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Rise up, Rise Up

From Wikipedia:


In his 2003 run for the leadership of the federal New Democratic Party, Jack Layton asked Segato for permission to use "Rise Up" in his campaign. "Over the years," said Segato, "many political parties have either used or wanted to use the song 'Rise Up' for their campaign. Most of the time, they don't ask. They just use it until you say no. Well, Jack asked to use our song and I said, Forget it, we'll write you your own anthem."

Segato, with Richard Underhill and Lynne Fernie, subsequently penned a new campaign song, "Bringing All The Voices Together", for Layton. While distinct in music and lyrics, it was identified as something of a sequel to "Rise Up." "It's a new version of Rise Up, not the lyrics but the spirit," Layton said.[5]




I think Joy used Rise Up during her leadership bid but I am not 100% sure of that.  My favourite campaign song was Corky's use of James Keilahan's  "Hold Your Ground."   


Somewhere inside my soul there is an echo of my youth 
Some pithy little saying that contained a grain of truth
If patience is a virtue, persistence is its mark
It's better light a candle than stand and curse the dark
But if we stand together we might turn this world around
Hold your ground
In the corridors of power where our voice is seldom heard
The status quo is what they want, they can get it with a word
For us it takes a thousand voices, a million angry shouts
To notify the ship of state to bring its course about
But if we pull together we might turn this ship around
Hold your ground




parenthetically, I go to see Keeleghan play at a house party in the London area in the late eighties. Love his music.


Bah, "Money For Nothing" is rather derivative, if you ask me.


al-Qa'bong wrote:

Bah, "Money For Nothing" is rather derivative, if you ask me.

Yup, that it is:


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Closing for length.


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