It is imperative for the sake of international Order that WikiLeaks be shut down

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It is imperative for the sake of international Order that WikiLeaks be shut down

Dear All,


I have been following, to a degree, this WikiLeaks unfoldment, and in conversation with some comrades have come to a realisation:  WikiLeaks is a danger to international Order and Julian Assange, as its leader, must be neutralised by any and every legal and moral means available.  Not assassinate him or illegally imprison him through false witness, but legal and moral.  Illegal and immoral means will only prove the mendacious nature of Government and its affiliate organisations.  We must take the high ground in disposing of Julian Assange and give WikiLeaks a smart pill in the form of a bloody nose. 

Man needs Logic, Man need Meat

Man needs soil beneath his feet

The truth and gods should suffer heat!

All things are Seasonal, 'tis meet

To romance Change and not be fleet

Man cannot Merely spirit eat!

WikiLeaks, regardless of its founding vision and mission, which as  Mentat I find laudable, is, under Julian Assange, contributing to chaotic Anarchy.  To distinguish, I delineate briefly the four kinds of Anarchy:


(1) Chaotic Anarchy:  Do as thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

(2) Libertarian Anarchy:  So-called anarcho-capitalism based on non-existence of government and absolute private property rights.

(3) Socialist Anarchy:  The ultimate goal of Marxism, based on the demand "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" where the State withers away.

(4) Fremen Anarchy:  Catholicism-influenced, government of the People, by the People, and for the People, under the principle of the General Welfare, to the minimum of State and the maximum of Rational-Agapic human intercourse-derived Organisation.


WikiLeaks is supporting the inferior sorts of Anarchism, with a Kantian philosophy of "negation of the negation"--release all the information in the world everywhere at all times and let the masses and activist groups do the real work of figuring out how to craft a just and merciful society.  This is hogwash!


Quit washing your hog, let her be muddy, she likes it that way.  Privacy is important, and unbridled revelation of secrets contributes to the creation of a Secret-less world, one that we are rapidly moving into the fullest phase of.  The human soul needs privacy, or it will go psychotic.  Organisations created by humans do not have the right to privacy as such--they do not have the right to remain silent, or any other rights, but, they do represent human intentions that are interwoven with the privacy rights of individuals.


I am not saying Government and Big Business should not be transparent; I agree that they should be.  But, Julian Assange as the head of the WikiLeaks operation, by threatening a "thermonuclear bomb" (paraphr.) of sensitive information is not being transparent, he is blackmailing the world for the sake of his own Ego.  This man could start World War Three--and the Pacifists implicitly support him!


Get him out, now!  You don't fuck with Nuclear War.





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