Property Rights - resurrection of an old topic

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Please continue the debate here.

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Sean in Ottawa wrote:

I was not advocating for property rights!

Yes, I know that - I was complimenting you. Guess I wasn't clear. You're one of my heroes on this topic, Sean, and certainly more knowledgeable than I.


@ post 85


Sorry Sean, in my post #82, I ment to type '@post 59' and hit the 0 instead of the 9.

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I would suggest that there's no need to continue the debate elsewhere. All that would do is give ytgbk another chance to rephrase his question, "why don't we try it, just for fun?" which Sean has already spent far too much of his time answering.

But thanks for the elaborate explanations, Sean. With the exception of the poser of the questions, we all got alot out of them.


Hey, I heard that!

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Sorry to cut this off but long thread, closing.


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