleanup Contracts

Haiti, Forgive Us


Haiti Hunger Sparks Growing Protests

4 weeks after earthquake


Haiti Has Its Own Rebuilding Plans

The US/UN must stop blocking Haitian relief..

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Fidel Castro Ruz: We Send Doctors Not Soldiers.


In the midst of the Haitian tragedy, without anybody knowing how and why, thousands of US marines, 82nd Airborne Division troops and other military forces have occupied Haiti. Worse still is the fact that neither the United Nations Organization nor the US government have offered an explanation to the world's public opinion about this relocation of troops.

Several governments have complained that their aircraft have not been allowed to land in order to deliver the human and technical resources that have been sent to Haiti.

Some countries, for their part, have announced they would be sending an additional number of troops and military equipment. In my view, such events will complicate and create chaos in international cooperation, which is already in itself complex. It is necessary to seriously discuss this issue. The UN should be entrusted with the leading role it deserves in these so delicate matters.

Our country is accomplishing a strictly humanitarian mission. To the extent of its possibilities, it will contribute the human and material resources at its disposal. The will of our people, who takes pride in its medical doctors and cooperation workers who provide vital services, is huge, and will rise to the occasion.

Any significant cooperation that is offered to our country will not be rejected, but its acceptance will fully depend on the importance and transcendence of the assistance that is requested from the human resources of our homeland.

It is only fair to state that, up until this moment, our modest aircrafts and the important human resources that Cuba has made available to the Haitian people have arrived at their destination without any difficulty whatsoever.

We send doctors, not soldiers!



Never heard of reporter Catherine Mercier, who was just on the CBC radio "news" (11 am) about Haiti and the "need" for military assistance because 5000 convicts escaped, and were armed and amuk.  At the time of the earthquake there was another story like this, useful propaganda.  But CNN(!) showed the gates and doors wide open.  CBC and others said the prison had collapsed. 

The national penitentiary was outrageously overcrowded and without plumbing, with prisoners locked in 24/7. A 2008 doc vid showed young men with puffy ankles and feet, beri beri, congestive heart failure, from useless white rice they'd been fed.



I forgot to add that practically none of the people in the national penitentiary had been charged, tried, given any sort of hearing, or convicted of any particular offense --- other than perhaps being Aristide/Lavalas supporters.

Another aspect of the traps being laid is Harper's statement that our donations will be matched dollar for dollar.  Right, for CIDA, with its miserable history in Haiti, to hand out.  For the list of blunders or devious CIDA doles, see Richard Sanders:  Putting the Aid in Aiding and Abetting: CIDA's agents of Regime Change in Haiti's 2004 Coup.  Online at


Haiti Is Open for Business:

"Under American militarized control, Haiti is occupied for profit, the pseudo government largely invisible and predators aimed to cash in to the fullest.."


Haiti: Private Contractors 'Like Vultures Coming to Grab the Loot'

"Critics are concerned that private military contractors are positioning themselves at the center of an emerging 'shock doctrine' for earthquake ravaged Haiti.."


Three in a Million - Voices from the Haitian Camps

"The United Nations reported there are 1.2 million people living in 'spontaneous settlements' or homeless camps around Port-au-Prince. These people living in the camps spoke with this author this week, before the hard rains fall."


This article was a good summary highlighting the ongoing military occupation.

Amy Goodman's article was a good summary of the debt issues. 

others noted the offshore oil, and minerals, as well as cheap labour.

The protests by Haitians calling for Aristide's return went unreported in mainstream news.  very bad.

my gut still can't get past some labels in some articles. it's not that i'm not trying.

anyway, for this region the message is:

Reinstate their elected president, remove our military and the rapacious corporations they protect, provide reparations for historic assaults which will allow Haitians to do their own rebuilding.



Thomas Gallowglass

I've been on-the-ground in areas where international monetary aide is given directly to the local government. What I've seen is that the money goes into the bank accounts of the 'elected' thugs, while the poor in the back country get diddled. Is having a foreign military controling the disbursement of aide better? I dunno, but I sure hate to see a local disaster grounds for further enriching thuggish local powerbrokers.

And for what it's worth, my experiance with UN organizations handling aide efforts has not been a positive experiance.


Harper's Haiti 'HardPower'

"The Conservatives have also seized on the Haitian relief effort, which has been enthusiastically supported by the media and all the opposition parties, as a means of reviving popular support for their more 'robust foreign policy', the centerpiece of which has been the leading role played by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in the Afghan counter-insurgency war.

In an action closely coordinated with Washington, Canada deployed 2,000 CAF personnel and two navy battleships to Haiti in the days following the earthquake - one of the largest overseas deployments since WWII.."


Haiti and the Aid Racket: How NGOs are Profiting

"Overall, the catastrophe in Haiti revealed the worst aspects of the US government and the NGO aid industry.."


Chile Built For Resistance, Haiti to Crumble

"The earthquake in "Chile was far stronger than the one that struck Haiti last month - yet the death toll in this Caribbean nation is magnitudes higher. The reasons are simple. Chile is wealtier and infintely better prepared, with the strict building codes, robust emergency response and a long history of handling seismic catastrophes..."


Haiti: The Militarization of Aid, Public discourse and Political Action (vid)

"examined  how the mobilization of aid is occurring through the media, diasporas, ngos, the military - especially CF - and other governmental institutions and to what effect.."



Haiti: Disaster Capitalism on Steroids

"Two months after the devastating earthquake the situation in Haiti is downright criminal. The situation is a catastrophe."

Clinton Family Pockets Haiti Assets

"Backed by the might of the US military and their own official positions, the Clinton power couple plus brother in law have muscled themselves into the Haitian telephone monopoly."


Just What Haiti Doesn't Need: Rwandan Police

Canada's RCMP were bad enough...


The Pentagon is Using Haiti as a Training Ground for Afghanistan

"The Canadian military has adopted a similar pattern. Haiti is used as a long launchpad for redeploying combat troops to the Middle East war theater. Canadian troops initially dispatched to Haiti under a humanitarian mandate are being sent to Afghanistan..."

Again where are our 'representatives' and why aren't they on this?


Canada To Pay $100 M to Join 'Haiti Recovery Team'

"Canada is preparing to pay $100M to join an exclusive new international club that would guide the recovery of earthquake ravaged Haiti.."


Haiti Watch: Disease Threatens Infants and No Plans to Stop It

"..there remains a serious gap in preparedness, early warning and rapid response in regards to pediatric diarrheal disease in Haiti. I am petitioning everyone I can reach to raise awareness...I think this needs to be addressed by the media.."

please forward the info to your local media..


In Haiti as in Afghanistan there is a major disconnect in that Canada isn't critiquing the regime in power. 

When Western governments gave infrastructure support to Stalin, they functionally supported his atrocities.

The current regime in Haiti is a coup 'government' - the elected president Aristide is in exile, pushed there by Canada, the US and France.

The 'aid' and 'development', as in Afghanistan, will function to entrench structures to devastate the people over the long term.



Grad Student Uncovers Haiti's Declaration of Independence: 'Liberty or Death!'

"Sitting at a quiet table in the National Archives in London earlier this year, Canadian graduate student Julia Gaffield opened a bound book of documents from 1804 and unearthed the only known printed copy of Haiti's declaration of independence...The blacks of Haiti were survivors or descendants of survivors of the Middle Passage, members of the African diaspora in the New World, but they identified with the Taino Amerindian population decimated upon Christopher Columbus's arrival on the island of Hispaniola. The name 'Haiti' was taken from the Taino word for 'mountainous country'.


Gang Violence Increases as Angry Haitians See Quake Aid Benefiting the Wealthy Elite

"Gangs who once supported the president of Haiti, Rene Preval, are arming themselves against the government...The country's parliament expires next month, but with no elections on the horizon Preval has moved to consolidate his control over the country's reconstruction. The senate voted last week to extend the state of emergency 18 months, creating a reconstruction commission to administer billions in aid that will be overseen by Preval and former US president Bill Clinton...

'We are going to fight Preval and the government. We have already got the guns. We have people here from Cite Soleil who want to fight. We are not going to live in this misery. We have many groups  who are getting organized. Preval must go and we are the people who helped him get elected. He hasn't come to see us and has nothing to say to us...'"


For $10 Billion of 'Promises' Haiti Surrenders Its Sovereignty

"It was fitting that the March 31, 'International Donors' Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti' was held in the Trusteeship Council at the United Nations headquarters in New York. At the event, Haitian President Rene Preval in effect turned over the keys to Haiti to a consortium of foreign bankers and governments, [including Canada!] which will decide how to 'build back better' the country devastated by the Jan 12 earthquake.."


Preparing Haiti for Exploitation and Plunder

"Over 15 weeks post-quake, Haiti's imperial takeover is proceeding."


'WE WANT OUR VOICES TO BE HEARD!': Democracy in Haiti's Earthquake Zone

"We are living in the mud. We are wet and we are hungry.."

and the news has moved on..


Haitian Farmers Committed to Burning Monsanto's Hybrid Seeds

"they're ruining our chance to support ourselves.."


Canada pushes for Haitian elections

'Canada is pushing Haitian President René Préval to hold elections as soon as possible.

'Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon says he wants a clear indication from Préval that he is willing to hold presidential elections by the end of the year.

' "We're looking for a commitment from the government," Cannon said Friday after addressing a conference in Montreal on Haiti's reconstruction ... '

Read more:


Silent Coup in Haiti

"While mainstream media has focused public attention on ineligible candidates such as Hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean, the most popular political party in Haiti, Fanmi Lavalas, has been banned from the November 28, 2010 Presidential and Parliamentary elections..

'Lavalas has won every election they've run in, but the US, French and Canadian Governments all have interests in Haiti and don't want to see the Lavalas agenda put forward..'"

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[url= cholera toll tops 250, but seen stabilizing[/url]

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - A cholera epidemic in Haiti has killed more than 250 people, the government said on Sunday, but it added the outbreak which has sickened more than 3,000 may be stabilizing with fewer deaths and new cases reported over the last 24 hours.


Haiti Cholera Epidemic Reaches Port Au Prince

"The cholera epidemic that broke out last week in Central Haiti, so far killing 259 people, has now reached Port Au Prince...A September report from Refugees International called the relief operation 'dysfunctional' concluding that 'the people of Haiti are still living in a state of emergency with a humanitarian response that appears paralyzed'.

Haiti: UN MINUSTAH Forces Crack Down on Anti-Occupation Demonstraters

"It was tense in Port au Prince on Friday, Oct 15. UN troops fired shots in the air and traded blows with a crowd of some 100 demonstrators gathered outside the UN base at the Port au Prince airport to protest the renewal of the UN Mission to Stabilize Haiti. (MINUSTAH). Everywhere you go in this city, there's evidence of the animosity many feel toward the UN presence. The ubiquitous graffitti slogans of 'DOWN WITH THE OCCUPATION!' or DOWN WITH UN THIEVES!' reflect the population's opinion of the UN troops presence here..."



[url=]Cholera Epidemic: Toxic Drinking Water Killing Haitians[/url] 
Real Aid is Blocked

A cholera epidemic has just killed 284 Haitians and at least 3,612 more are infected and may die. This cholera is caused by drinking dirty toxic water."

More evidence that the "freest trading nation in the Caribbean" needs socialism not bullshit neoliberal colonialism.


There was LOTS of money raised - why no clean drinking water? Where the hell did all the aid money go? NGOs ( Not Giving Over ) the donations to those that need it, AGAIN?


CDC: Haiti Cholera Matches South Asia Strain

"Finally, Forbes and other corporate media have joined the chorus, reporting on UN responsibility for the genesis of cholera in Haiti..."


Haitian Anger Over Cholera (and vid)

"Residents of the largest slum in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince have been demonstrating over the country's response to the cholera outbreak. They also vented their anger at NGOs operating in the country...The Pan American Health Organisation, the regional office of the UN's World Health Organisation has warned Haiti to expect hundreds of thousands of cases now that the disease appears to have taken hold.."

This from frontpage - Like New Orleans, this is an example of a rescue operation that never was and ethnic cleansing at its best/worst. A cruel, deliberate fiasco. Lots of Canadian involvement too naturally.


Failure of social democracy? Haiti is a modern day colony and proof that there is, in fact, no democracy at all. The war on democracy continues.


Anger Erupts at UN as Cholera Toll Nears 1,000

"Demonstrators blame foreign peacekeepers for introducing the infectious disease into the country. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention says the strain of cholera bacteria spreading in Haiti matches the one endemic in South Asia. An estimated 400,000 people could be sickened before the epidemic is brought under control, an effort that could take up to six months.."

Bill Clinton: Haiti's Neo Colonial Overlord

"Bill Clinton is no friend to Haiti. The former president who inflicted great harm to the Haitian people while in office, now acts as a kind of regent, promoting sweatshops, tourism, and export-oriented agriculture. A primary actor in stripping Haiti of its sovereignty, Clinton is putting Haiti up for sale to multinational capital.."


[url=]Protesters Shot Dead as Haiti Cholera Toll Tops 1,000[/url]

The "freest trading nation" in the Caribbean under Washington's spell.

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[quote=Fidel Castro]Yesterday I explained that in Haiti 1,523 persons had died as a result of cholera and at the same time, the measures adopted by the Party and Government of Cuba.

I didn't think I would be writing anything today about the problem. However I give up that idea in order to write a short Reflection on the subject.

Dr. Lea Guido, PHO-WHO representative in Cuba -at this moment is representing both organizations in two countries and is a person with a wealth of experience - stated this afternoon that under current conditions Haiti can expect that [b]the epidemic will affect 400,000 persons[/b].

On the other hand, the Deputy Minister of Health of Cuba and Chief of the Cuban Medical Mission, our country's ambassador in Haiti and other comrades in the mission, have been meeting all day with President René Preval, Dr. Lea Guido, the Haitian Minister of Health and other officials from Cuba and Haiti, drawing up measures that will be urgently applied.

[b]The Cuban Medical Mission is looking after 37 centres dealing with the epidemic where, until today, they have cared for 26,040 persons affected with cholera; to these they will immediately add, along with the Henry Reeve Brigade, 12 more medical centres (for a total of 49) with 1,100 new beds, in tents that were designed and made for those purposes in Norway and other countries, already purchased with earthquake funds, delivered to Cuba by Venezuela for the reconstruction of the Haitian health system.[/b]

Late today encouraging news arrived from Dr. Somarriba: [b][color=mediumblue]during the past seven days there has not been one single death from cholera in the centres looked after by the Cuban Medical Mission[/color][/b]. That figure would be impossible to keep up since other factors can come into play in that result, but the acquired experience, suitable methods and the degree of dedication achieved provides us with a very cheering idea.

We are also pleased that President René Preval, whose term in office ends next January 16th, has made the decision to transform the struggle against the epidemic into the most important activity of his life, one he will leave as a legacy to the people of Haiti and to the government that follows him.

[url= Castro Ruz[/url]

November 27, 2010, 9:56 p.m.


Him before it was protesters violently protesting UN troops, now the news reports say they were only protesting the Nepalese UN troops which a leaked report now says was the source of the epidemic.


The populace differentiated between UN troops and Nepalese UN troops?? Spin anyone?


The protests first erupted Tuesday, after the provisional electoral council said none of the candidates had won an outright majority in the first round of voting.

Mirlande Manigat, a professor and wife of a former president, claimed 31 per cent of the votes, followed by the government-backed candidate Jude Celestin, with 22 per cent, officials said.

Michel Martelly, a popular musician also known as Sweet Mickey, came in just behind Celestin with slightly more than 21 per cent.

Read more:


Haiti: Obama Does Not Like Black People (and vid)

"Yet rather than daydreaming about sudden goodwill towards Haiti by its historical tormentors, [Canada et al] this film sheds light on the existence of true transformative Haitian leadership in action. Perhaps Pina should also change the title of his film to 'Pease Make Haiti a UN Protectorate Governed by Bill (Tarzan) Clinton.."


during the past seven days there has not been one single death from cholera in the centres looked after by the Cuban Medical Mission

And not a single Haitian was stuck by lightning at the Cuban medical center. Castro is more powerful than God!


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klarence is gone.


first ban of 2011?


Regarding aid to haiti, during the onset of a disaster the problem with all these smaller aid companies and organizations is that they do not have any real practice or experience working together.


Look at the Red River flood out west.  Death toll wasn't as high but you still had massed displaced persons and other issues surrounding natural disasters. [Unless you know it was the sonic cannon]

If anyone was there they would have seen how messed up things were because the aid agencies couldn't make any decisions and just looked at each other.  When the military came in they weren't well received at first until leaders in the CF started making decisions and stuff started getting done.

In a lot of cases of natural disasters the military has an advantage because they are acustomed to making decisions (even if they turn out to be the wrong ones). The worst thing one CAN do in situations like this is not make some sort of decision.  They are acustomed to juggling the administrative requirements of 2000 workers.


So why not just assign disaster relief to the military full-time instead of civilian agencies and with more civilian infrastructure in basket case US colonies like Haiti? Why do the military have to be involved? Is there anything wrong with that picture in general?


[url=][color=blue]... Takes Control of Haiti Elections and Reconstruction, Cancels January Run-off[/color][/url]

Haiti Liberte wrote:
As the Jan. 12 anniversary of the earthquake arrives next week, Haitians everywhere are calling louder than ever for an end to foreign meddling. "Since 2004 [when the U.S., France, and Canada backed a coup, occupied Haiti, then turned over the mission to the UN], the new colonists have painted the face of us who are Haitian with the mud of humiliation," wrote Aristide in his traditional year-end long letter-poem to the Haitian people on Dec. 21. "Up until now, the minority which excluded the majority cannot admit that it made a big mistake by accepting to saw off the branch that it was sitting on."
Please credit Haiti Liberte.


Fidel wrote:

So why not just assign disaster relief to the military full-time instead of civilian agencies and with more civilian infrastructure in basket case US colonies like Haiti?

The organization leadership and administration I am talking about is a by product of the military.  It's good in a pinch but also has drawbacks, including what you mentioned where the US is getting their hands intop Haiti's elections.   It's a trade off.  Rapid releif, protection and saved lives vs. the US (or whomever) getting their hands into the pie.

A starving hatian who is bleeding out and needs surgerydoesn't care about the US screwing around with the elections in a year, they want to stop bleeding.  A year later maybe when their power is restored and they have water they are not so hot on the idea of US politicans pissing around with their country.

Ergo it's important that in situations like this the military hands over control and wipes their hands as soon as possible.


Why do the military have to be involved? Is there anything wrong with that picture in general?

Well, one issue I know you ladies and gentlemen hate is the topic of rioters and looters. I know people here tried to argue that there really wasn't any going on..

I'll tell you anyone who doesn't think looting rioting and violence is one of the first things that happens has never been in a natural disaster like this before.

Even during the ice storm in rual ottawa we had looters. People breaking into homes of evacuated (sometimes not) people looking for money jewerly electronics. People were stealing generators and all kinds of things.  In Ottawa Canada.   Argue the point of you will but it's my opinion that one of the first people that are targeted during situations like this are the relief and aid workers who land on the scene with food, water, building supplies and medical supplies (which are worth their weight in gold on the black market).


Once order is restored and the threat of rioters criminals warlords is reduced drastically and a system is in place to move large amounts of food water and supplies (like the military is trained to do) they need to get out as soon as possible.